Kristen Bell gets cleavagey when she’s drunk

June 20th, 2008 // 47 Comments

Kristen Bell is filming a scene for her new movie When in Rome where her character gets all kinds of drunk and rocks the cleavage. If Kristen is basing this on her own drinking habits, we are so much alike. And they say a good relationship is built on common interests. In this case, getting smashed in public, wearing a dress and wading through a fountain. Okay, you got me: I more into tank tops and mini-skirts. It wasn’t meant to be. *sigh* Now I’m all depressed. Anyone got a pair of control tops and a bottle of hooch I can borrow? Eh, I’ll just raid the Geekologist’s purse. *rummage rummage* Nothing but LEGOs and lip gloss. Slut.


  1. Assasinate Nobama

    This chick is still hanging around? Go away!


  2. kristin

    she’s SO hot. and yes, ima girl.


  3. mike

    So where is the scene where she passes out and pees all over herself? That is what happens to me all the time.

  4. whatever

    Still have no idea who this bitch is.

  5. bubba

    i like her

  6. bernie

    Hot! They should have called her show “Vaginica Mars”.

  7. nipolian

    Doesn’t cleavagey imply breasts?

  8. snarkymalarky

    she’s just all kinds of boring to me for some reason; doesn’t even spark the slightest bit of interest (…ok, so I’m a chick, maybe that doesn’t help???)

  9. I would have a threesome with her and Jimbo. If she ever comes to Korea, watch out!

    Devil heart Jimbo.

  10. #1 – you are a douche for being so lame you are excited about being first but, then again, just looking at your “name” we all know you are a loser.

    Kristin is looking great in these. And yes, even smaller titties can look great in the right dress!

  11. Trover

    I hear she gives a mean hummer. And loves having a back door man. Dirty. that is why I love her.

  12. Dick Bush

    Is that Wild Turkey?


  13. Deacon Jones

    I think Pic 5 accurately depicts what I looked like reaching for my car keys last night at happy hour…….

  14. Que

    Que good to go!

  15. Randal

    Kristen’s blue dress is stunning as it cascades down her frame like a hung curtain from a bay window.

    Her dirty blonde hair stands out against the hue of ocean blue. Her movie will certainly be a hit when it’s released, a summer classic indeed.


  16. Uh, dude, when you were in my purse did you happen to steal a package of candy marked “birth control”?

  17. Randal go fuck yourself

    Randal go fuck yourself. I speak for at least 90% of the people here when I say. GO AWAY. Your rhetoric is tired.

  18. gossipgal

    shes sure DRUNK

  19. gossipgal

    shes sure DRUNK

  20. gossipgal

    shes sure DRUNK

  21. mike

    Everyone that agrees with Randal say I. See Randal you are on fucking crack!!!

  22. Gia

    What cleavage? Plus, have you noticed she’s a bit crossed eyed?

  23. cam

    Oh dear god I love her. I LIVE for the day she comes out as bi!!! HOTTEST CHICK IN HOLLYWOOD!!!

  24. Ted Mosby

    I want to have dirty pirate hooker sex with her.

  25. Randal's Fan Club

    Kristen’s bottle of wine is stunning as it cascades down into her gullet like sands in the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

    Her dirty blonde hair stands out against the hue of ocean blue even though that’s not an ocean. It’s a freaking hot tub..

    Her movie will certainly be a hit when it’s released, a summer classic indeed. Can’t wait to miss that one!

    Randal’s Fan Club

  26. Tom

    She rules. She’s hot, sexy, and glamorous all at the same time. I want to marry a chick like this. Or at least fuck one.

    Randal, you’re annoying 95% of the time, but you nailed it here.

  27. Tommy Sneakers

    That’s fine and all, but where’s the cleavage?

  28. La Toya Jackson

    This girl is a straight buttaface.

  29. Drunkman

    So fine

  30. Wanks

    #29 u are gay

    i would do some nasty things to her

    ps randal u are also gay

  31. La Toya Jackson

    No, 31, I think it’s you who are gay if you find this chick hot. She has the manliest jawline and nose I think I’ve ever seen.

  32. Cherry

    I love the superficial guy. He makes me laugh.

  33. La Toya, you are wack as hell. You didn’t see her ass in the yoga pants a couple of weeks ago.

    Lay off Randal losers. Some of the only fun I get is trying to spot Real Randal from Fake Randal.

    High Fives for the weekend Randal. Your abilities as a wordsmith are matched only by the kindness in your heart.

  34. lambman

    man she’s so freaking hot! She was sexy as hell in Forgetting Sarah Marshall in that little pink bikinni!

  35. She looks not so beautiful when she’s drunk. I saw her many photos at a single club called, maybe the single who like her uploaded the photos. Also, there are many funny videos there.

  36. Jack

    She is cute and sexy. She is also my favorite. I saw her profile on “S e e k i n g R i c h . c o m ” last week. It is said she is dating a young billionaire on that site now.

  37. it’s damn simple: THEN DON’T GET DRUNK YOU MORON!!

  38. CornHole

    I would tongue her perky bum until she squirted in to my big brown eyes.

  39. ur mom

    WHY DO YOU KEEP REFERENCING THE GEEKOLOGIE WRITER? shameless plugs make you look dumb.

  40. The dress is amazing.

  41. she is gorgeous beauty! and the dress is amazing!!

  42. looky

    i thought randal is gay.

    anyway she’s cute and all, but i don’t like her much. everyone has their own opinion right?

  43. PunkA

    Randal is the bomb. His cheerful brand of BS sunshine and rainbows cracks me up.

  44. douchebag Mcgee

    God, I hope she also gets “I want to bang poor skinny guys with long hair”
    when she’s drunk, as well as cleavagey.

  45. Blitz

    Beautiful perky small breasts are HOT!

    Big tits are over rated.

    But I’m a legs and ass man myself!

  46. She is quite fucking sexy when she is drunk

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