Kristen Stewart underage drinks (VIDEO)

July 30th, 2009 // 73 Comments

Because there’s nothing more American than warm beer out of a duffel bag, 19-year-old Twilight star Kristen Stewart was caught on video boozing with some crew members from The Runaways last weekend in LA. Of course, the worst part isn’t the underage drinking. It’s the fact they didn’t include co-star Dakota Fanning. Human/bat hybrids like beer, too, you guys.

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Photos: Splash News, Video: FlashCity

  1. Danklin24

    Holy shit and she smokes pot too!!!

    This isnt news. Moving on.

  2. Danklin24

    #8 you’re an idiot. Do you really think there is a big difference in maturity from 19 to 21? There isnt. On your 21st birthday you dont just wake up one day and go ah im so much mature now, now i can go out and have a beer and not have to worry about making stupid decisions because im a MATURE 21 year old.

    The 21 year drinking age in the US is fucking stupid when so many other countries are 18. I do think you should at least be 18 but 21 is horseshit

  3. mikeock

    Why does this girl always look pissed off? Maybe she just needs cock.

  4. When are we going to get some lay outs from this bouncy young lady…

  5. Tryfecta

    She’s a mall rat. Ugh… OBAMA OWES ALL OF US BEER FOREVER AND FREE HEALTHCARE. PAY MY MORTGAGE BRO! and ladies-cover your shit up before it’s law

  6. gotmilk?

    show me one 19 year old at college that doesn’t drink? this isn’t news nor is it shocking.

    8, your reasons for underage drinking being wrong are ludicrous. there are TONS of people over the age of 21 who don’t make responsible decisions when it comes to drinking. at least she didn’t get in a car and drive.

  7. Haagen Dazs

    At #4 You know, it’s not because you were not mature enough at 19 that it means that the whole country isn’t as well. Legal age in Canada is 18 and 19 and actually in Europe, Australia, Japan, Brazil…well pretty much everywhere around the world the legal age for drinking is 18; we are the only one in the US that one requires to be 21 to drink. And at 19 not mature enough?

    Sometimes it’s the parents that are not even better ( and you’re talking about maturity so let me give you an example of maturity in our great country). When I see Dina Lohan trying to get her 15 year old into bars, I am not quite impress and by the way, she is an american.

    So at you now #18, if you think we are the best then you live in your own little world where you pretty much close your eyes and decide that everything is pink bubble.

    What do you have instead of a brain #18…a pea????? Brain is like a muscle, you need to work it to make it better darling…it’s people like you that makes american look like idiots…shup up please…

  8. Can

    What’s the minimum age to join the US military? 17, right? If you’re old enough to die for your country, then one would think that you’re old enough to have a beer, right?

  9. adadf


  10. Darth

    I’m not surprised.From the back she’s a bit Lilo-like.

  11. Minni

    it’s funny how people get on this coutries vs. countries battle when ever there is a moral / intellectual / cultural news. In my country we have to be 18 to be adults, and basically there’s no other age lines, such as americans have drivers licence at 16 etc.. and i as well as many of my friends started.. experiencing with alcohol at the age of 13-15. I do have the perseption that 18 is in many cultures a barrel of some kind, so for that i think it’s reasonable, + 21 for me seems so restrictive, but that’s how i was brought up (no, i’m not a bohemian soul or a rocker douche, a normal gal really :D ) BUT all that said, law is what it is, and though there are some ethical questions most agree on, nothing is set in stone, and some few yrs in a case like this doesn’t matter. So no need to be startiong a fight over which country sucks the most. It’s dumb as hel*.

  12. el ces

    Uhhh, isn’t she preg?

  13. Ian

    “show me one 19 year old at college that doesn’t drink?”

    I don’t, and I’m sick of watching stupid Americans like Stewart rock their asses off, in the far mistaken belief that they’re rebelling, when in fact inebriated excess has become the norm today and a nation of ‘tards by choice will only enable our government to continue its fascism. Activism, not addiction!

  14. Onemoredrink


    you oviously havnt been out of the fucking country you red neck so get out and explore that other countries besides the states arent bad. i think its pathetic that theyre making a bif deal of a 19 year old drinking beer…

  15. sdfgh


    they did spell “duffel” .

    Pfft retard

  16. Wow , Kristen is looking so hot in that jeans t-shirt. I love the way she is looking. I just can’t believe that she is so younger. I think there is no need to create such issue. Thanks .

  17. Amro

    The problem not she is underage drinker ,but Wine as a whole does not benefit anything might forget some of the concerns ,but that should not take way also see her in every picture of her and is totally drunk
    My advice to drink as you want but do not make anyone see you as drunker

  18. Amro

    The problem not she is underage drinker ,but Wine as a whole does not benefit anything might forget some of the concerns ,but that should not take way also see her in every picture of her and is totally drunk
    My advice to drink as you want but do not make anyone see you as drunker

  19. Blitz

    LMFAO @ Human/bat hybrids like beer, too, you guys.

    I’d eat Kristen Stewards pussy until it bleeds!

    Nothing special as an actress, but god damn she’s sexy!

  20. JesusChrist

    Having a beer after work is totally cool. Rock on, Kristen. Anybody here that regularly works a 15 hour day knows exactly what I mean. Teetotalling creeps need to get their heads checked. My only complaint is that she didn’t enjoy that beer with a girl named Mary.

  21. When we were 18 for twenty minutes drive from the border of Quebec and get a beer, we sound even 19 years of age.

  22. tajchi85

    For me is that normal! In my country boys and girls drink alcohol with 14!!!

  23. -

    In Europe we drink at 16, if she can have sex, get married and drive then im sure she can drink ffs.

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