Kristen Bell: ‘Stay Away From My Kid Unless You’re Vaccinated’

Kristen Bell may have been part of the most shrill, self-entitled celebrity hissy fit that equated paparazzi photos with child porn, but sometimes that shrill, self-righteousness can be forged for a good cause. Namely shaming idiots into vaccinating themselves and their kids because it works. Via Us Weekly:

She explained her pro-immunization philosophy to the Hollywood Reporter, and revealed she even bans friends of hers from visiting newborns unless they are up to date with their own shots.
“When Lincoln was born (in March 2013), the whooping cough epidemic was growing, and before she was 2 months old, we simply said, ‘You have to get a whooping cough vaccination if you are going to hold our baby,'” she told the outlet.
The Frozen actress is taking the same approach with her new bundle of joy. “It’s a very simple logic,” Bell, 34, insisted to the mag. “I believe in trusting doctors, not know-it-alls,” she said.

When asked how much Big Pharma was paying her, Kristen Bell said, “A billion dollars,” before lobbing her child’s head off and placing it upon an altar of Lexapro and Cialis. “Kali Ma,” she chanted, “KALI MA!” as the now-mercury-poisoned soul of your precious snowflake imbued her with power because that’s how vaccines work. I read it on Natural News or somebody’s Facebook page. Either way it checks out. Trust me, I’m the Internet.

Photo: Getty