Kristen Stewart: ‘Being famous is just like rape.’

June 1st, 2010 // 105 Comments

With Megan Fox being shoved into irrelevancy, we needed somebody, anybody, to start spewing shit out of their face so ridiculous it makes Gwyneth Paltrow want to whip an organic scone at a Louis Vuitton ottoman. Enter Kristen Stewart:

Talking about the paparazzi’s loathing, Kristen said, “It’s so… The photos are so.. I feel like I’m looking at someone being raped.” The rumored lover of Robert Pattinson added, “A lot of the time I can’t handle it. It’s f**ked. I never expected that this would be my life.”

Let’s conduct a little experiment here: Somebody pay me millions of dollars to have my picture taken for pretending to dry-hump an attractive vampire from the opposite sex, and I’ll let you know if its anything like forced sexual intercourse. Although based on my equally scientific hypothesis, I can safely say the answer lies somewhere between “The sparkles chafed my wiener” and “Go cry into your emo money, I thought you were a boy in Panic Room.”

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  1. amaka
    Commented on this photo:

    What on earth is d joyce girl wearing. Lord!

  2. raydene
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    Sum people r just nasty.u sistas rock

  3. Outlawzero

    Damn she’s just a horrible person. I don’t even get why she’s famous, she’s an average actress, average looking, and she never looks happy. Then she compares being raped to being famous, that is f-d up. I have never been raped or been famous, but like everyone else in existence except for this dim witted harlot I know one is worst then the other and it aint being famous. I want this woman to meet some women that were actually raped and say: “ya I know how you feel”, “oh you were raped too”, “no, but I’m famous and it’s just like rape”.

  4. Paulus Back

    She reminds me of the uglier, less sexy version of Katharine Moennig. This chick is so gay. I bet she is Rob’s beard.

  5. Odd-One
    Commented on this photo:

    whats going on here

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