Kristen Bell is ‘Hottest Newcomer’ (Yeah, she is)

December 10th, 2007 // 99 Comments

Kristen Bell won the award for “Hottest Newcomer” at the 2007 Spike Video Game Awards. Kristen was recognized for her work on the show Heroes and the video game Assassin’s Creed. Wow, Kristen Bell has invaded two of the things I love: Heroes and video games. If she starts showing up inside beer bottles, I might have to marry her. But for now, I’m just going to keep my fingers cross that she invades something even more awesome: my pants.

Photos: Getty Images

  1. Kristen Bell is smoking hot!!!!! She is in the new movie Fanboys where she is protrayed as a gold bikini Princess Leia.

    come check it out

  2. Kristen Bell is smoking hot.!!! In her up coming movie she is Princess Leai in a gold bikini!!!!

    You have to check out the pics

  3. Summer

    Meh, blah, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  4. Well ,so beautiful honey.I just can’t understand why.Her eyes make her look like shes got a bit of the downs.Some of her pics are put on a site ,wow one more queation is that more and more people are her fans now

  5. Dang Kristen looks so hot!!!!

    She the hot pics from her up and coming movie Fanboys

    check it out

  6. M

    It’s LAME to publish feeds with broken image links for days. Very amateurish!

  7. Ript1&0

    Alright fine, I take it back dammit. You want the truth? The person I really want to marry in my heart of hearts and deepest fantasy won’t even talk to me anymore. So there.

    Problems shining through and blinding.

    Someone’s virtual ass should get virtually probed just for my amusement so I can feel better.

    Welcome to Superficial group therapy.

  8. Yes, she is very hot. I found a topic on her on Many guys on the site love hot girls, especially those who are curvy shape.

  9. Ted from LA

    If I had 25 beers in me in Vegas, she’d look really good to me.

  10. D. Richards

    Okay. You remember in the one Alien movie where the Alien-bitch has that yellowish alien hybrid with the creapy fucking black eyes and almost human looking skull? Yeah. You do. Anyway, check this Kristen-cunt out. Don’t ya’ think that she looks like that alien prick? I’d still fuck her mouth. I’d fuck Kristen’s alien mouth. Then ejaculate in to her alien rectum.

  11. dbizle

    Awwe, how cute – my girlfriend! Pics like these make me wish I was hi on weed

  12. dbzle

    #9, You must be retarded or one anorexic bizn*tch.. Or ur just jealous. That’s not even close to cankle. That’s 100% hottle to me, if there is such a thing. She’s fine from head to toe. And she’s mine all mine. Girls should stop hating on girls that are hotter than them, they should just get with me instead – I’ve been known to settle.

  13. dlezbi

    #40 = stupid jealous (fat whore) person.

  14. Ript1&0

    It’s a good thing you know which side of the alien glass you are on. You know, cause when you gaze deep into the alien, the alien also gazes into you.

    Would you also fuck her in the ear hole?

  15. kel

    uhm,excuse me,but hasnt anyone noticed her HUGE thighs and calves??or is it just me??damn,that girl is fat

  16. Codefire

    I don’t nkow much about “Cankles” but this looks pretty good to me:

  17. Codefire

    I don’t know much about “Cankles” or “HUGE thighs and calves” but this looks pretty good to me:

  18. Googleplexia

    I’d blow my load in her hair and then kick her ass in Halo 3.

  19. Spinnaker

    She’s cool & all, but not my type I reckon.

  20. Tonka

    Cute as a button. With cold, calculating, lizard eyes.

    My kinda girl!

  21. deano

    ummm, you guys are all joking, right??? right??!! please for the love of god tell me you aren’t all genuinely attracted to this cross-eyed nobody….

  22. my opinion

    she is cute and short, without looking like a baby ( like hayden ).
    She has thick ankles, and she isn’t my number one, but she is somewhat good looking.

  23. D. Richards

    If I wasn’t gay and a eunich I would be all over her.

  24. samechick

    Cute as a button and sassy as hell.

  25. Mr Semprini

    If you know this girl, please tell her to stop banging on my door and begging for sex. I’m just not into sex anymore. I know I ruined her for any other men, but, lady have some self-respect…

    Get a dog or something…

  26. I think Kristen Bell is hot as hell – smart, very pretty, and NOT emaciated.

    I do agree with #27 about her character being among the most annoying on Heroes, though. Wish they’d give her a script she could actually work with; loved her wit on Veronica Mars.

  27. your better half

    Like any of you fat greasy fucks would kick her out of bed. Kristen Bell is awesome.

  28. Son-of D. Richards

    Oh, yeah, Ript. Don’t you think for a minute that I wouldn’t fuck Kristen’s ear-hole straight to her brain. Hell, I’d even eviscerate her abdomen, sever her stomach from her small intestine, and fuck the sphincter that connects the two; allowing for the passage of whatever it is that passes through that portal. Wee!

    I’m hugry now.

  29. victor

    Realy hot!! But not hottest. I meet some hottest girls at

  30. shallow val

    adorable. Veronica Mars wasn’t bad, y’know?

  31. Ted from LA

    Now while that sounds very romantic, you could cause peritonitis, which is deadly. I say go for it.

  32. Stephanie

    I love Kristen Bell. She is, by far, one of my favorite actresses. I’m pissed that the CW canceled Veronica Mars, but atleast she’s showing up in other things.

  33. vicky

    #32…yes, most guys that are surfing this gossip site and posting comments probly wont get girls like her.. or many others.

    but damn jst coz some one calls another person ugly does NOT mean they’re jealous .. i find many girls really hot and i think most of em i see on here are better looking than me… bt when they arent, they arent! like THIS ONE for instance.

  34. Jeff

    For all those screaming cankles…those legs are pure muscle and sexy as hell. I’d much rather see a girl with an athletic build than one with legs more wobbly than a baby giraffe.

  35. Kristen Bell is a gift from God.

    To those crying “Cankles,” you are officially gay as fuck.

  36. DeepFriedJesus

    #71 yup I’m genuinly attracted to her. Cute women do that to me. I’m sure that is hard for you with your obvious preference for young boys to understand but so be it.

  37. das

    She’s hot, but she is one of those girls that only looks good with make-up on
    Megan Fox is hotter.

    #86, if only she was attracted to you. :(

  38. Do you think she’s hot enough to fry an egg on?

  39. discord

    Yum! She’s awesome!

    Check out “Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical” for proof

  40. sarah

    actually though, her legs are fat. like…gross. does she think they look good? she really should just wear pants or long dresses all the time, cause I’ve never seen her legs and they look awful. gross. like they aren’t even in proportion the rest of her. thighs/calves/ankles = chunk

  41. tieveasilona

    I liked her on the first season of veronica mars and then after that, the show sucked and she got more famous and dropped her not famous husband at the time because thats just what celebs do.

  42. granada


    Actually I never bought into the Santa Claus shit. No, I’m not a little kid, seeing as how my spelling/grammar is better than yours. So, according to you, if I find myself to be pretty, I have bizarre incestuous needs and am possibly mentally unstable? I can’t appreciate my body without being criticized for it? Please, I have something you obviously don’t–self-esteem.

  43. yeah

    actually though, her legs are fat. like…gross. does she think they look good? she really should just wear pants or long dresses all the time, cause I’ve never seen her legs and they look awful. gross. like they aren’t even in proportion the rest of her. thighs/calves/ankles = chunk

    are you fucking retarded

    are you _fucking_ retarded

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  46. azz

    heidi wore the same dress to the hills finale!

  47. Kayleigh

    veronica mars ftw!

  48. Rob

    All of you calling her ugly don’t know shit. She is the most beautiful and talented actress in the world right now. The newcomer thing was becasue she had a character in a video game. Since it was her first videogame she was a newcomer. Thus hottest newcomer award. Plus the damn thing was a video game award show.

  49. airfan

    look how unfortunate we are all??? ….if only she could see how much we love every single cell in her. she is for the beautifull woman on the universe. may god bless her and that she always remain happy.

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