Kristen Bell must work out

May 22nd, 2008 // 114 Comments

These are shots of Kristen Bell yesterday on the set of her new movie When in Rome. I’ll let you guys figure out why I posted them. Here’s a clue to get you started: It has nothing to do with my love of the Mediterranean but everything to do with my love of Kristen Bell’s butt in jogging pants. Happy hunting, super sleuths!

Photos: Splash News

  1. Drestylz

    FRIST!! Nice Ass!

  2. Ms. Brown


  3. nick

    maybe first….5! nice ass indeed.

  4. Brianna

    holy shit!

  5. erica

    She’s stocky and short-legged, with an unremarkable ass.

  6. FIsh Dude, if you could not come up with some more boobs, the nice ass comes in a great second place..

  7. lulu

    When In Rome, What Happens In Vegas, I mean…..comon!!!!!!!!

    btw, her ass looks like mine! wo!

  8. Donkey Ass

    Thong th-Thong Thong. :)

  9. SilverDollarBunghole

    mmm now I’m thinking it’s analignus for dinner. thanks fish.

  10. I can see her thong. Smack!

  11. snarky

    yeah, either that or she’s just young & tight. I used to look like that in my early 20′s… and I lived off of junk food, weed, beer, etc and never worked out; talk about taking things for granted! I thought it would last forever…wah!

  12. Jackson

    She has a nice tight ass unlike Kim Kardaskanks saggy cellulite wide fat ugly butt who relies on a girdle or photoshop to improve her huge butt. Kristen is 5’1″ and Kim is 5’3″. If you put Kim and Kristen together then Kim would look obese.

  13. Ted Mosby

    I want to be the daddy to her babies.

  14. Over 40 Hottie


    You can still firm up by using weights 2-3 times a week for 20-30 minutes. I still drink beer, smoke weed, and munch in moderation to maintain my shape.

  15. Dilawar from Bangalore

    I am agree with the words you speak. Very much nice. She is work out many times, yes? I show to sister, she try to look that way. It will be very hard for her. (sad face)

  16. Chris Rez

    ok Erica, now that we all know you’re jealous, you can visit a plastic surgeon and buy Bell’s perfect apple-bottom ass.
    Good luck with that

  17. flod

    Welcome to last week.


    That chick has no ass at all… looks like any other chick you see on the street

  19. Cheese

    When in Rome – follow the chic with the Bionic Ass

  20. big teeth

    Sooooo nice. So very nice. Dear God, thank you for this. Now I will stop masterbating like I promised.. err.. how about tomorrow?

  21. LL

    Gotta give her props, that is a nice ass. Most people’s ass looks like a burlap sack full of puppies or something (you know what I mean), few look as good in tight spandex. Bravo, Kristen. You do short chicks proud.

    #5: Yeah, right…

  22. erica

    Apple bottom, Chris? More like one slice of an apple strapped to a pair of short legs. She is cute, but she looks like every other girl.

  23. Fit American


    This is because you are use to seeing the average overweight fat ass American.

  24. Joco

    I am drooling like a caveman

  25. Tyler

    Erica, you seem a bit jealous. Maybe you wish you looked like her? Or maybe you can’t wear pants like that bc your dick pokes out

  26. ph7

    No tits, nice ass, another midget body. Camera love midget bodies, but they look awful in person. But, somehow, in photographs, it is good to have all the body parts squeezed into a small area.

  27. kitty_kat

    @23- I don’t think you read the whole post before responding.

  28. Auntie Kryst

    @15 Namaste Dilawar, I’ve tried calling the help desk, but I’m getting nowhere. I’m having trouble with the printer thingy. Can you or someone else in customer service help me out??

  29. #1 hey thanks!! I do ok…

  30. deacon jones

    Maaannn, lots of salty women on here…
    That ass is fucking tight. If I were her assistant I would tongue bathe her

  31. Sorry, I was too aroused to finish my last post. I was going to say, this is the type of woman that my mother said she would go gay for.

  32. ben

    I like the thong outline in the ass shot always a favorite of mine.

  33. Bellisima. Scusi, how is it you Americans say, I wanna tappa that assa?

  34. Justin

    She has a nice compact ass, but is a little short.
    On a side note, Erica has a beautiful ass, and fills pants
    like that perfectly everyday, I would know.

  35. Lola

    Where are the stars with something other than a girl next door appeal ?

  36. Dilawar from Bangalore

    28- I laugh so hard at your joke, yes? I show your post to my young brother, he tech person. I translate to his english very poor. More poor than mine! He hate job very much so. I say to him, he need job to get the money for a wife, yes? He happy with woman in our country. I am very much want american blonde.

  37. bar room hero

    USDA prime, top choice!

  38. Clay

    Much better than those Brittney shots.

  39. fygu

    My ass looks just like that and I even have those pants. We also look alike in the face. I’m not impressed, because it’s like looking at me. zzzzzzzzzzz

  40. @ justin and erica

    Awwww, whte-knighting on the superfish. Don’t worry, it’s not trying too hard at all.

  41. Dilawar from Bangalore

    28- You eat turd. I pee your face. Hee hee hee

  42. Navel Gazer

    I think she did that just for you Fish. She got the idea from Ignacio when he tried to impress Sister Incarnacion with his glutes.

  43. Shep

    You could crack an egg on that ass, wow

  44. Shrinkage

    Nice ! Dax Shephard is tapping that, good going.

  45. Dilawar from Bangalore

    42- You not the real Dilawar. I have, what you say on the site “troll”, yes? It is me, real Dilawar. This person, copy me.

  46. Auntie Kryst

    @37 Dilawar, Ganeesh has blessed you.. You already earned a troll, see #42.

  47. Saul Goode

    Who is the punker Al-Qaeda member she is flirting with in two of the pictures? I could give her a few more exercises to tighten that up the rest of the way involving my four inch dingy thingy.

  48. Saul Goode

    She got jacked up on Deadwood…..

  49. small

    thong thursday

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