Kristen Stewart Won’t Stop Wearing Robert Pattinson’s Old Clothes

September 6th, 2012 // 52 Comments
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Here’s Kristen Stewart boarding a flight to Toronto yesterday, and as people with way more sparkle-fucks to give than me have noticed, she’s wearing one of Robert Pattinson‘s old shirts. Because if there’s one way to make a man forgive you, it’s putting his T-shirt at risk of being jizzed on by another dude in the backseat of a car. They’re totally getting married.

Photos: Fame/Flynet, INFdaily, Splash News


  1. General Zod

    or washing them, or herself.

  2. USDA Prime McBeef

    I’m thinking it’s a pick up whatever shirt is closest and cleanest that’s laying on the floor and roll with it sort of thing going on here.

  3. USDA Prime McBeef

    Jizzing on RP’s T-shirt while KStew wears it almost kills two fantasy birds with one stone. Almost.

  4. dani

    Try harder, Kristen.

  5. JC

    Let’s all welcome Jizz On My Glasses’s newest girl. Her one weakness is that she doesn’t like to take showers, so you’ll want to get to her before she does her first scene of the day.

  6. O.o

    I can understand her,
    she’s not gonna land alot off jobs for the next year orso till she gets her come-back…

    she needs to save money man

    • Archie Leach

      You’re right, stewart might come into contact with lindsay crackhan and stewart’s rainy day fund of hundreds of millions may disappear into piles of cocaine.

  7. Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson's Clothes
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    Hmmm…she’s smiling and she’s got his shirt on.
    I think I’m going to go with the “yup, they’re back together” theory in the face of this weirdness.

  8. thespiral

    I never really followed this story because a) it sounded fake, and b) I’m too old to give a fuck about these people.

    BUT after watching Snow White and the Huntsman yesterday, the whole thing makes sense. This girl cannot act; she is untalented. Everyone around her, including freaking Thor, acts her off the screen. Also, she is not very cute. She’s plain, with a pale doughy body and a faintly rat-like face. Charlize Theron is like 20 years older than her and out-hots her in every scene. (And any “you’re just jealous” haters can suck it. I’m not hot and I can’t act, but that’s cool because nobody paid me millions of dollars to be a hot actress.)

    So it’s pretty simple – she HAS to blow old bald men to get roles in major movies, because she’s not remotely attractive or talented enough to get them otherwise. Pattinson should step off, she’s just participating in the time-honored and necessary Hollywood casting couch system.

    • Rony Curtis

      “Charlize Theron is like 20 years older than her and out-hots her in every scene. (And any “you’re just jealous” haters can suck it.”

      Totally agree with ya.

    • Nico

      What bothers me is that a pretty girl can not be a little bit shy and a wee bit grumpy without the whole world hating her and thinking she’s stuck up. If she babbles too much she’s called a floozy like Jessica Simpson but when she doesn’t talk enough she’s a stuck up bitch. We woman can’t win!
      I also disagree. I thinks she’s stunning and beautiful and I find her awkwardness endearing. Welcome to Toronto Kristin!!!

    • JacobN

      Well said!

  9. Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson's Clothes
    Commented on this photo:

    Fuck. Seriously?

  10. Linda

    She’s a drama queen. But she is allowed, as she is 22 and is dealing with a broken heart on the world stage. Where is that douche bag who was almost twice her age and married with children?Fingers crossed some crazy twilight fan kicks his ass. Not enough to kill him, but you know, make him think twice about going after girls young enough to be his daughter. In the meantime, I am sure we’ll see plenty more sad pics of her in his old clothes. Young love!

  11. McClownerton

    She looks like the lost Olsen Twin. or triplet. whatever. next thing you know she is going to rob the set of Boardwalk Empire and try to seduce Montgomery Burns in an attempt to boost her television career.

  12. Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson's Clothes
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    This chick is why the Grudge Fuck was invented.

  13. Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson's Clothes
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    Poor Kristen. I hope Rupert’s dick was worth it. Speaking of Rupert, as I predicted, he gets to go on with his life as if nothing ever happened, while the genius here gets thrown to the dogs.

  14. Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson's Clothes
    Emma Watson's Vagina
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    why does she look like Avril Lavigne with brown hair

  15. Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson's Clothes
    Commented on this photo:

    Something is right because she’s looking hot here.

  16. DeucePickle

    I have a question…..So what ?

  17. MsJonsey

    Can we all agree that the glasses do not give ‘On the Road’ any more credibility than it can barely scrape up already? This is a book that simply can’t be made into a movie. If KStew had actually read it instead of pretending to have read it, she would have realized that. Also, she looks like a soggy tortilla in glasses.

  18. kimmykimkim

    Honestly, I just wanna see her naked.

  19. Schmidtler

    idk, she’s young, not fat, has shit tons of cash in the bank, I’d guess she always has a supply of primo weed on hand, and she’s slutty – why do we hate her now? She can come stay with me anytime she wants.

  20. Yes, this proves she loves him and not the guy she cheated with. Also, more proof is that she’s also wearing his underwear complete with Pattison skid marks.

  21. Uncle J

    TSA guy : “OMG I’m getting laid at work three days in a row!!!”

  22. GOTitBAD

    I think she’s hot…..something sexy about a woman who doesn’t try to hard.

  23. Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson's Clothes
    Commented on this photo:

    SHE IS REALLY PRETTY! fuck da haters!LOL

  24. Annie

    Fish, I am actually waiting for you to post the new Vogue quote in which she says (this was pre-scandal) that she loves her boyfriend and wants to have his babies….


    wait for it….

    actually says “he loves to lick my armpits”.

    Who says this to a reporter? OF VOGUE! I think she’s mentally unstable or on drugs. I don’t get her interviews and I don’t get her clinging on to Robert after cheating for months. Koo-koo. Seriously. I think she has mental problems. Everything fits.

    • Annie

      Here’s the whole thing… she might’ve been referring to the director she was banging because this sounds like new lust kind of thing. I cannot stop laughing. Was she drunk or high? fucking vogue putting her on blast like that lmao.çç “My god I’m so in love with my boyfriend” she suddenly confided squeezing her fist and stiffening that little body with anticipation “I wish he was here now I think I want to have his babies” Have I heard her right? Wasn’t her boyfriend the 1 thing she never talked about to anyone, and yet here we were.

      “God I miss him” she says I racking her hair back and exhaling a plume of smoke
      “I love the way he smells. Him me. Like he loves to lick under my armpits. I don’t get this obsession with washing the smell off. That smell of someone you love don’t you think it’s the whole point?”

      Looking back the exchange seems surreal it took place just 3 weeks before those incriminating pictures

      Was she even talking about Pattinson? Was she having us on? Who knows.


      • thisoneguy

        Wow you did a lot of research here. Citing various informative quotes to further drive home your suspicions. That remark about “licking an asshole”, is just the Coup de grâce.

        Perhaps you should put your research energies else where, like at a job or in school (I don’t know how old you’re).

        The real question here is; Are you that much that much of a douche, that this entire relationship has been so much a defining moment of your life, you’re willing to research an quote and actress in hopes that people will think negatively of her and hail you as champion. Thus catching the attention of Robert Patterson to the extent that he will put on his vampire teeth, drive over to your parents house, and take you away of that horrible place.

    • kimmykimkim

      I think the person doing the armpit licking is the crazy one. That’s just fucking disgusting! Bleh!

    • Yummy

      Annie I think you just have your panties in a bunch. This quote tells me she is into very kinky shit and that is an A+ in my book. Lick away.

      • Annie

        Nooo, the licking part is not the problem, of course. what I find odd is that she’s talking about it to some Vogue writer. didn’t she boast about being super private and never selling herself and stp talking about my private life?
        Like why would you go to a hollywood reporter and be like “Did you know my lover Brad Pitt loves it when i lick his asshole?”. You wouldn’t catch angelina doing that. anybody for that matter. you just don’t do it.

        That’s what I don’t get with this girl. first she refuses to acknowledge she’s with, and then she does weird shit like this. on vogue no less.

  25. El Jefe

    Lots of people have banged other people and still truly love the person they are dating or married to. That is the hard truth. They are people you have sex with because you love and care about them and they are people you have sex with because you want to have sex with them and get off.

    For example if I was in a long term relationship with someone I loved and I got a chance to bang Mila Kunis or Jennifer Lawrence I would in a minute. Does not mean I don’t love the person I am with or have any attachment to Mila or Jennifer.

  26. JJ

    Eh. Couple of options. Either she went a) single white female or b) this is the first of many stunts to try and make it look like she and Pattinson had a real romance (still think those two were a PR couple) or that they got back together or c) they legitimately got back together. It’s a billion dollar franchise, so I’m going with b or c. Someone would have given her a reality check if she was going single white female.

    Also, have no idea if those supposed Vogue quotes are real. It’s possible the girl was just making a joke off the record, and after the scandal they put it in nonetheless….The armpit thing makes me think it’s a joke….If it’s real and she’s serious, then I feel kind of bad for her. Saying shit like that, when she apparently doesn’t talk about her personal life at all…well, it quite frankly makes her sound mentally ill. She’s in her early 20s, and that’s about the time many mental illnesses start appearing.

  27. Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson's Clothes
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    She looks like the anorexic version of her character from the last twilight movie.

  28. Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson's Clothes
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    Glasses look good on her

  29. BillyC

    Celebrities are just as human as we all are and they make mistakes. Bashing her for what she did does not help the situation, but it sure makes us all feel better doesn’t it? That’s pretty lame and sad, that we can relish and enjoy someone’s hurt and pain because they screwed up. I am reminded of a very famous saying, Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone. I know what your thinking, oh no not another zealous religious nut. I am not, I just think we should be a little more forgiving and let them both heal in peace with some dignity..

  30. Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson's Clothes
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    First time I haven’t wanted to punch someone wearing those stupid oversized glasses. I’m not sure what to make of this.

  31. Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson's Clothes
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    as a jamaican, I’m not digging this…. not one iota…. :\

  32. Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson's Clothes
    Alpha Female
    Commented on this photo:

    Something about her looks different… did she get her nose or her lips done? wtf is going on here?

  33. Nina

    She is a natural beauty. Delicate bone structure, beautiful skin, beautiful eyes, gorgeous lips. I’d direct the fuck out of her.

  34. Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson's Clothes
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    Holy. Shit. She smiles.

  35. tanya

    She’s lost weight. Her face is appearing thinner she’s more stressed than she is portraying in public

  36. Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson's Clothes
    Commented on this photo:

    She is hot! & Everyone has retarded pictures, they just don’t post them voluntarily!!! So stop putting her down all the time!
    By the way, she’s been acting since she was a kid. Panic Room was one of the first movies I saw her in. She was the blond kid in the house/panic room.

  37. Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson's Clothes
    Commented on this photo:

    Funny how, when a photo shows her as a normal, ordinary young woman, no one has anything narky to say. What a bunch of losers you ninnies are/

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