Kourtney & Khloe Kardashian in bikinis

June 26th, 2009 // 170 Comments

Here are behind-the-scene photos of Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian shooting the promo for their upcoming reality show Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami. Because only in America can you build a career out of falling out of the same vagina as your sister with a giant ass who starred in a purposefully leaked sex tape. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure these two have some sort of natural talent. And by that I mean you can see Khloe’s pubic hair in the eighth shot. Watch out, Hollywood!

Photos: Mike Craft

  1. Jake

    I’d hit it

  2. rahilio jones

    Damn!!! thats a huge ASS!

  3. lollipop


  4. Diana

    they are trying too hard to be sexy but theyre pretty

  5. Grant

    Those girls ate well off OJs money. Wonder what he’s having for dinner today?

  6. isitin

    Khloe is not pretty, she is a pig dog.

  7. Yuck

    You gotta love these 2 chicks; they’re just like their sister (no talent, contribute nothing, do nothing, brains of nothing). Expect the “piss in my face” sex tapes to be released soon…

  8. Stacy


  9. Tad Bit Tipsy

    Uh… without the fake tits, and over tans they’d be a couple of hoes I saw down on broadway two days ago.

    I think the photographer assistant in pic #19 is better looking and you can’t even see her face.

  10. a-dick

    @9 you fail !

    why cant they have a heart attack? god knows they are well over due one !

    PS i would still do them both from behind and not pull out ;P

  11. a-dick

    @9 you fail !

    why cant they have a heart attack? god knows they are well over due one !

    PS i would still do them both from behind and not pull out ;P

  12. Kourtney is hot, but Khloe is a fucking pig. She makes me want to vomit.

  13. truk

    they should rename the show “Gaudy & Chubs do Miami”

  14. Racer X

    Kourtney is homely looking, give me Khloe’s phat ass anytime.

  15. 348

    _____ in bikini. _____ in bikini. _____ + _____ in bikini. FUCK THIS SHIT. I’M OFFICIALLY DONE WITH THIS SITE.

  16. barry pfann

    I think kim is hot.yes she has a large ass. that is not her problem. The problem is that she perfers dark meat instead of white meat

  17. barry pfann

    I think kim is hot.yes she has a large ass. that is not her problem. The problem is that she perfers dark meat instead of white meat

  18. Kourtney, on your knees. Wait, did I just say that out loud? I think she’s the best looking of the three Kardashian sisters. She needed to be in Playboy, not Kim.

  19. Thats some bullshit

    Kourtney is hotter than Kim. There i said it.

  20. Lain

    Kourtney’s breasts look very hard and very around. Implants?

  21. obamidiots

    They’re all disgusting sluts. I would like to shit on all of them and wash it off with my piss

  22. I think I could love every bone in Kourtney’s body, especially mine.

  23. CrunchPop

    Apparently ridiculously oversized plastic tits run in the family?

    I wonder if she likes to get pissed on too….

  24. Max Planck

    Positively bovine.

  25. Mal

    What I find amusing about all the fat comments on this website is that in real life, you would beg for girls like these. You know, ones with a pulse, not in your magazines or your unbelievably large I still-live-at-home-with-my-parents- porn collection.

    Although please dont stop on my behalf, you provide me with much laughter filled entertainment. You know, when Im not having sex with real people. (Its great, you should try it!)

  26. Initial_G

    Kourtney needs to stay the fuck out of the sun. She’s adding 15 years to her age. She looks like a 45 year old divorcee. I know she’s gained a couple pounds which is not biggie but did she get new tits recently?

  27. Spider-Man


    sure, they are about as useful as a cock flavored lollipop.

    but id give them both a good beefing.

    cept the big one. maybe from the back.

  28. Venom

    Oh momma.
    Kourtney is super fine.

  29. dink squeeze

    Dog Face Afteroon.

  30. Stinky

    They are dead behind their eyes…

  31. yhc

    i gotta pee.

  32. Superbiggerevil

    Kourtney is hot, but Khloe looks like a fucking 4-H entry!

  33. dude

    omg them goign to miami is the greatest thing all year, bring on all the ass shots of kourt, i wana bang that soooo bad!!!!!

  34. Womb Raider

    When are M.D. Craft and all these other idiot photogs going to realize…we DON’T CARE about faces on this site. Especially if the word “Kardashian” accompanies the slug. Asses people. We only care about asses.

  35. captain america

    well, the family kardashian make us relieve the news of the past days.
    BUT ONLY KIM CAN “SOLVE IT”, folks!!

  36. Fati

    Why is it so hard for everyone to accept that the Kardashian sisters have naturally large breasts? You idiots are a bunch of losers.

  37. polenta

    Hmm I guess Kourtney is the prettiest of the 3.. that is my opinion!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Dani

    @ #38: Kourtney’s breasts are fake. It’s been mentioned in 2 episodes of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

  39. kk


  40. Nero


  41. Mr. Class


    May I please squirt my warm, salty ejaculate deep inside one of your tight, hairy vaginas?

    (wait a few minutes, watch some Judge Judy and munch on a slice of pizza while I work up another batch)

    …and then pump a lesser concentrated amount of baby batter into gorilla box #2?

    Mr. Class

  42. ohhh not to bust in but Soulja is getting tatted live on ustream right now and Tila is there :P

  43. FromOutofFrakkinNoWhere

    Khloe is pretty hot, all she needs to do is exercise to tone up some more and she’ll have a really great body.

  44. Christina

    Oooh Kourtney has an amazing body and lovley skin tone, but meh her face is ok.

  45. Fumus

    What’s Fish talking about in the 8th pic? I see nothing.

  46. Puddin' Taine

    Neither of these slags are hot at all, I don’t know what’s in the Kool-Aid you pinheads are drinking. They’re both average looking at best and have the bodies of middle aged soccer moms…

  47. Dude

    People like the Kardashians and Paris Hilton make me not like our country sometimes :-(


    THEY… AREN’T… NEWS!!!!


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