Kris Jenner’s Kids Caught Her Cheating On Robert Kardashian With Bruce Jenner

January 17th, 2012 // 78 Comments
Kim & Kris: BUSTED
Kim Kardashian
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“Look at that nice young girl flashing her hoo-ha for attention. Why can’t Kendall be more like that?”

On top of learning that Robert Kardashian admitted to his ex-wives that Khloe was basically a bastard Wookiee he took in and loved more than his own flesh and blood, we now get to find out that Kris Jenner is such a Beastmaster of Whores that she let her children catch her in bed with Bruce Jenner so Robert would divorce her thus paving the way for her to take him to the cleaners. RadarOnline reports:

According to the divorce papers, which you can read exclusively here on, the couple went head-to-head over Kris’ lavish spending and Robert accused his then-wife of flaunting her new relationship with now-husband, Bruce Jenner in front of the children ­ even letting the kids see them in bed together!

According to the documents, after discovering the affair an angry Robert cancelled Kris’ credit cards, store cards and stopped paying for her extravagant lifestyle ­ something Kris bitterly fought against as she claimed she deserved the “luxury lifestyle” she had been leading.
“The petitioner and I shared a luxury lifestyle,” Kris said in her petition for spousal and child support. “Nothing was too good for our family. Even our children’s clothing was purchased at exclusive boutiques.”

Radar goes on to detail Kris basically using her vagina like an arcade claw machine to scoop up cash, and I almost started to say that after having their mom wave getting banged by Bruce Jenner in their faces, it’s a miracle the Kardashian kids didn’t turn out to be axe murderers, but then I realized they’re actually way, way worse than that. In fact, I’d almost respect them if they stopped faking reality television and started hunting people down for sport. It’d be the first honest work they’ve done in their lives.

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  1. OKC John

    And I used to think that Kim was the skank of the family. Kris is not far away from Hulk Hogans ex wife. She is an attention whore in the worst way. So disgusting! There is not enough beer in St Louis, enough whiskey in Kentucky, and there is not enough pot in Columbia, to ever entertain the thought of doing her.

  2. Melody

    Bruce all I can say is that you should have run when the Kardashian machine gassed up and took off. And screw the people who talk about facelifts–it is all overshadowed by those power ,attention seeking women in your life. Go be Bruce.

  3. Ivana Ripurdkoff

    Robert Kardashian had to know Kris Jenner was a big time slut….she was an airline stewardess at the time he met her….Eveyone knows that airline stewardesses are also known as :whore’s in the sky”……Kris Jenner -Kardashian was also known around Beverly Hills for the blow job’s she performed…’d see Mercede’s or Porche’s driving aound with Kris’s head bobbing up and down…….Robert was a gentleman in fact that he raised Khloe as his own child……Now I know why All of her daughter’s are skanks……Skanks learn from other skanks!

  4. Donnab

    I wasn’t a fan of Kris Jenner before. Then I saw her on a few talk shows etc & I liked her. Now after hearing all this shit & really seeing what she is doing to her kids, especially now to Khloe. I can’t stand the bitch. Those that are bashing Khloe you are just so wrong. She’s nothing like the rest of them. She’s being used & abused by her family mostly her “mother”. I feel bad for Khloe, Kendall & Kylie. If I was them I would run for the hills. At least Khloe has Lamar the other two(Kylie & Kendall have only each other.) Maybe Khloe & Lamar should take them & have them live with them-they would be better off.

  5. Kris Jenner Bruce Jenner Laker Game
    Commented on this photo:

    Hey Kris-is that’s your real face-fugly!!!

  6. Marilyn

    The Enquirer posted a couple of months ago that OJ Simpson claims that Chloe is his child with Kris. No wonder she doesn’t want to take a DNA test to see who her actual father is.

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