Kris Jenner Used To Beat Kim Kardashian

January 25th, 2013 // 67 Comments
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Earlier in the week I posted about Kim Kardashian defying Kris Jenner by just giving away photos of her baby for free which probably has a whole lot to do with InTouch getting a hold of Robert Kardashian‘s private diary that details how Kris used to beat the kids in front of him:

In the journal entries, dated throughout 1989 and 1990, Robert paints a heartbreaking childhood portrait of Kim, Kourtney and Khloé and a damning picture of mom Kris Jenner.
“Kris was kicking and beating her and said she was going to kill [Kim]!” Robert claimed in his diary on Aug. 24, 1989. “Kim was hysterical.” That’s just one of the shocking incidents the lawyer, who died of esophageal cancer in 2003, recorded in his diary at the time his 12-year marriage to Kris was imploding.

In Kris Jenner’s defense, how else do you send a clear message to your husband that he better not stop you from constantly cheating on him? Not to mention it was crazy effective. Even on holidays!

Robert goes on to detail Kris’ alleged affair with younger soccer player Todd Waterman, claiming Kris left her kids — all under the age of 11— for days at a time. “She doesn’t leave a number in case of emergency. She doesn’t care!” he wrote on Dec. 15, 1989. “She left [the] kids and screwed all night!” Only 10 days after that entry, Robert chronicled that “Kris couldn’t get her act together” to spend Christmas with her children, “I was home alone with 4 kids.”

Of course, my favorite part of this story is that everyone covering it assumes this shit stopped once the kids grew up, but seriously, think about who we’re dealing with here. She let a Sasquatch knock her up because every kingpin needs an enforcer. “Well, Kimberly, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed you won’t make a sex tape with Kanye, but I’m your mother, I’ll always understand. Now your sister on the other hand… So by 8, you said? Wonderful. Ciao, sweetie!”

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  1. All the children went off on the chick that sold these diaries. They were shouting how she could do this for money and how desperate she is…
    Uhmmm this lady needed money and sold some old mementos. She didn’t let a dude piss on her.

  2. Why’d she stop beating her? Clearly that she could use some more beatings


    This whole rotten family of whores needs to go down in a small plane crash.

  4. Yes, apparently she wasn’t beaten enough. How much money is this whore-family making off THIS story now ? *cries*

  5. It’s sad when a families dirty laundry is aired like this, especially when it involved child abuse…specifically, not enough of it.

  6. JC

    You know what I’d do if my spouse were beating the shit out of my kids? I’d kick his or her ass out of the house and get a restraining order. I mean, I know it’s hard because unless you’re already a lawyer, you have to…oh, wait.

  7. Travolta's Testicle

    Who Cares.

  8. FattyFatty2X4

    Now I know why she’s into black men.
    Too soon?

  9. Karma's Bastard Child

    If she really beat her kids so much they wouldn’t give a shit about her. Even for money. So, this is either bull or she beat them so much the kids no longer have a soul. Wait, I just answered my own question.

    • Brooke

      No, that’s not always how domestic violence works.

      • Brooke

        Wow, I wish there was an edit feature. I meant to say that a lot of people don’t realize it’s not the norm that their parents beat them and don’t know where to turn when they are kids and then convince themselves it’s their fault, etc etc, the point is saying they have no soul is even sadder than those situations already are. I realize you were joking, but still.

  10. Levine

    I know a businessman who lived in Brentwood. He use to socialize in the same circle as Kris and Bruce Jenner. He said Kris was the shrillest fakest most pretentious social climbing harpy he ever has known. She always wanted to be a celebrity. She married Bruce because she was envious of Nicole Brown. Too bad Bruce isnt a sociopathic misogynist like OJ.

  11. So the woman who whored her children out to make piss videos starring c-list rap stars once laid hands upon them?


  12. This one fucked up family as yet why do USA adore this family. Don’t deny it ,you hate them but their still on TV,the limelight,and has millions stashed somewhere. Seriously WTF ? I don’t believe anything coming from this family. Cry wolf too often and …………

  13. This makes total sense… Kim’s ass swelled up to monstrous proportions to defend against the beatings. It’s simple evolution.

  14. Tinka

    “I’m just gonna write here on my diary how crazy my wife is and how she beats and mistreats our children. You know, instead of doing something to stop it, because that would be just crazy.” Too bad that could actually be true, since most humans seem to be idiots.

    • clinguist

      Not to defend anyone in this family, but let’s remember that Rob K was a slimy lawyer contemplating divorce and knowing that “documentation” might help him. He wouldn’t be the first to malign a cheating spouse when prepping for divorce court. Just sayin.

  15. Devilish Diva

    Don’t all pimps beat their hos to keep them in line?
    Now, what? We’re supposed to feel sorry for this big, fake ass whore and understand that’s why she does all these publicity stunts? And then Pimp Mama and she will go into therapy together and have a nice, public reconciliation about bogus childhood shit?
    Bitch, please. Sit down on that rhino ass & realize your minutes of fame are ticking by.

  16. mdiz

    I ain’t sayin’ shes a gold digger…..

  17. Smapdi

    Any chance we can talk her into beating Kanye West?

  18. Good lord, just when you think this family could not get anymore vile and disgusting, they top themselves.

  19. Frank Burns

    On the bright side, now Chris Brown has someone he can really talk to.

  20. Cock Dr


  21. Kim Kardashian Huge Butt Cellulite Yoga Pants
    Commented on this photo:

    Ahhhh! LOL that thing is going to haunt me in my dreams! If you want a sweet dream, call (386) 631-8936 and ask for Jessica. She will give you waaaay better dreams than KK

  22. Animal

    Well, somebody had to.

  23. What is not proved here? Anything in the diary. It’s “documentation” produced by a lawyer which, wow what a coincidence, makes his wife look as bad as possible at the very time they’re going through a messy divorce. What is proved here? That Kim had a flawless charlatan pedigree in both bloodlines. She’s like a thoroughbred of bullshit.

  24. If this is true it almost makes you feel sorry for Kim, and you can sort of understand why she such an attention whore, because her mother basically ignored her until she could profit off of the attention her daughter gets.

  25. Where's Dildo

    Watch out Kim! There’s a black guy behind you. Again.

  26. Dr.suess

    She wasn’t beating her,PMJ was tenderizing her..

  27. I find this story very sad. And while I’m not a big fan of the Kardashian Klan, I hope this is all bullshit.

  28. Her mom should have slapped the black…out of her mouth.

  29. Every time I see Kris Jenner, I think “You know, Grace Slick isn’t looking bad in her advanced years.”

    Then I notice Kim, and remember that I couldn’t pick Kris Jenner out of a crowd of one.

  30. Sparky

    why the fuck does anybody care about this story.

  31. she didn’t beat her enough.

  32. star

    Why does Kim Kardashian have to pop up everywhere for no reason? Even in Rhythm of Love, I swear Checa is based on her

  33. poop

    How do you explain Kloe Kardashian? I believe it. She’s clearly not even a Kardashian.

  34. Shawn F.

    Finally! A moment away from Kan-AHHHH!

  35. She still does, but she used to, too.

  36. Brooke

    I didn’t know grown men kept diaries… that’s the only new information I learned from all this.

  37. PeeDeeEss

    Kris has all the characteristics of a sociopath, and this beating/abandonment story seems to confirm that.

  38. Kim Kardashian Huge Butt Cellulite Yoga Pants
    Commented on this photo:

    Looks like any other dirty woman in central LA

  39. anonym

    too much resemblance to mom. scary.

  40. BobbyJoe

    When you see it. Bricks will be Shat.

  41. kathleen08

    Khloe is her mother’s daughter, more so than the other girls…she blabbers for publicity and shock value…Lamar…go home to Lisa and your kids. You’ve had enough time to grieve…be a man, not Khloe’s toy…she needs severe counseling….not you.

  42. Kim Kardashian Huge Butt Cellulite Yoga Pants
    Who cares
    Commented on this photo:

    She is so gorgeous and has a beautiful body haters got nothing better to do and they don’t look better just insult her to make themselves feel better sad pathetic lonely people.

  43. Kim Kardashian Huge Butt Cellulite Yoga Pants
    Commented on this photo:

    My wife’s 50 yr old ass looks better

  44. Kim Kardashian Huge Butt Cellulite Yoga Pants
    Commented on this photo:

    Kim LardASShian
    SHE carrying TWINS
    I cant tell if she is coming or going LOL ;

  45. Kim Kardashian Huge Butt Cellulite Yoga Pants
    Commented on this photo:

    Hide-ass (Hideous)

  46. Kim Kardashian Huge Butt Cellulite Yoga Pants
    Commented on this photo:

    Honey, does my ass look fat in these pants?

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