Kristen Stewart underage drinks (VIDEO)

By: The Superficial / July 30, 2009

Because there’s nothing more American than warm beer out of a duffel bag, 19-year-old Twilight star Kristen Stewart was caught on video boozing with some crew members from The Runaways last weekend in LA. Of course, the worst part isn’t the underage drinking. It’s the fact they didn’t include co-star Dakota Fanning. Human/bat hybrids like beer, too, you guys.

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  1. dk

    Yo Fish, forward that slut my email. Ill get her drunk as fuck and tear that ass up whether shes awake or not!!! Ill pay to! * grabs a Natty Ice *

  2. Spooge

    Man, Americans are such wusses…. in Canada ya start drinking & smoking in your early teens. It’s just normal.

  3. techman

    Can’t drink until you’re 21 because you aren’t mature enough to handle it but you are old enough to vote and fight and die for your country at 18. Am I the only one that see something wrong with this?

  4. lalu

    @ # 18. the only people that think the US is the best are people from the US. Go suck a fucking dick you piece of shit.

  5. sierra

    LOL, like you needed a video to prove it.

  6. Mikey


    Stunting your brain development, heart/liver disease and lung cancer makes you one bad hombre eh? For the record, kids in the U.S. drink and smoke under age here also. But yeah.. those stupid wusses. They only play the greatest sport in the world, football. I’d like to see a toothless 185lb hockey player go toe to toe in a fight with a 240lb football player who has a 40 inch vertical, can run 40 yards in 4.4 seconds and bench press 500lbs. Americans are such wussies. Maybe they should die their hair black and cut themselves. That seems to be the Canadian way. Cry babies. Sum 41 sucks ass.

  7. Blackheart

    I predict her portrayal of Joan Jett will stink up the film and many theaters.
    And who can get away from those Dumbo ears.
    Joan Jett-awesome talent
    Kristen Stewart-not so much

  8. Al

    Everyone underage drinks. What’s the big deal? People should stop trying to make up news…

  9. Merican sumbitch

    Let’s see. A group of legal (but not by much) girls standing around dressed like 70’s rock n roll jailbait getting fucked up together. What’s not to like here? Anyone who has a problem with this scenario is obviously a twinkle-toed commie.

  10. dk

    Drinking and drugging at an early age is why in other countries are stupid retarded. By the time their 21 they think there normal and that they live in a great place, lmfao. Goverment conspiracy? Yes.

  11. Jade

    In Puerto Rico is legal to drink at 18. No big deal.

  12. Venom

    Wow, she drank a beer.
    I forgot to give a f*ck.
    I still want to bang the crap out of her.

  13. will

    @28 – You’re wrong.

  14. tromba

    This country is still so damned puritanical after 400 years. Ronald Reagan pulled this 21 year old drinking age garbage out of his ass to kiss up to Jerry Falwell and his idiot crew. Reagan is dead. Falwell is dead. All of the Puritans are dead. Time to get over it.

  15. Team America

    #18–Yeah, We’re “#1″ at everything, that’s why we rank #38 in healthcare, right about f*cking Slovakia, that is why half of the people in our lovely nation don’t even know Africa is a continent and not a country, and I could keep going on, but why–especially when we’re NUMBER ONE!!! You must be some meathead from a red-state.

    Thing the thing that pisses me off about our drinking age here in this country is the following:

    At 18 we are old enough to vote for whom we want a leader of our country

    At 18 we can own a gun and blow someone’s f*cking head off

    At 18 we can go fight in a country we have probably never heard of in our half-assed education system and die doing it…

    YET, we can’t have a goddamn beer???!!!
    That right there is f*cked up shit….

    With that being said, Cheers Kristen, enjoy your brew!

  16. Randall

    is she underage as in “not 21″ or underage as in “I Already have my pants down anyway.”

    Yep, Randall is into trannies, is racist, and is a pedophile.


  17. hamburger helper

    I was about to say “countdown until the americans take offense at the rest of the world for pointing out the fact that their drinking age is ridiculous, take it personally, and start shitting stripes and stars and beating their chests and chanting USA USA while veins pop our of their foreheads & pull that old ‘we saved your ass in wwII’ chestnut, greatest blank in the blank, we’re number one, bald eagles and sports and football, desperately belching the star spangled banner with the US flag sticking outta their arse,” – america this is why the rest of the world thinks you’re an arsehole. Just admit that a 21 year old legal drinking age sucks, it’s not your own individual fault. No one’s pointing at Mr. Joe Blow American and saying “You are a tool because your government doesn’t let you drink until you’re 21, but you can enlist in the military and get blown up.” Why be so defensive about it.

  18. Team America

    and obviously, about=ABOVE
    and thing= The thing

    So there, yeah, typos…

  19. GoGo VicMorrow


    Counterpoint.. i might not know what an africa is, but when I’m hungry i can still get a cheeseburger for 99 cents.

    states ftw

  20. GoGo VicMorrow


    Counterpoint.. i might not know what an africa is, but when I’m hungry i can still get a cheeseburger for 99 cents.

    states ftw

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