Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard go public

January 2nd, 2008 // 49 Comments

Kristen Bell has been trying to keep her relationship with Dax Shepard out of the public eye. Some say it’s to maintain a sense of privacy. I say it’s out of shame, utter remorse and did I mention shame? Anyway, the two were spotted yesterday being very affectionate on South Beach. I don’t really see the appeal of Dax Shepard, but I guess chicks dig mediocre acting talent coupled with sub-par looks. Awesome. I’m screwed. Now what am I supposed to do with these granite abs? Besides letting supermodels pay me to touch them.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  1. Bigheadmike

    She looks like a little doll next to him.
    Is he that big or is she that little?

  2. bone thattio

    evidentally, Dax is hung like a mammoth. that or he is gay and the girls hang on him to keep slobbering monkeys like fish off their backsides and to help him further his “acting” career.

  3. aja

    overrated bitch

  4. ipanema_girl

    “mediocre acting talent coupled with sub-par looks” – you were actually describing the bell chick, fish.

    This Dax guy is nicely built with nice broad shoulders, not too buff and handsomely tall. But um … is the thing in the middle of his face his REAL nose or a prosthetic? I hope the latter .. but I think it’s the former, unfortunately. …

  5. what does Dax do now. is he still on Punk’d?

  6. ahole

    eww, he is so dirty looking..

  7. RENEE...

    Oh my gosh, I totally predicting these two end up getting hitched. They just looked made for each other (yes, she’s a little too pretty for him; but I still sense a match here).

  8. kitty_kat

    Hahaha! Oh please! Do these two morons honestly think they are so famous that they’d need to hide the fact that they are together? I even had to google the dude just to find out who he was. They need to get over themselves.

  9. Starchasm

    Wow, I’m not a big Dax Shephard fan, but DANG! Those aren’t tight jeans and it still looks like he’s smuggling a bowling ball. Either he’s wearing a cup, or I’m impressed.

  10. Ript1&0

    Hey you know what chicks dig? Being asked out. See, I bet you didn’t even try that and this fuckwad just got there first.

    Not that I know who either of them are. Or care. Hell, post some pics of your non-celebrity neighbors, family, friends. We should just start ripping on random nobodies instead.

  11. bigSTEAMYone

    i agree with #7.

  12. LJ

    Why the hell are they wearing those clothes to a beach. It’s almost like they said “How do we go public? I guess we go in our long pants to a beach, and stand there and then fake kiss and look around to see if anyone has noticed us going public.”

    It makes no sense.

  13. Um. I shagged Dax in Vegas in 1998, pre-famous you see. He is indeed hung like a donkey. A large, virile donkey.

  14. p0nk

    i’m sure the look on her face and him holding his nose is just coincidence.

  15. juniper

    I know it’s a slow day, Superfish, but could you please write about people we really care about?

  16. Auntie Kryst

    Are these two even in the public eye to be concerned about staying out of it? #13 good observation.

  17. D. Richards (Hands.)

    What people to fail to realize about Dax, is that, well, there’s nothing to know. Maybe it’s that celebrity rags think that by dating an E-list star, they’re keeping-it real? Maybe the guy’s hung like an elephant’s trunk? Or, ugh, maybe Dax is a ‘sesitive’ guy.

    Or maybe.. Just maybe! Dax Shepard’s a skinwalker who assumed the skin of a talentless doushe?

  18. who the f are these people

    And these people are who?

  19. kay

    um. who wears that to the beach? (this goes for both of them)

  20. Biff Henderson

    Overdressed for the beach.

  21. thecolombian

    only reason this douche is still popular is cause people mistake him for zach braff.

  22. me

    She could do so much better.

    Dax’s acting credits pretty much only include stuff like “Mutanty Looking Freak #2″ and “Retarded Guy # 4″.

  23. 10pound


  24. feg

    she looks alot like Laura Linney.

  25. Joe dirt


  26. Nathiest

    JUST FRIENDS she’s gay, Gay, GAY! for Hayden Panettiere.

  27. bunny

    she must of said to her stylist ok i really fancy a change of image, make me look like a middgle aged office worker who got dressed in the dark.

  28. i give it 3 months

    They’re both overrated and uninteresting even to look at. His body is great but his face is unattractive and you can tell she’s embarrassed to be seen with him. Look at her body language.

    And I’m sorry, but “Dax”? Why can’t people give their kids normal names?

  29. Tom

    K B is a nice woman and D S is a handsome m\an~~ she’s really sexy and stunning. I’ve seen her picutes on a profile on a internet luxury dating site””for millionaires and celebrities, is it really her. I ‘ve tried to send an email. I am not sure, but I heard that charlie sheen appeared on that site and dated a very pretty girl there. Just have a try, hehe….

  30. jaon

    i don’t think she is beautiful, but many friends from said she is good. for god sake i don’t know the reason, but i think they are reasonable for i know they are picky. you know it is a site where rich women can seek young cute men and men can find extramarital affairs….and they are beautiful and charming….

  31. Tom

    LOL who said he has broad shoulders?! Sorry, still laughing at that one. He’s a gross, scrawny nerd. The glaring lack of muscularity (read: has absolutely NO shape) and the fact he looks like the gross offspring of nick cage and zach braff is obviously lost on that poster.

    “built nicely” lol

  32. lambman

    This hurts my brain, she is so fucking sexy and so damn talented what the hell is she doing with him?

  33. nobody

    Nobody is even posting here. No one cares about these two mongoloids.

    I’d rather see something about Letterman and O’Brien’s beards.

  34. Styxchix

    Who are these people? The look on her face is like she has suddenly found herself at the beach and has no idea why (hence the non-beach clothing) and he’s doing a Samantha/Bewitched with his nose to get them out of there. Bizarre.

  35. What the hell?

    How is that fucker getting ANY pussy, least of all Kristen Bell’s? All she needs is one black guy to stretch out that puss and make her butt grow a little.

  36. courtney

    I dated Dax in 10th grade, and yes he has a huge schlong. That’s why the girls dig him.

  37. BigE

    Wow, I guess I need to stop working out and drop about 35lbs. so I can look like this dude. Apparently chicks dig the pre-pubescent look.

  38. CallMeBebe

    OMG. I *LOVE* Dax and I love Kirsten. I wish them both well. They are so cute.

  39. meli

    kristen is so beautiful i dont know what’s she doing wid that guy
    she’s great

  40. newbom

    Geez, Kristen and a huge schlong? She must feel it bumping her stomach, she’s only 5’1″. It saddens me, but she could make up for it by pulling a “Jenna Lewis” on her wedding night. I heard she saved her catholic school uniform and plans to wear it on her wedding night.

  41. Gornzilla

    The whole point of being a celebrity is to “go public” about your relationship so that people can blog about your penis size. Right? ; ) …Actually, this picture of these two is adorable. =)

  42. John Mathis

    Dax Shepard and Kristen were both in West Branch Michigan today shopping at Old Navy. She needed to buy sun glasses and I sent her to Rue 21. Dax purchased some flipflops and a couple of pairs of cargo shorts. Kinda Cool didn’t even know who they were. But I did ask for ID and his middle name is Randall, He didn’t want the Old Navy card or show any interest in saving the 10% with the approval of the application. Go Figure!!!

  43. John Mathis

    Dax Shepard and Kristen were both in West Branch Michigan today shopping at Old Navy. She needed to buy sun glasses and I sent her to Rue 21. Dax purchased some flipflops and a couple of pairs of cargo shorts. Kinda Cool didn’t even know who they were. But I did ask for ID and his middle name is Randall, He didn’t want the Old Navy card or show any interest in saving the 10% with the approval of the application. Go Figure!!!

  44. Kathi

    i SO agree with #33

  45. vik

    who’s the retard who writes this crap?

  46. SureShot

    yeah because if your NOT famous your just nobody that takes up space. people get to wrapped up in if somebody is famous?????so if your not “famous” your nobody…… us everyday people are useless although we provide you rich with 9.00 an hour factory jobs to provide you with the 30 cars you all have on mtv cribs, or the clothes and rich jewelry you give your hookers and gold diggers. Oh and the plastic surgens that slice and dice your wifes to make them look like little barbies………so yeah please dont film “real” everyday people whom have “real” lives. Than again how boring unless your the demons mistress like jolie steeling breaking everyones marriages! you people and the media make me sick!

  47. musikbox83

    I can’t help it. It drives me crazy SureShot.

    Yeah because if you’re NOT famous, you’re just nobody that takes up space…………….So if you’re not “famous”, you’re nobody…………………………………………”your hookers” is the correct “your”…….your wives…………Then again how boring unless you’re the……………
    You made a good point with what you said, but when you don’t use the correct “your” it’s a little hard to take you seriously.

  48. soledad

    Who says Dax Shephard is unattractive? I happen to love him. Is her I find not good enough for him! Look at her! She is a midget!!!

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