Kris Jenner Admits To Cheating On Robert Kardashian So You’ll Buy Her Book

November 10th, 2011 // 153 Comments
Khloe's Fed Up
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Apparently Kris Jenner cheated on Robert Kardashian which is what really led to their divorce, so naturally she’s going to exploit that fact to sell more copies of her book. “If there’s a way to whore whoring, you whore that whoring like a whore.” – Kris Jenner, 2007. Page Six reports:

“Robert had been the only man in my life since I was 18,” Jenner writes in her book. “I don’t know why I was having a mid-life crisis at 30, but I was. His name was Ryan, and he was a producer. We had wild sex everywhere, all the time.”
Jenner further explained that she got caught red-handed with her secret lover at a restaurant after Kardashian had her followed. She says he filed for divorce soon after.
Jenner spoke to Jay Leno in more detail about her indiscretion on “The Tonight Show” last night.
“When you’re very young you do a lot of stupid things. It’s probably the biggest regret of my life that I ended up having an affair,” she said. “[I was] probably just really naive and stupid and restless and didn’t realize that marriage has it ups and downs.”

According to the Boston Herald, Robert left her penniless after the divorce and she planned to be self-sufficient for the rest of her life, only to immediately become really close “friends” with Robert again until she glommed onto Bruce Jenner, so I guess using other people’s money counts as self-sufficient. I’m not fluent in whore. Anyway, from there it was a simple matter of pimping the children, and then locking her vagina in an iron box, never to be seen or heard from again. “You are all mommy’s vajayjay now.” – Kris Jenner, 2006.

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  1. Que

    Que horrible chico.

  2. Do_Freebird

    She had her mid-life crisis at 30. So then this adultery thing happened around 1970 right?

    • Charlie Sheen

      And since when is 30 “very young”?

      • BBB

        EXACTLY my thoughts. 30 is not very young and definitely not a time to be naive, especially since she already had several children. But come on, this women will say anything for more money and fame. Tell your children and the world that you cheated on your dead ex-husband and and had wild sex everywhere with the man you were having the affair with…now that’s classy.

      • V

        well she sold her soul for immortality, so 30 for her is VERY young.

      • Neale

        Based upon this new revelation, is there any possibility that Khloe K. has a different daddy than the rest of the Kardashian kids. She does have somewhat different features than Kourtney, Kim, and Rob. A very real possiblilty! Makes you wonder..hmm!!!

  3. Randal

    Dear Kris,

    You whore.


    -Randal the fristie, biznitchez.

    • Good roughing speaks for itself

      What happen? I thought Randal was a docile sweet young man all the girls pinned for? You change.

  4. Dude of Dudes

    Her motto should be “I fuck for fun and profit”.

  5. Charlie Sheen

    Does she talk about her years working at Shotz Brewery with her friend Lyverne?

  6. Kris Jenner Extra
    Billy Seatsniffer
    Commented on this photo:

    Ever notice how when women say “self sufficient” they mean the exact opposite of what men think it means? A self sufficient man gets a job and pays his bills…a self sufficient woman finds a man to pay her bills.

    Responses from angry fat women to follow in 3…2…1

  7. BB

    Well, that would explain why Khloe doesn’t look like a Kardashian.

  8. RasputinsLiver


    …explains Khloe, the Wookie/Sasquatch/Yeti.

  9. That explains Khloe. This crazy whore will do anything to sell her book. D

    • sashafierce

      so she cheated, had Khloe and then stayed in the marriage to have Rob…years later! c’mon people read and analyze…comprehend the text before going off. The book clearly says he caught her and then filed for divorce.

      • gumption

        It is obvious to anyone with eyes that Khloe is not a Kardashian. She has zero Mid East features but looks awfully close to the 2 younger girls who are from Bruce. It is possible she cheated more than once, with Bruce the second time or she had Khloe with the fling she mentioed. Khloe is 26 right? So you read and comprehend Beyonce’s Butt. Fact is, Khloe is 100% European white, i.e. not a Kardashian.

      • LJ

        But if she had the affair when she was 30, that would have been 1985. She had Rob Kardahian in 1987 and was divorced in 1990.

        So she lied by a couple of years and had the affair when she was 28 (after ten years of marriage), and Kloe is the result.

    • JoJo

      HELLO YOU DO THE MATH… Khloe is 27 Kris is 56 she there fore she had Khloe at 29 right around the time she had her “mid life crises” Rob is 24 Therefore SHE DID stay with Robert Years later to have Rob then he divorced her.

  10. JC

    “When you’re young, very young, you do a lot of stupid things,” said Jenner. She continued, “Now that I’m older, I still do stupid things, but the big difference now is that when my daughters do stupid things, I use it for profit. You don’t stay Queen of Whore Island by just resting on your laurels. Or by resting on your comically gigantic ass.”

  11. hmna

    Sure, “Ryan.” I think she means Chewbacca.

  12. Ibin Jakinov

    “Always whore it out to some guy named Ryan.” – Kris Jenner, 2008

  13. Jules

    So we all know she was a whore, now she “writes” a book admitting she is. Ok then …

    • Linda

      Please pass this on – boycott her book and she will not profit. I’m not gonna read it, probably all lies as usual except for the cheating part lol…:)

  14. TomFrank

    “His name was Ryan, and he was a producer.”

    So THIS is what turned Ryan Seacrest gay. That explains a lot.

    • I think he was gay beforehand. But he was very young, and probably did a lot of stupid things. It’s probably the biggest regret of his life that he ended up having an affair with her, but he was probably just really naive and stupid and restless and didn’t realize that being gay has it ups and downs.

  15. The Sheen

    how is 30 years old “very young”?

  16. Snack pack

    She’s led an interesting life. Producing both a wookie and a moo cow is quite an accomplishment. She deserves all the riches that come with such.

  17. Not too many women get the honor of me calling them a cunt but this one fits the description. What the fuck?

    Someone should just flat out shoot this bitch; with a gun, rifle, hell the finger will even work.

    And those who buy this book should be tied up in a public location so that we can all throw sticks and stones at em.

    • mel

      couldn’t agree more sir.

    • mel

      and all those who buy her shitty book should be tied up, yes. in a public location, yes. but lets not throw sticks and stones…lets piss on ‘em and show them what it’s like to be their dimwitted idol!

      • Schmidtler

        yeah, but then they’ll just sell the video and get famous, starting the whole cycle of fame whorery all over again. break the cycle of fame whorery, burn them all like witches.

    • Linda

      Whoa – I like your style dude – right on!

  18. suzie

    so then was scott disick right when he said khloe was born out of an affair and kris jenner was all ‘i never had an affair’… ?!

    • Linda

      If Scott was angry enough he probably did mean that. They did one whole show about Khloe doing a DNA test to see if Kris was her mother and of course at the end she was – yeah right, it was all made up, had to be. Khloe looks nothing like any of the kids, nothing at all and she knows it. Funny, I like her the best.

  19. I can’t believe she says Robert left her “penniless.” He left her with four money boxes (including her own). Right?

  20. Venom

    Fully convinced that shemale is Jenner’s kid. I mean come on, she is like 18 feet taller than the other three.

  21. Kris Jenner Extra
    Commented on this photo:

    They are all scumbag whores

  22. j/k

    “so I guess using other people’s money counts as self-sufficient.”

    Correction- She used her vagina to get that money, which made her self sufficient.

  23. cc

    She’s a piece of shit.

  24. Kris Jenner Extra
    Commented on this photo:

    “Ha ha ha! Did they really have to use the jaws-of-life to get Khloe out of you? Also, I like what you’ve done with that dust ruffle!”

  25. FUCK the whoretrashians

    What a whore. 30 is not “young”; she’s just making up excuses for cheating on her husband. Even king kong kardashian thinks her mom & sister are fame addicted attention whores. I hate them more now than ever…

  26. Kris Jenner Extra
    Commented on this photo:

    For someone with so much money I suppose it’s hardly surprising that she has such bad taste.

  27. Clarence Beeks

    This woman makes Kathy Hilton tolerable.

    • Euroman

      And that says a lot :-)

    • V

      dude… I’ve been saying this all along. The Hiltons are alright, it’s PARIS who’s the problem. The brothers, Nicky… they’re more low key and normal. Kathy and Rick have gone through a lot with Paris. I don’t think it’s their fault if the others are not batshit like her. Plus, Kathy didn’t pimp out her family like Kris Jenner.
      Kris Jenner saw Kim’s friendship with Paris and that’s when she got inspired to start her empire, starting with the famous name and the sex tape. She’s a horrible woman.

      • poop

        you are all wrong. kathy and her own mother were mega stage moms. and nicky and the other kids are nessed up. they used to throw paid parties for the girls and invite photogs…when they were 15. kris jenner learned from them, mimmicked kathy, just like kim mimmicked paris.

    • Linda


  28. Kris is trying to take some of the heat off of Kim. Unfortunately, Kris, we already knew that you had to be a whore – look at your daughters. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  29. That DOES explain Khloe.

    • making some sense

      why is every one bagging on Khloe? Khloe and Rob looks like their father!!!

      This is all Kris’ fault, why bring in the children! Their mom is a whore, they didn’t know.

      • Cuttie

        I also agree, it’s really hard when pleope ask over and over Why arn’t you pregnant ! That adds more stress on top of everything else. But my questions is, in the earlier episodes she got a positive test result and then later got her period. So did she miscarry? Sometimes it just takes time! It me and my husband 15 cycles to get pregnant with our son! I wish Khloe and Lamar Luck!

  30. done

    Whatever gets the clicks, right Fish?? Every Fucking Day with this shit???
    You have ZERO credibility with your criticisms as you are one of the parasites.

    • And on the Paterno thread there’s some dicksmack just like you who’s bleating about how “real” news is ruining what should be a gossip site. If Fish listens to both of you tools he’d be sucking hind teat behind TMZ and Perez Hilton, so you can exercise your right not to be tied up and spoonfed anything you don’t want to read and either shut off the computer or go to another thread – or site.

  31. VipTime

    hahahhaaaaaa i bet Kim is really divorcing Kris Humphries because she realized he has the same name as her mother Kris. that might get confusing!!!

  32. overdone

    Khloe is the spawn of one of 20 standing outside of Home Depot that morning. Kris admitting she cheated was not exactly required to deduce this obvious deviation of DNA between her offspring.

  33. Mariah

    Kris is whore and the mother of whores

  34. jerry

    nobody ever talks about Roberts last wife who he dated for 5 yrs and married her when he knew he was dying 3 weeks Ellen… who hated the kids!!!!

  35. jerry

    And he left most of his $$$$ to her!!!

  36. KK-Hater

    Of course she cheated, she’s a fucking SLUT, Bitch and Whore, what did you expect from this useless CUNT! Fuck her and her family, they’re all a bunch of cock-sucking, money-grubbing assholes! Why are people so fixated with these clueless fucks? It just fucking amazes me how some people can be fooled but such utter SHIT!

    • V

      the worst part is that she talks about all the “crazy sex”. don’t out that shit. out of respect for your children, especially those he fathered, don’t go into details.

    • Linda

      Wow – Kris really messed up writing this crap in her book – look at the haters and I’m one of them! What a horible person and mother…LOL Kris…

  37. Jim

    This fits the timeline. I think Khloe is not a Kardashian.

  38. danielle

    She cheated with a wookie and nine months later… Khloe was born. This explains everything!

  39. and in other news…Obama was not born in Hawaii.

    Tell us something we dont know.

  40. Kris Jenner Extra
    Commented on this photo:

    These whores are making it harder and harder to believe there is a God.

    get Aids and die


  41. shirley


    • Linda

      I’m in Shirley…..

      • Pretty

        My MIL has always joked the she neeedd a granddaughter. She taught my son to say I want a sister. Luckily we have a good relationship so it was really cute and fun and not annoying. We her daughter just had a daughter and I am about ready to have a daughter so it looks like she got what she was waiting for.

  42. yashica

    Like mother like daughter. Apples don’t fall far from the tree

    • Casey

      My mom asks each time I see her. I am done. I explained to her that not only am I llcsiyahpy and mentally done but, financially, having a third would mean one of her two precious grandchildren would have to altogether stop eating!

  43. Burt

    I look at that as an attempt to excuse Kim’s porn movie. “It was a youthful indiscretion, not a well orchestrated plan to launch her career just like her best friend Paris Hilton did, you silly plebs”.

  44. noone

    Why does no one talk about Ellen Pierson?
    These women are saying that making a porno and having affairs (basically lying and whoring) are just things you do when you are young and naive? Basically laughing about it like it is no big deal. They are saying this to all the young women who read this crap?! I am incredibly disturbed by this and would love for their show to be taken off the air.

  45. Amanda

    Actually, 30 is pretty young. I think it’s one of the best ages because you’re out of your 20′s and your marriage life and work life really come at you full force, and it’s the busiest time. We’re humans, I’m not going to say what she did was right because there’s better ways to communicate problems and addressing them, but I can see it – he worked hard, wanted time to himself sometimes, she wanted to be around him, it becomes unbalanced and she looks for romance elsewhere. It happens. I don’t criticsize her for it and also because there’s no way she can make up for it now.. but she’s in a good relationship, her daughter is a marketing genius, they all are, we can call them “stupid”, but that doesn’t mean they’re still not making millions, and the rest of her daughters and her son are most of the time well behaved – average teenagers.

    • V

      I can agree with some of your post, but there’s like NO need to actually detail she had “tons of crazy sex everywhere”. No need to talk about that. he died a tragic death that her kids are still not over. out of respect to him, her kids with bruce AND bruce, who is her husband, just don’t talk about stuff that nobody needs to know.

    • comment fail

      For someone who “doesn’t want to say she is right” you are working awfully hard to justify her behavior, even using “ends justify the means” near the end of your comments. Not only do you let her off the hook, you throw away the hook. Start over. And I don’t mean just start over your comment, start over your entire way of moral thinking.

  46. Ryan the producer

    what a whore!!

  47. V

    Robert kardashian took no bullshit from these whores. he dumped Kris and left her with no money after she cheated, and he kicked kim out of his house after her quickie Vegas marriage to her then douche and dangerous BF, which forced her to get her own job and money.

    It’s sad to realize that if he was still alive there would be NONE of this bullshit. No sex tapes, no reality TV, no staged weddings, no torture for us, and his daughters would probably not be so rich, but definitely happier. Kris is a terrible person.

    • gumption

      agreed. notice how NONE of the Kardashian family goes anywhere near a camera. Im talking about Rob K’s side of the family. It is a serious cultural disgrace for them as it would be for any American family. But it is that times a million for them. You dont even know what they look like for a reason. He would NEVER have allowed his daughters to do all this grotesque shit and we would all have been spared. Im glad this finally came out because I knew there was no way this guy would leave his wife and kids, I literally won some money I bet 3 year ago in some ass clown bet on these morons.

  48. Rich

    Wow, feel sorry for her 2 younger daughters, they actually seem like good girls, and this old whore bag is setting a really great example. I wish her the worst. Bruce, take your daughters away from this venomous slut.

  49. weed

    jenner using dead people to sell her book.

    Hey jenner why don’t you admit that Robert is happy to be dead He got away with not having to deal with you and your fucked in the head family.

  50. Kris Jenner Extra
    Commented on this photo:

    Is this one of those optical illusions where your supposed to see a semblance of a person if you look hard enough?
    Cuz I can’t see one.

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