Kristen Stewart Dyed Her Hair! OMFG!

June 28th, 2010 // 94 Comments

I was going to let PopSugar handle these, but then I realized we might have a riot on our hands if not done properly. So on that note, here’s Kristen Stewart outside Letterman this afternoon where she showed off her new, lighter hairstyle that must’ve sent every Twihard in the vicinity hyperventilating into their abstinent rings. “But, but, but, Bella would never change her hair color. That’s for hussies! Now who’s not going to have sex with Robert Cullenson until marriage? That does it. *loads Team Edward shotgun* It’s dry-humping season. *click click* Bitch.”

Ha! I’m kidding. They probably just ate a bunch of pies in the Young Adult section until the hurting stop. Twihards running. Could you imagine?

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  1. yayo
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    i like her almost non existent

  2. Nameless

    This is Kristen Stewart? Except for her dumpy posture, I barely recognize her. Good for her. Normally she looks like a boy with long hair.

  3. Eric

    I can’t stand this depressing, fidgeting bitch, but I would enjoy ass boning her over the back of the couch

  4. Sledman
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    Wow, she looks hot as hell. I liked the dark hair but this really suits her. I remember seeing pictures of her with blond hair and that also looking much better then the dark brown she wears in Twilight.

  5. From todaze Washington Post “Eclipse” movie review –
    “Barely recognizable beneath pale makeup and brown contacts that give her a dilated, doll-like stare, Stewart registers emotion mostly by looking as if she’s just eaten a bad sandwich. ”
    BTW, the review gave it 3 of 4 stars. Said the fans will like it. Money will be made……female lust can be very profitable if you can find the right angle to exploit it.

  6. So

    greasy, bland, hot mess.
    I’d hit it.

  7. Dan
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    I prefer her dark..

  8. mimi
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    looks fabulous and suddenly confident, lost a bit of her haunted look , which I am not sure isa good thing…

  9. Davinci
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    Leave her alone u F**king prikx.

  10. foofoo

    she’s not tanned enough for that hair color

  11. dano

    she’s getting hotter lately and like she’s ready to get laid properly after lame love from some sparkle douche.

  12. yuuuup
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    wow! She looks like an actual happy person! Upgrade!

  13. Holy shit! She actually looks good for once!

  14. John g.
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  15. danielle
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    Love it and love the color. I’m so excited to see Eclipse!!!!! Everyone check out the amazing trailer on Only one more day left til the premier.

  16. Hard
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    I think she LOOKS GREAT – now she needs to GET NAKED

  17. Slig

    You are my hero oooh yeah baby

  18. Kaz

    Ohh kristen , u so alot like me ,but i’m guy sexy handsome and u girl sexy beautiful . haha

  19. Anett
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    At least she looks like a girl now.

  20. brogay
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    i think she is really pretty…

  21. brogay
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  22. Ciara R21

    The Shielo Color Protect line may cost a little more than other, but it is well worth the money. It leaves my hair silky and the color shines and I get asked quite a bit if I have highlighted my hair … and that’s after I had it done weeks ago! You should try it!

  23. fierster
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    her skin is shining, isn’t it?

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