Lamar Odom Turned Down $1 Million To Do KUWTK Again

TO: Your eyes

Fuck you.

According to Lamar Odom’s friends, he’s “basically homeless,” and yet he still won’t work with the Kardashians again even if you gave him a million dollars. Literally. In Touch reports:

Khloé Kardashian’s estranged husband, Lamar Odom, was offered $1 million to return to her family’s reality show – and turned it down, a source tells In Touch exclusively.
“[Lamar’s] exact words were, ‘They ruined my life,’ ” the source tells In Touch.

In Lamar Odom’s defense, Kris Jenner did systematically destroy him in the press without hesitating to protect the brand. On the other more important hand because it’s about me, I’m busting my balls arguing with racists, and it really doesn’t help when a black man would rather be homeless than get a job- what? Why’s everyone looking at me? THIS WHITE BITCH PRETENDED TO BE BLACK! *dives out the window*

Photos: AKM-GSI