That’s Kristen Bell’s Butt In A Bikini

March 25th, 2014 // 32 Comments

Let me be the first to say, yes, you’re right. It isn’t fair to post Kristen Bell‘s butt in a bikini directly above Maria Menounos‘ legendary ass of lore. Except you know what else isn’t fair? Comparing getting your picture taken with child rape which is also why I’ve freshly prepared this bowl of dicks for Kristen to eat. *slaps Photo Boy’s hand away* Bad! No. Those are for guests.

Photos: AKM-GSI


  1. Kristen Bill Bikini Butt
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    Typical mid-30s mom ass.


  2. Name (Invisible)

    amazing ass

    • I wouldn’t say amazing, I think it’s pretty average, but still I’d love to hit that :)

    • Johnny Barbells

      …i first noticed her on ‘heroes’ (’cause i have a penis thus never saw ‘veronica mars’), been a big fan of the booty & legs ever since …just a few squats away from going full suvari.

  3. Maria’s ass is the ass you have fun with.

    Kristen’s ass is the one you take home to meet the family.

  4. bleh

    WOW, making jokes about child rape. Awesome, this will be my last time on this site. Go fuck yourself superficial.

  5. I loved her in “Frozen”. You know who was better, though? Olaf. That guy was fucking hysterical.

    • buzz

      Disagree. Olaf sounded like a damn pedophile. Would not leave a guy who sounded like that in a room full of kids alone.

      Doesn’t help the fact that in the trailer the character actually says “Grab my butt. Oh, that feels better.”

  6. Kristen Bill Bikini Butt
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    Fuck Kristen Bell right up the ass.

  7. Kristen Bill Bikini Butt
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  8. Kristen Bill Bikini Butt
    Senor Trout
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    Are those legs hers? Because in this shot, it sure as hell doesn’t look that way.

  9. Kristen Bill Bikini Butt
    Senor Trout
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    ‘Look! If I lean forward far enough I can touch my toes with my nose!’


  10. Kristen Bill Bikini Butt
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    Gotta say, pretty decent ass, especially after having a kid.

  11. To be honest, I can see her point to an extent. There are scumbags that literally chase celebrities down. Look what happened to Princess Diana. I can see why she’d be fearful for her kid’s lives because some paps don’t have the sense to go, “Hey, you know, maybe I shouldn’t drive like a maniac following Kristen Bell/Kim Karashian/etc because there’s a baby in the car and I could cause the driver to lose control.” They don’t care whose lives they put in danger, and it gets sickening.

    I like celebrity gossip (obviously,) but I’d rather the paps not put anyone’s lives in danger.

    Also, photographing someone else’s baby while it’s being changed is pretty gross, like what that pap did to Pink/Cary Hart. Get the photos of the kid ON the playground if you are photographing their kid, everyone knows what a diaper change looks like.

    • I don’t think anyone can argue that engaging in a high speed chase just to get a celebrity’s photo is a good idea. She’s not the level of celebrity to warrant that anyway. The issue is her comparing her baby’s picture being taken to pedophilia.

      In other words, taking her baby’s picture is the same as snatching it out of her hands and raping it. Do you see the disconnect there?

      And yes, some paparazzi are scum, no doubt. But celebrities feed that scum, they have a symbiotic relationship with that scum. They’re the ones who call the paps and tell them they’ll be here at a certain time etc. They created the monster and now it’s biting them in the ass.

    • Shes safe, no one cares about getting a pic of her kid.

  12. Kristen Bill Bikini Butt
    Johnny Barbells
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    …mmmmmmm, thick’ems.

  13. argleblargle

    Still a way better ass than Miley.

  14. Kristen Bill Bikini Butt
    Teds Crazy 8's
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    Someones got sand in their Vagina again

  15. Kristen Bill Bikini Butt
    Derek Zoolander
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    Welp. No wonder she’s doing only voice work these days.

  16. Duke Steele


  17. Kristen Bill Bikini Butt
    why god why
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    Why does she look 20 pounds lighter in this picture?

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