Kristen Stewart Dyed Her Hair! OMFG!

I was going to let PopSugar handle these, but then I realized we might have a riot on our hands if not done properly. So on that note, here’s Kristen Stewart outside Letterman this afternoon where she showed off her new, lighter hairstyle that must’ve sent every Twihard in the vicinity hyperventilating into their abstinent rings. “But, but, but, Bella would never change her hair color. That’s for hussies! Now who’s not going to have sex with Robert Cullenson until marriage? That does it. *loads Team Edward shotgun* It’s dry-humping season. *click click* Bitch.”

Ha! I’m kidding. They probably just ate a bunch of pies in the Young Adult section until the hurting stop. Twihards running. Could you imagine?

Photos: Splash News