Kristen Stewart Gets Naked in ‘On The Road,’ Acts Like a Real B#tch About It

December 11th, 2012 // 62 Comments
Too Damn Sexy
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“Cunnilig– Wha? They told me there was a young man with a salami tray over here.”

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The last time we saw Kristen Stewart she was pretending to still be in a relationship with Robert Pattinson as well as threatening to destroy Ben Affleck‘s by even mentioning interest in his next project, which she’s since confirmed. Now she’s doing press for On The Road and she’s eye-rolling the fuck out of all those horndogs out there who just can’t wait to see her topless scene. Seriously, back your windowless vans away from the theater. Via People:

I do hate also when people go, ‘Oh, wow, great performance. So brave,’ ” Stewart said. “Oh, because I’m naked? That’s very annoying. But at the same time, if that’s what they’re focusing on, then On the Road probably isn’t for them anyway.

She added “They couldn’t possibly understand the emotion behind that choice. When you’re trying to recreate an epic journey from a literary work that defined the soul of a generation, you have open yourself to the role entirely. I mean I’m pretty sure that was my direction but it was pretty muffled by my crotch. That’s sort of my thing now. Wait, this is off the record, right?”

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  1. Kojak

    Crap book, crap generation, crap movie, crap little titties, crap acting skills, crap attitude…
    And please, what the f… is she wearing???

    • Sister Ray

      Let’s hope this crap generation never attempts a remake of Coppola’s greats, Godfather I & II. There is no one who could come remotely close to Pacino in those flicks, no one who could come within light years of Brando and I feel sick to my stomach to imagine someone such as Stewart as Kay (Diane Keaton)…

      • USDA Prime McBeef

        you know it’s gonna happen, sister. eventually all movies will be remade, especially if they didn’t suck hard enough the first time.

      • cc

        In light of the fact they are remaking movies that are only 10-20 years old is a sign that Hollywood’s creative inkwell is pretty well empty.

    • Um… I’m gonna guess “crap”.

    • You lost me at “crap book.”

  2. jd

    Pretty sure she’s wearing a Starfleet Academy physical education uniform.

  3. Jack Ketch

    She’s an overly self-entitled cunt with a bad attitude and always has been. Add to that an ungrateful little bitch. Those fucking movies have made her millions. I mean really, I’m not a fan, have never seen the movies, but … what do they call him ? Sparkles ? He could soooooo much better than this skank by walking 50 feet in any direction.

    • oo

      kristin stewart is a terrible actress, but really, what the fuck? she got sucked into a movie series which no one anticipated to become as big as it did, and she was obligated to finish the it. a series which, in case you didn’t notice, has a fan base of the most infuriating 12 year old girls america has to offer. yeah she made a lot of money for it, and yes, her fame sky-rocketed. but her credibility as an actor is pretty tainted for being part of such a bad series of films made exclusively for teenage girls, so idk how “grateful” you would be in her position.

      • Saying no one anticipated how big Twilight would get is like saying the same thing about Harry Potter. The Twilight books were immensely popular with a dedicated fan base. She pretty much knew they would be at least somewhat popular, and she had to know that it was a whole series—in short, she knew that Twilight would rocket her to stardom over several movies.

        Now compare Jennifer Lawrence. On the strength of essentially one performance (Winter’s Bone), she was tapped for The Hunger Games, another young-adult literary franchise. Yet no one doubts her abilities as an actor, and she is expected to get her second Best Actress nomination for Silver Linings Playbook this year.

        Kristen Stewart’s credibility as an actor need not be “tainted” by the Twilight films if she can prove her worth in other movies. (I thought she did a good job in Into the Wild, for example, but that was just a small role.) If she can’t sustain her career the way, say, child actress Jodie Foster or TV’s Gidget Sally Field did when they made their transitions to “grown-up” roles, then, yes, she should be grateful that everything she has she owes to Twilight.

      • oo

        I agree with what you’re saying about her proving her worth as an actor through other films, but as a young girl (probably not even 18 when she auditioned for twilight), in all honesty she probably DIDN’T anticipate how big twilight would be. In any case, I don’t think she anticipated the way this series would diminish her private life.

        What I’m trying to say is that while Kristen Stewart is TERRIBLE in twilight, as well as some of her other films, I don’t think she has that Miley Cyrus kind of personality where she wants to be in the spotlight all the time, or have a fan base of pre-pubescent girls. At least with Harry Potter, the three child actors who gained fame from the series were characters who were strong and brave, and will be remembered for that. If Kristen Stewart’s career doesn’t progress after this, she’ll always be remembered as Bella: essentially, a universally hated for being whiny, needy, and annoying.

        I don’t think her aforementioned comments were that bad or attention-seeking at all. Once again, Kristen Stewart isn’t
        Miley Cyrus – taking provocative pictures of herself, going out in public in trashy/controversial outfits every day. I think she got into something without realizing exactly what is was, and most “snarky” or “ungrateful” comments she makes are just about her wanting her privacy/wanting to be taken more seriously as an actor. And if I were in her position, I can’t say I’d feel much different.

        That being said, if Kristen Stewart wants people to respect her career, she’ll have to prove herself. So let her do that, or not. But Twilight just ended. Give her time to try and spread her wings. If she still sucks after a few years, by all means, judge away. But now isn’t the time yet.

        Some celebrities honestly deserve a lot of the criticism they get, but in certain cases, I think people should look more closely at the situation and try and put themselves in the shoes of the celebrities their criticizing. People who work hard for their money every day resent celebrities because of how much they get. Understandable. But many of them pay a price too, and I don’t think many young girls in her position would realize that the cost of being famous and just being in a popular movie is pretty much your entire private life. So cut her some slack.

      • Jack Ketch

        She is always bitching about something … and is a millionaire many times over from this franchise. Her attitude would change in a goddamned hurry if she were to lose it all. She’s lucky and should just shut her mouth.

  4. EricLr

    Pretentious, slutty, and stupid is no way to go through life, son.

  5. Kristen Stewart Francis Ford Coppola On The Road Screening
    Commented on this photo:

    Seems like Coppola took out his hearing aids to not have to listen to her fascination conversation of “um…” and lip-biting.

  6. Kristen Stewart Francis Ford Coppola On The Road Screening
    Commented on this photo:

    “You see Kristen, the reason people are only talking about your tits, because it’s the only even mildly interesting thing about the film. And even that’s disappointing. Trust me, I produced the thing…”

  7. Deacon Jones

    I think I hate just about everyone at this point in my life..

    • Deacon Jones

      Oh, and I’m sure Kirsten Stewart is going to make Jack Kerouac so fucking proud.

      He’s rolling in his grave right now.

      • Sister Ray

        True story:
        My dad told me that when he was a truck driver he picked a Kerouac up somewhere outside Northport, L.I., N.Y., where Kerouac lived at the time. Kerouac had been hitchhiking on Rt. 25A, which stretches from NYC to way out on L.I.
        “Where did he want you to drop him off?” I asked.
        “A bar.”

      • Deacon Jones

        that sounds like Jack! good story

    • Frank Burns

      Somebody needs a hug!

  8. Moo Cow Hunter

    Understandable she doesn’t think much of being naked. For a slut it’s like others putting on work clothes. It’s not the clothes, it’s what you do in them that counts. A true professional.

  9. Kristen Stewart On The Road Screening
    Commented on this photo:

    A confident graduate of the Shia LeBeouf School of Public Relations for Actors.

  10. Kristen Stewart Garrett Hedlund On The Road Screening
    Commented on this photo:

    I approve of the side-boob view panel on that outfit, and look forward to seeing it on someone who actually has a sideboob.

  11. The funny thing is…that quote? Is absolutely right. If you’re watching On The Road for tits, you’re doing it wrong.

    • GenYgirl

      I thought most people stop attributing way too much meaning to On the Road right around the senior year of high school…

    • Juch

      If you are going to a Kristen Stewart movie, you are doing that wrong too.

    • Exactly, socialcomment. Haven’t seen the movie yet, but the only nude scene from the book that comes to my mind for her character is the everyone-driving-naked scene that takes up maybe three lines.

  12. “That’s not writing, that’s typing.”

    Truman Capote

  13. Kristen Stewart Francis Ford Coppola On The Road Screening
    Moo Cow Hunter
    Commented on this photo:

    Fat Bastard and Stick Figure. Had only one question looking at them. How the hell did these two have sex to get that role?! I mean it seems physically and structurally impossibe.

  14. Kristen Stewart Francis Ford Coppola On The Road Screening
    Commented on this photo:

    stupid bitch

  15. crackerland

    Kristen Stewert got naked for the director? That’s “news”? No, that’s her modus operandi.

  16. Angus

    She’s trying to warn people that she didn’t retract her vaginal teeth during filming.

  17. so

    this blog is for all the kristen haters in the worlds go fuck yourself she have everything that you will never have, love, beayty, money, fame and she is banging everynight mr pattinson robert himself ha.

  18. vgrly

    Hey at least she’s a rich bitch. Good skin, skinny, great eyes, nice hair, unconventially pretty IMO. By all means, hate away.

  19. Schmidtler

    Hot, young, stupid, shit tons of cash, and lots of primo weed on hand all the time – seems like the perfect gf!

  20. Grade A cunt walking through guys. If you bothered to read the script you knew it was going to be in there why the fuck are you getting so bent out of shape?

  21. Where do they find these assholes? I don’t know why people even bother asking her questions. The only thing that’s going to come out of her mouth is “bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch ”

    It’s obvious she’s taking the only course of action that would keep her relevant after the Twilight movies. Getting naked on camera.

  22. Kristen Stewart On The Road Screening
    Commented on this photo:

    People want to see THIS naked? I doubt it.

  23. Keep it up Kirsten! Soon your publicist will have to have his palm surgically removed from his face.

  24. cc

    All I can say is I hope Robert Pattinson is playing this smart and making her really work for every ounce of forgiveness.

  25. Kristen Stewart On The Road Screening
    Commented on this photo:

    Do you know why people are making such a big deal that you’re naked in the movie, Kristen? It’s not that you’re remarkably sexy and we want to see your goodies lol. We’ll take anything that distracts from your sour fucking face.

  26. Kristen Stewart On The Road Screening
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    Even her smile is a sneer. WTF lady?

  27. The Listener

    She should whine to her family, friends, and colleagues, but not in interviews for the public. She seems like a person who just can’t be happy.

  28. do guys really want to see her naked?

  29. MissJonsey

    How like, Allen Ginsberg of you, to star in a watered down version of a second rate movie that pukes all over one of the greatest novels ever written. You are a true revolutionary, Kristen Stewart. A total rude girl. You are not at all the spoiled product of a sterile, self-indulgent Hollywood existence that is completely meaningless to 99.99% of people in this world. We just like, totally don’t understand you.

  30. Jan

    her 15 mins are almost up

  31. Kristen Stewart Francis Ford Coppola On The Road Screening
    Commented on this photo:

    she is one of the homelier stars out there. good grief- look at those awful, bony legs. she has absolutely no muscle tone anywhere. she has one of those crappy bodies like tarra reid or nicole richie.

  32. Vet

    Wow. She is so worldly and deep for 22.
    I wish I was so worldy and deep at that age… instead of on the other side of ther world and knee deep in sand.
    If only I had an A cup instead of a cock….

  33. Kristen Stewart Francis Ford Coppola On The Road Screening
    Commented on this photo:

    Apparently, her stylist is Helen Keller.

  34. Those are the only parts I watched

  35. Sliver

    15 minutes lasts way too long these days.

  36. Evil Overlord

    Kristin, it’s time to go home now…Being told I might not understand on a “literary work” by a person who went up to seventh grade in school and got her high school diploma is insulting at the very least. Oh yeah…Don’t forget to lock the door and pull the shades, we don’t want to see you for awhile.**ding–ding–ding** your 15 minutes are up now.

  37. Helen

    While ye are all saying this shit about her she’s laughing all the way to the bank
    She’s pretty, smart and has robert pattinson as her boyfriend, and anyone who has met herhas done nothing but praised her intellect and personality
    She has been offered great movies, before and after twilight, so any question about her acting ability is invalid
    Her clothes are the ones she herself likes, not conforming to the generic style of unthinking imbeciles like you
    So go have a shit life bitches :D

    • Freddy

      LOL isn’t this just like her fan base? Completely ignorant and willing to follow and defend their no talent idol. Plus I love that “helen” waited a week until everyone stopped posting so she could get the last word in. KFool sucks and so does her moronic fans.

  38. Freddy

    BTW Helen, too bad about KStool and “on the road” getting NO Oscar nominations. HAHAHAHAHA

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