The Paparazzi Wrote ‘I Love Rob’ On The Hood of Kristen Stewart’s Truck

Above is a video of Kristen Stewart walking out to her truck after the paparazzi decided to write “I Love Rob” on the hood. And normally I’m on the side of the paparazzi because without them we’d have no idea what Brandi Glanville’s underwear looks like drunk, but this was a pretty dick move with absolutely zero payoff. (Personally I would’ve gone with, “Brakes For Pussy Licks,” but I’ve always been something of an artist.) Yet somehow this was yesterday’s most viral video despite the fact a more worthy contender was out there and should’ve been shoved in the face of young and old alike:

Prepare your mind for how perfectly this works. If that’s even possible:

Granted, the lyrics are a little rapey, it helps if you pretend they’re, “bozzum bizzum puddin’ pops.”

Photo: Bauer-Griffin, Splash News, WENN