Kristen Stewart: ‘Being famous is just like rape.’

June 1st, 2010 // 105 Comments

With Megan Fox being shoved into irrelevancy, we needed somebody, anybody, to start spewing shit out of their face so ridiculous it makes Gwyneth Paltrow want to whip an organic scone at a Louis Vuitton ottoman. Enter Kristen Stewart:

Talking about the paparazzi’s loathing, Kristen said, “It’s so… The photos are so.. I feel like I’m looking at someone being raped.” The rumored lover of Robert Pattinson added, “A lot of the time I can’t handle it. It’s f**ked. I never expected that this would be my life.”

Let’s conduct a little experiment here: Somebody pay me millions of dollars to have my picture taken for pretending to dry-hump an attractive vampire from the opposite sex, and I’ll let you know if its anything like forced sexual intercourse. Although based on my equally scientific hypothesis, I can safely say the answer lies somewhere between “The sparkles chafed my wiener” and “Go cry into your emo money, I thought you were a boy in Panic Room.”

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  1. do

    do doo doo

  2. buttsecks

    Fart stain

  3. pasty albino

    over rated

  4. The Mascot

    She’s a little thin for me, but sure, I’d rape her.

  5. dude

    funny comments fish!

    Lohan saw that first pic, and tried to snort the white between her legs. At least that’s how it went down in my fantasy.

  6. mnsuberbee

    Kristen Stewart HAS to come out of the closet sometime soon. Seriously. She has dike written eeevverywhere.

  7. @mnsuberbee Im with you. Im still waiting for the closet door to come open, with her wearing a Tegan & Sara shirt.

  8. cubicle woman

    At least you admit that Robert Pattinson is sexy… THAT’S sexy!

  9. imagen

    Although this is old news,(if you can call it that), I did snicker at the commentary. People are getting their panties in a bunch over this quote. Was it tactful? No. By this time people should realize that she seems to suffer from a bit of the verbal diarrhea from time to time. It’s not too difficult to realize she was trying to say how violating the paps can be..she just did it in a kind of piss-poor way. Shit, I’d hate to have everything I say picked apart, twisted and overanalyzed because I would end up offending just about everyone.

  10. McFeely Smackup

    Whiny celebrities like her really piss me off. She has completely lost touch with reality and thinks she’s paid ridiculous amounts of money to be “famous” but thinks she should get all the privacy of a “regular” person as well.

    It doesn’t work that way princess! You want privacy, you get to live in a trailer park like the rest of the chicks of your mental prowess. You want to be famous and make celebrity cash, you get cameras stuck in your face.

    deal with it, or shut up…or just die, I don’t even know who she is.

  11. Tek

    Ah these emo kids say the darndest things. I think she’s kinda cute. There were some nice cleavage pics of her floating around during the weekend, you should post those, Fish.

  12. pimp

    would ass eat all day…

  13. Vlad

    imagen, you’ve offended me most certainly!

  14. chuck

    OMG, Is that almost a smile from this Bitch?, she is really as unhappy as 98% of her photo’s show? or is she trying to stay in her moody role from what ever that stupid movie she is from? If it is all about the Movie, come on get a fucking life,
    oh yea please show me some titty

  15. Melissa

    Bitch, seriously. If you hate it THAT much, quit the shit. Otherwise, shut your lyin ass up and continue to make that money. How else are you going to pay for your expensive weed habit, hmm?? Definitely not by your charm…

  16. ROUGH vs the status quo

    Well! there you go, and I thought lilo had it ROUGH, with all them rejections and all…No phonies in your life krissy? Still cute though.

  17. Champ

    It’s called fame, dumbfuck.
    It comes with the ridiculous salaries Hollywood and pro athletes receive – in return you give up a degree of privacy.

    It’s also why we have to pay $7 for a popcorn and $4.50 for a coke ON TOP OF the ridiculous ticket prices.

    Deal with it or give back your income.

  18. truth

    he is a normal looking 13 year old

  19. quake

    Seriously.. fuck her. She’s so fucking tortured.

    After this Twilight crap blows over she’ll be begging for her photo to be taken.

  20. AteIsEnough

    This shemale is an ugly, talentless, rude, unappreciative, ignorant person. She seems to have the looks and personality of a huge lumpy turd – matching perfectly her acting! Go a way you mealy and boring person!!!!!

  21. Christina

    hahahahhaa omg it took me about 10 times of watching Panic Room to realize the kid was a girl too. && this girl is a sick twisted person if she is comparing getting her picture taken to rape WTF? F-that

  22. wtf

    Lava Girl can kick Shark Boy’s ass any day.

  23. Solution

    Hollywood goes away
    Cult of Celebrities goes away
    People find something else to do with their time rather than watch the idiot box
    Thank you
    *bows and farts*

  24. Kristen Stewart, if your life is soooo damn hard then give up Twilight and go be a nun or something. Millions of girls would love to take your place you ungrateful brat. The only reason you’re acting is because mommy and daddy were already in the Hollywood scene.

    I’ve been raised dirt poor and I’m trying my best to enter Hollywood and I have what you don’t have – ACTUAL FUCKING TALENT!

  25. opps!! white undies’ peeping.

    i thin next time she should be very careful since shes a public figure.

  26. Regina

    Just have to say that you pretty much be retarded to make a comment like that. If she’s so tired of being famous, please be my guest and get out of our lives!!! Dumb bitch.
    BTW loved the comment about Panic Room lol, because I thought she was a boy too!!!

  27. Oh, get over yourself.
    First experience a rape (God forbid, though!) then dare to make parallels..

  28. josh

    Seriously, she’s not even remotely pretty. Dumbo ears.

  29. Ben Varkentine

    Hold everything. I have no big feelings for Kristen Stewart one way or the other–she’s nice to look at but I’ve never seen her act–and I hate celebrities whining about “the price of fame.”

    Thing is, if you read the story, ‘Being famous is just like rape.’ isn’t what she said. At all.

  30. Shep

    Duh, haven’t you ever heard police officers ask women who’ve been raped if it was just like being a celebrity getting their picture taken?

  31. V

    Seriously Kristen, you need to count your lucky stars because your movies outside of Twilight do very poorly. The Runaways bombed and one of your other movies (in which she plays a stripper, FYI) can’t even get distribution. So count your blessings, be grateful and go to school because you really need a new vocabulary and some culture.

  32. smarterthanyou

    actually she’s made a great observation about paparazzi photos of celebrity girls.
    I don’t think that all the girls whose photos show up in paparazzi sites and magazines deserve any of their fame, but still–it doesn’t absolve the fact that it’s deeply sickening the way paparazzi take photos of just celebrity girls’ private parts and body parts. If you sick people that look at this junk think this is just the price of fame and you have the right to look at it-then you all need to get very very serious help.

  33. Kelly

    Please let them replace this dumb whore. I want a new Bella.

  34. Meg Reily

    Normally you crack me up, but…well… she never said the words “being famous is just like rape.” I don’t know… I don’t want to be that person…but I read what she said as being something more complex than a punchline for bloggers on a slow celeb news day.

  35. Kristen is a idiot

    Every time she open her mouth garbage comes out. Her relationship with RPattz is fake. Why don’t they try to make it without the fake showmance.

  36. Anne

    I don’t think this comment is out of line at all. As someone who HAS been physically assaulted… more than once… I understand the parallels she is drawing here.* Maybe we don’t want to call it rape but the problem is that we lack a wide range of words that are appropriate for a wide spectrum of personal violations. I do think that the photogs are abusive, and I do think that the sort of aggressive, active malice that is directed towards these celebrities is very likely harmful to them. Think of it: Society goes after an established celebrity and pries into them at every opportunity, laying bare everything and everything, with or without their consent, and then attacks them for what they find, abuses them, mocks them, and shames them.

    Saying that they asked for it is like saying that a person who gets dressed up in a sexually provocative manner is asking to be raped. I mean, there might be a sense in which we may want to comment on their sense of self-preservation, but it doesn’t in any way justify the harm that they are being subject to.

    So, yeah, the constant onslaught, the lack of respect for boundaries, the violation, the presence of verbal/emotional/mental violence (by which i mean, the malicious intent and the seeking to harm), the lack of GENUINE opportunities to quit…** etc… it isn’t rape, no, but it shares a lot of the objectionable qualities of rape, diffused over months and years, and decades, and completely sanctioned by society. I mean, is it any wonder that our stars who are best known for their sexual presence are the ones who crack up and go nuts first?

    *why do i think this is relevant? because a lot of gossip blogs say, ‘see what someone who has been raped would say about that! they’d be so offended by this!’ well, i’m not. I’m sympathetic to what she is saying.

    ** every time i hear of a celebrity lying low or attempting to leave the business, there is a witch hunt to get information on them, which is precisely the sort of thing that they are leaving to protect.

  37. Allie

    See, it’s funny, because seeing her act also feels like looking at someone being raped. Seriously, could this bitch get ANY WORSE?

  38. Kristen is a idiot

    Every time she open her mouth garbage comes out. Her relationship with RPattz is fake. Why don’t they try to make it without the fake showmance.

  39. Mr. Nice Guy

    Fire her and let her work at WalMart where she belongs.

  40. skink

    Well, it’s not like a “rape rape”. Oh wait, that was Whoopi talking about the 13 year-old that Roman Polanski sodomized.

    So, I guess what Miss b*tchface was talking about wasn’t exactly a “rape rape rape”. Or something.

    Hollywood sure has weird definitions of rape.

    Sick f*cks.

  41. K

    I feel bad for KStew. She just wants to be an actress and not be bombarded with paparazzi. I wouldn’t want to be either.

  42. Jon


    And KStew is a hilarious name for her! Bravo.

  43. Christina

    What I don’t understand is when the Twilight actors say stuff like “I never expected this!” and the like. It’s just like yeah, you’re taking a lead role in the movie versions of a popular book series that’s based on “romance” and you DON’T expect to become famous? As for Stewart, who constantly seems like she’s miserable and complains about her life almost nonstop, it’s just like dude, stop acting if you hate it so much! No one is going to care if you stop acting and remove yourself 100% from Hollywood.

  44. Poor Kristen… if it’s any help, I’ll go fuck that other girl from Twilight–Ashley-something. There’s something I could sink my thang into! For Kristen’s sake, of course…

  45. Dank

    This is actually true. I know someone that was raped, and she said rape is just like being paid millions of dollars while foreign guys call you sexy and take your picture and ask you questions about your life.

    Certainly there has to be a hotline or support group for these people going through such hardships. Oh, wait

  46. yayo

    nice uppie

  47. Money Makin' Extravaganza

    No idiots. Hollywood makes “stars”. We pay lots of money to be entertained by these fabulous folk because we are retarded and don’t have hobbies. Now Hollywood makes even more moneyby paying the thuggish papsmears to stalk and create entertainment out of the “stars” misery.
    Very sick and evil.
    Who the fuck is running this country?
    It sure aint anyone from my culture.

  48. CybERImPl

    OMG she’s pale.

  49. peanut

    #12…i’m right there with you. (just let me go first)

  50. I can see Kristen's cooter from my house

    I think she’s b*tchy because she’s sore and rubbed raw from banging Pattinson’s sparkly johnson. Those sparkles chafe.

    Not only is it sparkly, it’s as cold as ice.

    You’d be cranky too if you had a sparkly icicle up your cooter.

    BTW, if she’s so upset about all the publicity, why flash your hoo hoo like that? Sheesh. Nothing says pay no attention to me like wearing a bright yellow leather micro mini and giving the paps a flash of snatch. LOL

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