Kris Humphries Booed At First Nets Game

Kris Humphries played his first game with the New Jersey Nets last night since his divorce from Kim Kardashian, and apparently Knicks fans take the sanctity of marriage very seriously – or are extremely protective of massive asses that will one day crush the earth – because they decided to boo the ever-living shit out of him the entire time he was on the court. FOX News reports:

The second Humphries took the court at Madison Square Garden in New York City to play the New York Knicks in the Nets’ final preseason game, Humphries was booed mercilessly by the Knicks crowd.
As he was each and every time he touched the ball for the full five minutes his coach had him on the floor.

Even better, insanely hot model Kate Upton was in the crowd which had to be embarrassing as fuck. I’m talking accidentally telling a beautiful woman you’re a “blogger” embarrassing, and if the two are anything alike, just assume Kris Humphries pissed himself then tried to run away only to slip and fall in said piss. I, uh, hear that happens. To other people. *kicks package of Depends under desk*

[Ed. Note: Yes, the only video is some dude filming his own television. What a marvelous modern age we live in.]

Photos: Splash News