Kris Jenner Has Kendall Tweeting Bikini Pics Now

Despite the fact Kris Jenner has cornered the elderly lube market and has spinoff shows for each of her elderly whore-daughters, including the bastard one, it’s always important to have an ace in the hole. So here’s 16-year-old Kendall tweeting a picture of herself in a bikini creating a desire for you to have sex with her underage body so you’ll hopefully watch her spinoff in two years when the other three are cast into a volcano because they’re old and no one wants them now. For such is the Kardashian Whore Circle of life, may its showers of gold be plenty.

[Ed. Note: Consider this my apology to Alicia Silverstone for making it seem like feeding her kid like a goddamn bird is weird when clearly there are way worse things she can do to him. And by way worse things I of course mean treat him like a sex doll. A real, live tweeting sex doll. Named Kendall. – SW]

Photos: Getty, Splash News, WENN