Kristanna Loken is topless

January 12th, 2006 // 26 Comments

bloodrayne-sex-scene.jpgOur sex partners at I Watch Stuff! have posted Kristanna Loken’s topless scene from Bloodrayne in hopes that it’ll stop any of you out there from actually watching the movie and supporting Uwe Boll. It’s not exactly the best quality you’ve ever seen, but considering Uwe Boll is the source material, that’s probably not such a bad thing. You can watch the very NSFW clip here.

Kristanna Loken topless sex scene from Bloodrayne [I Watch Stuff!]


  1. Hohlraum

    sweeeet. this movie looks god freaking awful btw. looks like something produced by the sci fi network.

  2. Binky

    Actually I prefer Manute Boll’s film work.

  3. Hohlraum

    lol.. follow up.. yep.. its horrible.. just watched the first 10 minutes. gooood lord. i can’t believe its legal to put this kinda stuff in theaters.

  4. The T-X chick? Who the hell is that? She should skip all the foreplay and get right to the piss/puke/scat films. In ten years all our entertainment will be piss/puke/scat. She could be a pioneer!

  5. Queen LaQueefah

    hot. straight hot

  6. ghostwriter

    More vapid crap designed to make money as a DVD release, not a theatrical release.

    There are no true stars any more. …

  7. BrendaPayne

    She isn’t the most attractive chick I’ve ever seen, but she has nice big titties!

  8. Master Shake

    Because THAT scene belongs in a videogame movie. Good job, Uwe.

    Nice tits, though.

  9. Romeo Foxtrot

    whoever sets up these files: can you stop naming the links things like “”? just because it’s NSFW doesn’t mean we won’t risk it, but it’s hard to get away with watching this stuff when ‘topless’ and ‘sex’ tend to send red flags to your IT dept

  10. Heywood Jablowme

    Most likely the only enjoyable scene in the whole thing, I speak from having sat through (barely) three of Uwe’s previous bowel movements… movies.

  11. I really couldn’t bring myself to comment. Boring would give that some credit.

    From a T-X Machine hottie to an old man love scene?

    Shakes head.

  12. hafaball

    “looks like something produced by the sci fi network” XD lol

    true, which is a good sign, means they’re not giving him so much money anymore, hopefully soon he’ll be assassinated.

  13. Shauna

    “i can’t believe its legal to put this kinda stuff in theaters.”

    Theaters can’t believe it either because they’re refusing to play it. In their counter offer, the Bloodrayne people decided to send the reels to theaters anyway and then offer to not charge them to rent the film. It didn’t work as well as they had hoped which explains why when I’m at work doing nothing I’m using the can from Bloodrayne as a footrest.

  14. tori

    that clip is weak. probably one of the worst sex scenes ever.

  15. dhampir

    Oh what?! Why does the screen always go green and distorted for me?

  16. SugaryCherry

    He actually licks her nipple. Seriously, this is supposed to be a video game turned into a movie, not a cheap softcore porno. Hell, I’ve seen porn with less action than this.

  17. WaitWhat?

    I have no idea who this chick is, but she has nice boobies. As for the scene overall, any girl knows it ain’t that easy…

  18. reesestet

    Only in the movies does the you-know-what slip into the you-know-where without manual assistance. Also, they never show the scene where they say, “That was incredible; now excuse me while I go to the bathroom to wash off the creamy goodness”!

  19. 4ism

    FYI – She has come out of the closet.

    Check out this link

  20. A-Bomb

    Wow, cool scene but i’d rather see her recieving a Dirty Sanchez, Tony Danza or a Chinese Fire Dragon… now that would make it HOT.

  21. PortalStar

    I wish I could take back the hours of my life that I spend on house of the dead. That movie wasn’t even bad in a good way. It was a scam. People were talking in the theater during the movie in an effort to entertain themselves, and it took tremendous willpower not to walk out. If anyone here knows or sees Uwie Bol please, for the love of god, shoot him before he can make any more movies.

  22. A-Bomb

    damn the flick was that bad PortalStar? the previews looked so-so but Loken could do a film where she plays a raving drunk that runs over small puppy dogs for sport and i
    would still watch it with glee… yes she is that HOT. too bad you could not get your
    money back.

  23. happy_bunny

    Who the dickens is Kristanna Loken?

  24. Jayne

    what a bore

  25. Amylouhelfin

    It wasn’t nearly as bad as the Saved by the Bell slut’s sex scene in Showgirls where she’s screwing that guy in the water and she starts having a seizure.

  26. hey, what does NSFW stand for? oh well, I’m sure it’ll be safe to open while I’m here at work….

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