Kourtney Kardashian uses Khloe’s outfits for maternity clothes

September 16th, 2009 // 47 Comments

Further proving the Kardashian/Jenner clan have adopted a Sasquatch as one of their own, Kim Kardashian says pregnant sister Kourtney uses Khloe’s clothes as maternity outfits. E! News reports:

“She’s huge. She is huuuuge!” little sister Kim told me earlier this morning, while backstage at the Badgley Mischka spring fashion show in Bryant Park. “I think she’s in denial of buying maternity clothes, because she just borrows Khloe’s clothes.”
“Khloé is going to kill me for saying that, but it’s really because Khloé is so much taller,” Kim said. “Kourtney will take Khloé’s top and wear it as a dress…She will not buy maternity clothes. I don’t know what’s wrong with her.”

Call me old-fashioned, but this just seems like smart money management. Why buy maternity clothes when you’ve got an entire wardrobe tailored to size Wookiee at your disposal? Granted, Chewbacca’s going to find out and rip your arms off so you’ll never be able to hold your baby without the use of prosthetics, but in Kourtney’s defense, it’s either that or wear jeans with elastic in the waist.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Kermit


  2. krys


  3. Death2Speidi

    This sasquatch shtick is getting OLDDD. Khloe is the best looking of the bunch.

  4. glace neuf

    bad, bad, bad, bad, bad idea kim. seriously, these girls usually stick together and that is just complete foot in mouth material. fucking stupid.

  5. Chipot

    Fish I love the site but you need to get a bigger pool of celebrities to cover. Its always bikini-Gosselin-Kardashians-Jessica Simpsons-Linday-Paris-Heidi.

  6. V

    Khloe is so pretty!!! She has the best personality out of the 3 anyway!

  7. gotmilk?

    she forgot to put pants on.

  8. killerabbit

    Ahem. “Wookiee.”

  9. Kate

    On twitter Kim said she was joking. & what does it matter anyways? Khloe is freakin gorgeous and she has long beautiful legs (: so shutup.

  10. Parker

    She looks so cute in the Wookie’s clothes.

  11. Kate

    On twitter Kim said she was joking. & what does it matter anyways? Khloe is freakin gorgeous and she has long beautiful legs (: so shutup.

  12. coco

    wow, what a surprise that kim is a bitch.

  13. kev

    kim shouldnt be allowed to speak. no talent, brainless and just nasty.

  14. I

    First off all…Khloe is the only NORMAL girl out of that bunch. The other two are freakishly small in comparison to real women. I believe Khloe is 5’7″ and the others are under 3 foot….that is the only reason she comes off as looking gargantuan to the both of them. Gahhhhhhhh.

  15. otto

    wow, kim’s an asshole.

  16. Autumn

    What an idotic thing to say considering you know your sister constantly gets lambasted about how much bigger/taller she is. Way to have your sister’s back. Khloe is by far the best looking Kardashian anyway (not to mention the smartest and most congenial). This joke needs to die already.

  17. 2for2true

    Man sees a little boy sitting on sidewalk, playing in horseshit:

    Man: Little boy, what are you doing playing in horseshit?
    Boy: I’m making a statute of Kourtney Kardashian!
    Man: Ho ho ho ho ho! Why would you be making a statute of Kourtney Kardashian out of horseshit?
    Boy: ‘Cause I don’t have enough horsehit to make a statute of Kanye West.

  18. gotmilk?

    wrong 17, the kardarshians need to die already.

  19. gigi

    Kim = astonishingly beautiful but vapid
    Khloe = fun & cool
    Kourtney = meh… but she’s very pretty pregnant

    btw, I probably described chicks in everybody’s family reading this…. who cares?

  20. KEN

    Who really gives a rat’s ass about these bimbos? Maybe their claim to fame is that they can hold their breath longer than anyone else while giving slurpees….

  21. saywha?

    this one really made me laugh hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha :-D

  22. saywha?

    #20 gigi…

    “Khloe = fun & cool”

    is “fun & cool” code for fat & ugly?

  23. re

    Borrowing her sister’s clothes simply makes good financial sense. Besides, what’s wrong with looking stylish while pregnant?

  24. Nek

    Remind me why people pay attention to these morons?

  25. Nek

    Someone remind
    me why people pay attention to these idiots?

  26. lola

    Kim and Kloe are not that short. They are only slightly shorter than average height for females. I didn’t know that qualified them as midgets, but I am even shorter and all the guys love it ;)

    I don’t like any of the girls (since I don’t respect fame whores), but they are all cute in their own way. I bet half of the bashers watch the show when no one is watching

  27. vito

    I, like several other posters, think Khloe is a babe. She’s big…and who gives a shit? She’s a doll. I think she’s be great to cuddle up to in bed on a cold stormy night.

    Hmmm…maybe she could get her two lovely sisters to join us.

    BTW, I had a girlfriend who was taller than I am. So was her sister. When I walked down the street with one on each arm other guys would watch us go by and would wonder if maybe I can lick my eyebrows.

  28. Is this knocked up whore married yet?

  29. California Red

    there are days when reading this site makes me want to join Al Qaeda. What have we come to where people are famous for absolutely no reason? I call it the age of Paris.

    In days gone by our worship of celebrity sports heros, musicians, and movie stars was based on some talent that they we could enjoy. Not so much with many of today’s “celebrities”.

    It is only in hope of reading Randal’s wise words that I refrain from joining the jihad.

  30. Sienna

    So vain she won’t buy maternity clothes.

  31. kev

    khloe is beautiful….and normal, unlike plastic surgery whore kim.

  32. Stupid Looking = Fashionable

    Is this equation correct?

  33. Darth

    That used to be Khloe Kardashian’s bikini top?!

  34. Gando

    That necklet used to be Kloe Kardasian’ bracelet.

  35. #35, wtf is a “necklet”? It’s necklace, moron.

  36. Mr Semprini

    The only thing I think about when I see this is that her genetic line will continue. This is not a good thing.

  37. Mongo

    watching this family slowly implode in their faux-celebrity is remarkably similar to watching those time lapsed mug shot collections crack whores.
    Wait……….no, its “exactly” like that…..

  38. ADRIANA***

    wtf kim nice job… good way to try a save yourself……. what a fucked up sister, and KIM you fucken lier you DO NOT wear a size 2, i wear a size 2 and my ass doesnt have its own zip code tell the truth fat ass

  39. ADRIANA***

    p.s khloe is a hot bitch

  40. ADRIANA***

    p.s khloe is a hot bitch

  41. ADRIANA***

    p.s khloe is a hot bitch

  42. Can you believe someone actually takes pics of this plainster? What is wrong with our society?

  43. lamees

    seriously i love them all, kort is so cute and she looks adorable if she can wear her sisters clothes then good for her,

  44. coco

    I think that you assholes out there need to get a life.. I love them and they r all beautiful

  45. joy

    Khole is the only really beautiful face in the bunch.
    I think she is naturally striking and those she keeps her level of warpaint 3 notches lower than the rest you really she her.
    She can also rock the glam look impeccably.
    I also agree of the gaggle of them I prefer her demeanor.

  46. Kelly

    I am all for using what you have, and she looks really cute so whats the big deal? I just use JCPenny coupons for my cute wardrobe.

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