Kris Jenner Probably Threatened To Sue Bruce Over His Diane Sawyer Interview

“Bruce, there’s plenty more where these came from. Let’s talk terms.”

Bruce Jenner’s impending interview with Diane Sawyer looms over us all with the gravity of a ground-breaking news story that will be forgotten faster than conservatives can blame abortions on gay marriage. So, it’s kind of strange to me that Kris Jenner would soil her premium brand adult diapers over it given how shrewd enough about the American public’s pathetically short attention span she was to be able to spin her daughter’s sex tape in to a reality show about family. Here are “sources” denying she threatened to sue, which of course means she and Harvey Levin had a talk over infant corpse smoothies. Via TMZ:

Kris tells our sources the subject of sexual transition did not come up until after they were divorced. In fact our sources say Bruce told the girls about it before Kris. One other thing … we’re told reports that Kris might take legal action against Bruce if he speaks negatively about her are untrue.

Even if Bruce Jenner showed home video of the goat blood ritual that turned Kylie into a countdown clock to sex work, the Kardashian legion of idiot fans wouldn’t bat an eye. I can’t imagine what she could possibly be afraid would get total fucking morons so worked up, except I absolutely can and here’s a list:

1. Just before Kendall graduated high school, Kris told Bruce she was surprised at a school board meetings where everyone was arguing about teaching evolution.
2. After receiving the medical bills for Kylie’s delivery, she told Bruce Obamacare came to her in a dream.
3. One Thanksgiving, she expressed concern over the availability of guns to children and the mentally ill.
4. She once told Bruce over brunch that maybe welfare recipients should only be as scrutinized as the corporations they work for who get tax incentives to pay them wages so low they have to be on it.

Photo: Getty