Kourtney & Khloe Kardashian in bikinis

June 26th, 2009 // 170 Comments

Here are behind-the-scene photos of Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian shooting the promo for their upcoming reality show Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami. Because only in America can you build a career out of falling out of the same vagina as your sister with a giant ass who starred in a purposefully leaked sex tape. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure these two have some sort of natural talent. And by that I mean you can see Khloe’s pubic hair in the eighth shot. Watch out, Hollywood!

Photos: Mike Craft

  1. datroof

    Built like a brick shithouse!

    As the immortal R. Crumb would say.

  2. cabron

    no g-string ! boring !!!

  3. fans

    I’m a girl, and I think the Kardashian sisters are hot!
    I love Khoe cos she is beautiful without feeling the need to be stick insect like the rest of hollywood. Her sisters are cool too like her.
    Girls like them and Scarlett Johansson are so much hotter than skinny bony girls cos they are healthy and it shows.

  4. worthless hoes

    why is the other one wearing a wrap
    her butt looks yummy

  5. worthless hoes

    why is the other one wearing a wrap
    her butt looks yummy

  6. kourtney is the prettiest

    they both don’t look uncomfortable
    i guess they haven’t perfected the slutty look kim has perfected

    it comes naturally to her anyway the disgusting slut!

  7. kourtney is the prettiest

    they both look uncomfortable
    i guess they haven’t perfected the slutty look kim has perfected

    it comes naturally to her anyway the disgusting slut!

  8. mike

    @18 you’d prefer dark meat too if you were carrying the Holland tunnel around between your legs.

  9. me

    Wow. Fake, fake, fake. Fake boobs, fake hair, fake celebrity.

  10. dirk

    Thes chicks are hot??? You people need to get out more – north of the mexican border.

  11. Pippo Inzaghi

    These chicks are nothing special. I can go to the mall in a hick town and in an hour find a car load of chicks hotter then these girls. Khloe is just nasty. I dont mind a big girl, but when she has an ass face and no breasts and her body has no curves, why is she trying to use over priced african girdles to cover her fat ass.

    I guess money will make people give up their pride in a heartbeat. Totally messed up that these trannies are even on tv and getting paid.

  12. Cartman

    I’d hit it with both of them.

    But they are some stupid and selfish whores so I wouldn’t want anything more than the temporary usage of their holes.

  13. Orenthal Simpson

    Armenians are the lowest form of life to ever walk God’s green planet. Armenians have turned my city (Los Angeles) into a cesspool. Armenians are dirty dirty people, who should have been deleted from the face of this earth long ago.

    These two fat bitches are useless stains on society, and you’re all celebrating them? Tell me what they have done to deserve your praise and accolades. I’m serious, name one thing that these girl, and their fat sister are famous for…

  14. Lost Angeles

    Armenians are dirty dirty people. They stink.

  15. joe m

    They’re attractive but not as pretty
    as the Lohan sisters or the Spears sisters.
    Ugly broads are jealous of all of them.

  16. Ronni

    I think Kourtney is Prettier than Kim. They’re all really gorgeous women though.

  17. AMO

    I’m not saying Kourtney’s fat, but she used to be super skinny, too skinny when they were doing their reality show and she was still dating Scott. I wonder if he made her stay anorexic looking. Guys do that. I dated a guy like that and Scott seemed the controlling, asshole type… just sayin’.

  18. Khourtney and Khloe Get Klamydia

  19. guy from duece bigalow male jigalow

    thats a big bitch!

  20. Tom K

    I don’t know, there is something about Kourtney’s wetback looking ass that I find hot. She’s a pretty girl, and not as much of a whore as her other two sisters. She is prettiest one!

  21. They are fabulous… My wife loves them!

    Healing, Ambient Music

  22. meghan

    They both look like pug dogs. Actually that’s an insult to pug dogs.

  23. Jackson

    At least Kourtney does not eat as much as her big fat short wide hip fat ass sister Kim Kardaskank.

  24. Jen


    Kourtney was never anorexic, but standing next to her two fat sisters would make her look anorexic. I suspect Kourtney has gained weight because she moved to Miami and all she has is her overeating sister to hang out with. I stay fit and if my boyfriend started getting fat I would let him know right away. No person can make another person stop overeating, so quit blaming men for anorexic females. Anorexic females are rare in the US because most Americans are fat like Kim and Khloe.

  25. JPRichardson

    The short one is gorgeous.

  26. dudester

    just a couple of whores determined to make america accept “mom butt”

  27. Samuel


    Absolutely! I could not have said it better!

  28. Ralph

    I remember only fat moms wore girdle butts like Kim Kardasshian, and Kim is trying to make it sexy lol! Now these losers are trying to make money off of Kim’s porn video fame with her fat fetish boyfriend.

  29. feili

    that´s just a pretty fuckhole. prostitute material

  30. sam I am

    that Kourtney is a royal piece of ass!

    the other two really don’t do much for me. Kim’s butt is just bizarre…not sure how she keeps it clean to be honest.

  31. Cornelius

    “Stop picking out peoples imperfections.” -Diana

    Newsflash: this site’s called the SUPERFICIAL.

    “I think the photographer assistant in pic #19 is better looking and you can’t even see her face.”

    Ha, I was drawn to her as well.

  32. sally

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  33. Hough Jass

    Hello, this is Hough Jass.

  34. Judd

    Even though they like dark meat, I’d still eat them (among many other fun things)!!

  35. Judd

    Even though they like dark meat, I’d still eat them (among many other fun things)!!

  36. Judd

    Even though they like dark meat, I’d still eat them (among many other fun things)!!

  37. hot

    Stop the Megan Fox overrating, this chick is like a million times hotter than Fox and ALL natural yet not overrated.

  38. whatever dogg

    They’re natural, look at their mother. All the girls have big asses & huge tits just like her. She’s gonna have to chain the younger twin ones to a radiator once they hit puberty.

  39. Bruce Lee

    Am I the only one that thinks that Khloe is a cow and needs to leave that wrap tied around her mid-section so we don’t have to look at her disgusting body. Kourtney on the other hand is by far the hottest of the sisters.

    You have to love America. It’s the only place you can become a famous millionaire because your step-father is a washed-up athlete (wonderful in his day) and your sister can suck the chrome off of a trailer hitch and has an ass you can sit a drink on.

  40. zoot

    Ok, so the little one does sort of look like a mouse but I’d tap it all day long (or for at least 5 minutes) while sasquatch watches.

  41. Kim looks better than both of them.


  43. paul

    You know what? Khloe is the hottest because not only for her personality, but she is tall and has a beautiful face… not that much fat if u compare her to the average woman u see walking in front of you in a mid-state Walmart.

    Khloe is the only 1 u would want to hold a conversation with after…plus she is way hotter than any woman you will ever date in real life, and that means ALL OF YOU on this board.

  44. Mike

    I would have to say I agree with at least 2 other posters that the assistant in pic #19 is looking pretty good from behind….her ass is def beating out Khloe’s!….I am not tryin to hate on Khloe, just stating the obvious……and Kourtney is just rockin…..the ass, fakies, and all……just smokin!

  45. Vera Alcala

    Khloe-Cheer up! People posting put downs are disgusting pigs! Haters!! I have never done this but was totally appalled at what people say. Personally, I think you are the most beautiful of the girls. Are they jealous because your stature commands attention, And your presence cannot be ignored? The men must suffer from the mini-man syndrome, and any women putting you down are just plain jealous! What else could it be? I beg you dont give people the satisfaction of knowing they hurt you. You are Georgeous, if I looked half as good as you, Id be in 7th heaven. No offense to your sisters, your whole family has been blessed in the looks dept. Keep your head up–Youv’e got it all!!!
    And as a mother, you are a bit foul mouthed but hey, maybe thats part of your charm? Take care———–Vera

  46. hhhhuunnnaaayyyy

    wow people are seriously so stupid. the only reason you guys think kourtney is prettier than kim is because kim likes to put a lot of makeup on. and kourtney doesn’t put that much on. and theres nothing wrong with putting a lot of makeup on unless your like too young to wear a lot of makeup. and you guys just make your self think just because of the amount of makeup she puts on, which is not even too much, kourtney is better looking than kim. but sry bitches kim is way way way prettier than kourtney. by far. i mean most celebs to put a lot of makeup on and kim is wayy prettier than most those celebrities. and kourtney cant even compare to girls lower than kims level and i mean the celebrities that are sum of the most beautifull girls you probably have ever seen. and kim is prettier than all of them and kourtney is not close to any of those womens level even when they have no makeup on, including kimmiee. and just because you guys think kims ass and tits and everything about her is fake and that makes u think kourtney is more natural and beautiful when guess what? kim is not fake, at all. you guys are just jealous that you guys cant look like kim without getting plastic surgery and she didnt have too.. so yeaah.

  47. Vera A

    I d like to see what the broads look like of all these A-holes talking smack. I guess trash tailking these girls makes them feel better? You and I both know girls like thes prob. wouldnt touch these guys with a 10 foot pole. lol People who are miserable get off tryng to make others feel bad.. It’s funny, go ahead say rude things about the Kardashians. Hope it comforts them when they are pulling out their food stamps, or when shopping at their local Wal-Mart? Or perhaps as they are cruising down the road in their beat-up Honda. And speaking of dark meat, Ive never had it- But I can only imagine, the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice, Someone must be lacking in the penis dept. Why else would they care? Furthermore, Your ugly comments speak volumns-not only must you have a little dick, your insecure and dont seem to have much of a personality either! I’m sorry for you. I’d say take a look in the mirror, but you’d probably break it?

  48. stewie

    Good bodies, lots of money, but put a bag over those faces…. neighhhhhh!!!

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