Kristen Stewart: ‘Being famous is just like rape.’

June 1st, 2010 // 105 Comments

With Megan Fox being shoved into irrelevancy, we needed somebody, anybody, to start spewing shit out of their face so ridiculous it makes Gwyneth Paltrow want to whip an organic scone at a Louis Vuitton ottoman. Enter Kristen Stewart:

Talking about the paparazzi’s loathing, Kristen said, “It’s so… The photos are so.. I feel like I’m looking at someone being raped.” The rumored lover of Robert Pattinson added, “A lot of the time I can’t handle it. It’s f**ked. I never expected that this would be my life.”

Let’s conduct a little experiment here: Somebody pay me millions of dollars to have my picture taken for pretending to dry-hump an attractive vampire from the opposite sex, and I’ll let you know if its anything like forced sexual intercourse. Although based on my equally scientific hypothesis, I can safely say the answer lies somewhere between “The sparkles chafed my wiener” and “Go cry into your emo money, I thought you were a boy in Panic Room.”

Photos: Splash News

  1. I can see Kristen's bright yellow bum from my house

    Also – nothing screams “leave me alone” like sticking out your bright yellow leather-clad bum at the paps.

    Peddle those wares, girl!

  2. stinkdaddy

    Well I can only cross my fingers that the constant trauma eventually leads her to blah blah blah this is a snappy way of saying she should kill herself.

  3. Ha Ha Ha

    @#38 “Every time she open her mouth garbage comes out. ”

    Actually, what comes out is Pattinson’s spooey.

  4. hrmmm

    Ugh. It’s like God missed and sewed her face on two inches too low. “Crap, now what do I do with all this extra forehead?” At least she’s too oblivious to realize how ridiculous the tall hair / giant forehead combo looks. This provides me laughter.

  5. Billy Baloney

    Yeah, it’s just like rape. Except without the violent, brutal forced sex assault and with gobs and gobs of luxury and more money than a person will ever manage to spend. I can see how those two things are comparable.

    Let’s do a blind taste test. First, we’ll have some guy brutally rape her, then we’ll clean her up and have her pose for a few photo ops. Then we’ll ask her which she prefers. Hopefully she doesn’t know anyone who was ever actually raped and hopefully she never does. What a narcissistic, shitty thing to say.

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  7. She tried to say how may violate Paps .. she just made a sort of piss-poor manner.

  8. I like her. She is beacutiful isnt she

  9. true22

    55. Billy Baloney – June 1, 2010 10:55 PM

    Yeah, it’s just like rape. Except without the violent, brutal forced sex assault and with gobs and gobs of luxury and more money than a person will ever manage to spend. I can see how those two things are comparable.

    Let’s do a blind taste test. First, we’ll have some guy brutally rape her, then we’ll clean her up and have her pose for a few photo ops. Then we’ll ask her which she prefers. Hopefully she doesn’t know anyone who was ever actually raped and hopefully she never does. What a narcissistic, shitty thing to say.

    I couldn’t agree more. These rapists have more rights than the victims.

  10. thank you for your share
    she is aboselutely beautiful…

  11. captain america

    it gets her EXITED?

  12. Nerd

    @17, wait…people still pay to go to the movies? Really? This is still going on? My Lord.

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  14. Dread not

    Emo, in all its’ incarnations, should be razed. Go write in your f’n journal and find another career if you don’t like the heat of the spotlight. Talk about milk toast…

  15. She is a Bitch

    She needs to go away. People, you want Millions for play acting, you get the Circus. If you don’t want it sing in your church and work in Fast Food.

  16. AAAA


  17. Lauren

    why does everyone get their panties in a twist when stars ask for privacy?

    No self-respecting actor says ‘I WANT TO BE FAMOUS & HAVE PEOPLE CHASE ME ALL OVER THE WORLD!’. No. There is a difference between most actors & people like Kim Kardashian, yet you guys seem to mix the two types up alot & villify both.

    I mostly agree with commentors on this site, however, this is one thing everyone bitches about that they really can’t help.

    I’d hate to have my private life judged over & over, all because I took a role I thought I could grow as an actor in..

    I dunno, anonymity is something we take for granted & i understand why actors flip out over it all the time. It’s actually annyoing to here commentors bitch about it.

  18. Jimmy Fury

    I thought she was a boy in Panic Room too.

    @ 69. Because most of the stars bitching and whining about privacy are the ones running around with the crotch exposed to 700 cameras. Paps aren’t new and there are PLENTY of stars who never have to deal with them because they don’t act like attention starved toddlers 24 hours a day.
    And they can, in fact, help it.
    You do realize someone can be an actor and never be in a single film right? Someone can be an amazing, critically acclaimed, award winning actor and never set foot in hollywood. It’s called Broadway and the West End. There are plenty of stage actors in the world who are masters of their craft who’ve never been photographed fall-down drunk in public.
    They could also get some class, some humility, and some f*cking common sense. Hundreds of stars live their lives without dealing with the paparazzi because they don’t actively go and make a spectacle of their own life in order to get press.
    So yeah, when someone who does starts bitching about privacy, most sane people want to call bullshit on her.

  19. Rhialto

    Could be indeed a good replacement for Megan Fox.I would like to hear more from this girl.

  20. Darth

    Kristen Stewart,what’s the color of your skirt?

  21. MK

    she is such a lesbian for sure…..she means being eaten out by a dom-bitch…

  22. Lauren


    Yeah I dig what your saying. You’re absolutely right, but I still think there are the few that do try to hide, but end up being chased- OR judged for having opinions like everyone else. I don’t think Kristin tries to generate publicity?

    I suppose most credible actors don’t take roles that going to be all-ages-blockbuster-hits-gimmick-ridden-crapola. I guess I answered my own question.

    Haha, yes she DID look like a boy.

    Also, I typed ‘here’ instead of ‘hear’. Grammatical apologies are in order :)

  23. Joanie

    Hey at least the girl owns a pair of panties unlike trash Paris H and double trash Britney.

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  30. Mr. Nice Guy

    Joanie we prefer hot girls like Paris H and Britney.
    Sluts make the best Girlfriends/Wives.

  31. Max

    I think the rape comparison was pretty accurate. The “millions of dollars” was for mutual work, not the stalk-erazzi who are making money off of her. Despite the fact that it happens all the time, it’s still an unsanctioned act that should stop if the one being chased wants it to.

    Millions of people see her on the screen and think they have some “right” to her because the work was accessible. By that same logic, I *should* be able to camp on the street in front of Arthur Fry’s house and harass him and his family. After all, millions of people use the post-it note.

    Get your jealous asses off your high-horses.

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  33. hard to be famous, I think, anyway nice photo

  34. Definitely she is trying too hard!

  35. Robert Farting
    Commented on this photo:

    well dude ,she has just a long face and wide shoulders just like transexuals. Simply ,not cute girl! But lovely legs ,really good ! That s it.

  36. Kim
    Commented on this photo:

    Sorry but this is stupid that bitch doesn’t know
    how it is to be raped so she really need to shut here

  37. iron man 2

    She should get anally raped then she mite know what rape feels like – dumb hoe

  38. stephanie
    Commented on this photo:

    Hey Kourtney! If I could design a clothing line for QVC I would name it “bella mia” just because it means beauty, and mine. For us ladies, those words are key because we all want to feel beautiful with what we wear. Thank you!

  39. Helen S.
    Commented on this photo:

    Hi Doll!
    Love you Kourt and Mason is so adorb. If I could establish my own clothing line (which would be a dream), as well as other accessories, it would be called…”STREET by HS.” Street because this is my last name. I would have categories so for example, the first line of my fabulous jeggings would be called “BB” (stands for my hometown). Etc. My clothing store would be called “CAPRI Boutique” because I love anything Italian. And my line has to consist of what I truly love such as: belted sweaters, capes & ponchos, leggings are a few of my favs! All would have names that are meaningful to me. My line would signify “sexy with class.” A classy woman is the most fashionable! xoxo

  40. Stephanie
    Commented on this photo:

    If I could have a fashion line I would call it Me N Mine. The reason for that is my line Would represent boldness and define everyones style. The me in the line would mean the style could belong to anyone and represent it’s thiers. The mine would represent no one can pull it off like them.

  41. katherine amaya
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    If I had my own clothing line I would call it amaya because its my last name n it sounds exotic it would b a line that makes women feel beautiful

  42. Lana dash
    Commented on this photo:

    If I had a line for QVC I would name it Imperfection At It’s Best!it’s a long name yes,but nobody is perfect.we all have our flaws that we have to embrace!why not embrace it in your favorite piece of clothing!Feel beautiful all day everyday!

  43. maria lopez
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    i would name my clothing line: Vella. It means beautiful in spanish. The clothing line would be elegant yet chic and afordable. Clothing that can embrace every womans inner and outter beauty.

  44. Caitlin
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    Hey Kourt ! If I could have my own line I’d call it LI&LO after Live and Love cause in life living and loving is what gets us through the day and to most people clothes do to. Where would we be without clothes and being able to share them :)

  45. Shelley
    Commented on this photo:

    I would love to design a childrens line of clothes, because all babys clothes are one of 2 colors. Boys are blue (any shade) and girls are pink (any shade). I would love to create a line that uses more colors of every kind. I would name it after my adorable niece elaina rose. Because it would be colorful just like her personality.

  46. gin
    Commented on this photo:

    I would name my line ‘Exhibit Bee.’ Bee, from Beatrice (voyager through life), is a part of my nickname. The line would express a vogue voyager’s superior fashion flair.

  47. E
    Commented on this photo:

    I wld name my line “Gift”. Women were created as gifts to men, according to the Bible. And who knows better then then the one that made us himself!

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