Kristen Stewart Dyed Her Hair! OMFG!

June 28th, 2010 // 94 Comments

I was going to let PopSugar handle these, but then I realized we might have a riot on our hands if not done properly. So on that note, here’s Kristen Stewart outside Letterman this afternoon where she showed off her new, lighter hairstyle that must’ve sent every Twihard in the vicinity hyperventilating into their abstinent rings. “But, but, but, Bella would never change her hair color. That’s for hussies! Now who’s not going to have sex with Robert Cullenson until marriage? That does it. *loads Team Edward shotgun* It’s dry-humping season. *click click* Bitch.”

Ha! I’m kidding. They probably just ate a bunch of pies in the Young Adult section until the hurting stop. Twihards running. Could you imagine?

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  1. first
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  2. Ryan

    She looks surprisingly really hot.

    • steez

      I agree, fantastic choice.

    • Kristen Stewart is all that and more!

      Like a comet breaking through the atmosphere, Kristen explodes with an uncanny sexuality that even the fake Randal’s can’t deny. Her legs are youthful and ready to swing over any sort of broad shoulders that come her way.

      Despite her oozing sex appeal, it’s her eyes that give her away. She loves to wear her heart on her sleeve and romance is just a short skip away for the lucky man who sweeps her off her feet.

      Dislike her all you want, Kristen’s got it all. She knows it and flaunts it.


  3. lisa


  4. zabbo
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    Isn’t she a smoker? Why isn’t she holding her cigs?

  5. lizzard

    she so looks like my girlfriend

  6. Bunny
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    Yeah, she looks smoking hot. Love the eye makeup too. Now if only she’d give it up to BOTH Edward and Jacob at the same time. That would be a perfect ending to the Twilight movies,

  7. She is a total babe. A real babe….the tig ol bitty hoes can bite one…

  8. I hear she’s racist — which is why she hates being tan.

    • Lauren

      That is the MOST retarded thing I have ever heard! Maybe, just maybe she won’t tan because IT’S BAD FOR YOU! And spray tan is just horrible! Like the worst invention ever because it NEVER looks real!

  9. Mikey

    She’s looking like her Panic Room mom, Jodie Foster.

    • Amy

      Yep, half-Jodie Foster, half-Rihanna. I don’t know why, but something about her face in this picture looks like the two of them.

  10. Tanzarian

    Hair dyed… to distract from a nose job?

  11. chuck d

    OMG— She smiled!!!!
    Plus there are no fangs, which I expected to see
    cause this bitch never ever gets out in the sun
    oh and she looks hot too

  12. notfirst
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    Not bad at all… I think it’s a good look for her.

  13. bar room hero

    When is she coming out?

  14. oh uh

    Trying desperately to muster the strength to care.

  15. sin
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    Nice hair colour girl! Although she needs to tone those legs a bit. Cute though.

  16. FattyFatty2x4

    like oh my god you guyz, like she’s totally hot and she gets to sleep with edward, like i wish i was her right now.

  17. Ugly face ugly legs… it looks like a guy.


  18. skippy

    I came.

  19. fmoon

    Helloooo! People!!!
    This the color of her natural hair!!!!
    Do your remember “The Safety of Object” and “Panic Room”? That’s it!!!
    She said in the press junket for Eclipse that she would return to her natural color “A dirt blond” for her next film “On The Road”.
    It is really beautiful and suit her! She is gorgeous
    I think it will blend with her natural hair in up coming months until November when will start the filming of Breaking Dawn.

  20. lori

    God, she’s boring.

    Can’t act. Never changes her facial expressions. Stringy hair. Stoner face. Ugly black outfits. Bleehhh.

  21. Kennee
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  22. Kennee
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    1st & 2nd ?

  23. Me.
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    I think it’s good. It makes her look less dead and more like a lesbian.

  24. Kennee
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    nice but looks like her hair stylist ran out on her halfway

  25. SkyeZzz
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    Wow – whoever gave her that make-over deserves an award. She looks a lot less angsty too.

  26. Cock Dr

    This movie franchise will be driving off into the sunset very soon. I can wait this crap out.
    Actress KS looks pretty, clean, even smiles a bit here, but always looks like she’s been hitting the bong.
    Hair color looks ginger in these pics. And that just can’t be because wouldn’t that be front page People news…right after last night’s CB weeper?

  27. looking really, really hot. Cant ever recall thinking that about her but she definitely makes the sundial point North with this look.

  28. PabloHoney

    She looks like a pretentious Meg Ryan.

    I’d drag it through.

  29. Oh, ok. She still looks like a pale fridgid bitch tho…

  30. Jack Mehoff
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    I’d drill her dirt chute hard.

  31. Jack Mehoff

    I’d pound her dirt chute hard.

  32. pimp

    she needs a good ass eating…

  33. High heels
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    I always thought kristen stewart was butt ugly, until now. Shes starting to evolve into a real female! I guess her girly chats with robert pattinson must of helped.
    Only if she had the same hair dye color with LONG hair then people would talk about her more often.

  34. jenny
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    she looks so pretty!

  35. Jack Mykokov

    Now she just looks like every other Paris Hilton skank-clone out there.

  36. snarkyscreenname
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    She went from annoyance on my computer screen to please-fuck-me-AND-my-boyfriend-smokin-hot in one dye job. I can’t even complain about her terrible acting. Well, I guess I can…

  37. somebody
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    she used to have blond hair…. lighter than this… shocker! its just hair people. google the movie in the land of women.
    I think she looks way better anyways her skin tone is too light for black hair.

  38. snarkyscreenname

    She went from annoyance on my computer screen to please-fuck-me-AND-my-boyfriend-smokin-hot in one dye job. I can’t even complain about her terrible acting….well, I guess I can….

  39. Mindy can't
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    Finally looks good. Someone mustve given her a bath

  40. fail
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    (dot org)

  41. Jon Hex

    Did you just make a BITCH-HUNTER reference?

    That first picture makes me wish I took up acting and got the part for ADVENTURELAND. Get in before the hype started.

  42. Commented on this photo:

    I’ll never get the fuzz about this boy.

  43. Lynn

    That’s a wig people.

  44. Julie
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    Much better, the lighter hair is her color, can say much for her

  45. Rough&Roses

    I think shes such a cutie pie. I don’t care if she looks like she going to shop for auto parts in a dress.

  46. Michelle

    Anyone else think she looks like Kate moss a bit??

  47. captain america

    she was just harmless & ugly……………..

  48. Anonymous

    I like Kristen but she has a potty mouth. In their interview for Entertainment Weekly she called Taylor a ” cute ass m**her f**ker” and while I would agree with her…she could have chosen better

  49. isa
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    she looks better.

  50. joeblow
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    I would eat chocolate syrup out of her ass!

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