Kris Jenner Is Today’s LOVE Advent Video Because God Is Dead

No one in the Kardashian family gave a shit about Kim giving birth, and that’s starting to make a whole lot of sense because today’s the debut of Kris Jenner’s LOVE Advent video, so how dare that insolent whelp steal her thunder!? In the meantime, is there a book in The Bible where Satan decapitates God and then twerks all over His severed head in front of the Pearly Gates? Because I’m pretty sure that’s how we’re all looking at this, and I could’ve sworn Revelations was supposed to be a lot more pleasant. Like getting tossed in a lake of fire and shit. Fun stuff.

Adding… Here’s the other two from the weekend featuring Caroline Flack and Immy Waterhouse that I didn’t watch because now I’m terrified I’ll see a demon with tits. Fuck all that.

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Photo: LOVE