Kristen Stewart & Rupert Sanders Were Doing It For Six Months

Kristen Stewart claimed her make-out session with Rupert Sanders was a “momentary indiscretion” because people just all of a sudden agree to meet and tongue each other’s no-no places in a parking lot without a history of seeing each other naked, but Liberty Ross’ brother is claiming their affair went on for at least six months, according to RadarOnline:

Leopold Ross, brother of Sanders’ actress wife, Liberty Ross, told the Brit newspaper, The People, “It was from the last half of filming and all through post-production, clear into last week.”

His sister, who had a small role as Kristen’s mother in Snow White and the Huntsman, had left England with Rupert and primarily stayed home raising their two children, so that he could pursue his dream of becoming a successful Hollywood director.
“She made some sacrifices for something she thought was worth it, now she knows, right? Five minutes from her home….”

Wow, what a kick in the SparkleBalls to Robert Pattinson. And not because Kristen Stewart cheated on him but because that’s six months he could’ve been playing with Katy Perry’s giant breasts instead of wasting his time with tiny implants strapped to an emotionless, dead-fish that’s high all the time. Rupert Sanders gave Kristen Stewart coke is what I’m trying to say here. “Okay, whatev, I’ll try it, but it’ll probably suck. *SNOORRRT* Ohmygod, I’m so full of life! Do me in a car, Rupert Murdoch!”

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