Kris Jenner: The New Face Of Lube

And of course she’s holding a penguin. The most vagina-looking bird of them all…

When Kris Jenner decided to use all that whoring around she did behind Robert Kardashian’s back to shill her new book and lay the groundwork for outing Khloe as a bastard on cable television, I didn’t even stop to think there was an even more diabolical endgame in the works. And that endgame is lucrative lube endorsements. Via Life & Style:

Life & Style has exclusively learned that she’s signed on to be the spokeswoman for Zestra Essential Arousal Oils, which claims to enhance a woman’s sexual pleasure by heightening sensitivity to touch.
“She’s tried it and uses it. She wants to promote great sex,” a source tells Life & Style about Kris, who has been married to Bruce since 1991. “Zestra is an over-the-counter product clinically proven to enhance a woman’s sexual pleasure.”

ZESTRA – Because a dry vagina shouldn’t stop you from cheating on your husband so much you eventually have to explain to him why his new daughter looks like the goddamn Wendigo.

Available at Walgreens, CVS and Rite-Aid.

Photos: Splash News, WENN

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