Kourtney Kardashian poses for Maxim

April 8th, 2009 // 120 Comments

Here’s Kourtney the Tiniest Kardashian posing for the latest issue of Maxim. Let’s take a moment to marvel that she’s even alive considering the majority of her day is spent underfoot of Sasquatch and Thunderdome. Which is truly a testament to Kourtney’s strength, resolve and uncanny ability to fit into mouse holes.

Photos: Maxim

  1. Kathryn

    She is not photogenic at all, but I would have to say she is the best of the sisters

  2. I wanna have filthy lesbian sex with this hot midget!

  3. cavy

    She’s the prettiest sister, but she is dead behind the eyes – I love watching the show just to see how mean she is…not mean in a horrible way, just in a twisted way (she’s hilarious!).

  4. These are hot pictures too,,,Scientist should definitly clone Kris Jenners’s cervix, vigina, and vulva. just in case we need to repopulate the earth…

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  6. i will tag all three sister at ones +mother lol.

  7. RichPort's Ghost

    RichPort’s Ghost would do unspeakable things to this little sand nigger.

    RichPort’s Ghost’s right hand would get jealous.

    RichPort’s Ghost speaks about itself in the 3rd person when it gets nervous…..

    RichPort’s Ghost likes Armenians, they’re the only creatures hairier than itself.

  8. Clitorium

    She looks like the girl that prepared my chicken burrito this morning!!

  9. MCcains tumor

    #16 you are so funny, I guess its better to be a white guy that holds his own children hostage and impregnates his own daughter….much better life.

  10. PunkA

    Calling her the hot sister is like calling death by bullet better than by fire or drowning. It still sucks no matter what. And so does she.

    PS she is not hot. Her face lacks any natural feminine beauty. She’s a talentless drone.

  11. JustMoi

    As far as her face, she is nowhere near as pretty as Kim. However, I like her body much better than Kim’s. I’d take it in a heartbeat.

  12. Boonie

    Without airbrushing and spray tans, these whores would be relegated to the 3rd-rate brothels they deserve.

  13. poo

    she looks like a turd i just released into the toilet.

  14. dbo

    Shes pretty hot. Way better than that fatass Kim… biatch’s cellulite makes me want to puke

  15. Jamal

    I is in love!

  16. jt

    wow. fake boobs with no personality. lovely.

  17. Gah…. My dick just ripped through my pants….

  18. ShamWOW

    Kloe is a cute little piggie.

  19. Jim

    She may look like monkey, but I’m betting she certainly isn’t as smart as one!

  20. Hitechredneck37

    Id stick my reciprocating saw in that azz

  21. cureholder

    Finally, someone has a pictorial of the only true beauty in this family. And she looks good—a little classy, a little innocent, just a touch slutty. Perfect.

    And short. I do love the short.

  22. Caroline

    A black man invented Peanut Butter. His name was George Washington Carver. Next time your racist ass is eating a pb and j, I hope you fucking choke on it.

  23. alisa

    sasquatch and thunderdome? are you kidding me……….. khloe is only 5’9. THATS NOT EVEN THAT TALL. if anyone above 5’5 stood next to kourtney who is a petite 5 feet they would obviously look bigger. and kim lost weight.. her body looks great.

    32- ummmm wow you’re dumb. siblings can take on different genetic genes from their parents.
    60- what natural feminine beauty are you talking about?she doesn’t look feminine? am i missing something here? i didn’t know there was a certain way a woman was supposed to look in order to look like a woman..
    62- she’s always had this skin color..
    64- kim doesn’t even have cellulite anymore.

    you all are so pathetic……

  24. REggie Bushie

    Sorry white cracker honkeys. She only lets black cock in her snatch, mouth, and anus.

  25. Genocide

    @74 – Well thats a good thing, the chances of her dying of AIDS is that much better…

  26. Vic

    Oh who gives a fuck??? NONE of the Kardashian sisters is a NATURAL beauty. The choices include: 1) monster; 2) decent body/ugly face; and 3) artificially constructed urinal.

    FUCK MULTICULTURALISM. It’s a completely fake idea, foisted on us by whiny politically correct assholes.

    A hot young white girl is better than any of these 3, any day. (sorry, Armenian girls with moustaches under natural conditions just don’t count as white)

  27. Holly

    Hey- here she is being her SUPER HOT self !!

  28. Genocide

    rofl at holly ive been using that link for ages…. btw its not what it clames to be and it is NSFW do yourself a favor and dont follow #77 link. just give it to people you hate and never want to talk to again.

  29. phoring

    She must be the hot one

  30. fribble

    George Washington Carver did not invent peanut butter. Look it up, you ignorant fool.
    Oh, Jesus wasn’t black, either.
    And Cleopatra was Greek, not black.
    Any other idiotic notions you’d like cleared up?

  31. Holly

    I’d like to add to #80 by remarking that female hyenas have penises.

    ‘Doesn’t seem relevant but somehow I’m sure it is.

    A BITCH WITH A DICK! <-no longer an urban legend

  32. fribble

    Yes, female hyenas have a pseudopenis. And they GIVE BIRTH through that thing!

  33. James

    “Inappropriate or promotional comments may be removed,” it says…

    Yeah… right.

  34. Hitler Jr

    She fuck negros also?

  35. She wanna mean something to americans?
    there is only one possibility: “GOING HUSTLER magazine”!!

  36. Kourtney is pretty cute.

    None of these Kardashians are so special that Maxim couldn’t EASILY find hundreds of photo subjects that are far superior, though.

    @61 – I thought Kim looked like a pinted cartoon caricature with face implants in her EMINEM article a few posts back. Kourtney is pretty unremarkable overall, though.

    @73 – Nothing but lies and more vicious lies.

  37. pinted=painted. 2 lbs. of makeup.

  38. His Huge Greatness Himself


  39. Soup

    Thank you, #33. You made my day. And I loved the “Ta-da” flourish at the end. Mah-velous!

  40. oulj

    wow i didnt know photoshop came with shovels.

  41. tc

    I would like to fuck this.

    Can anyone please let me know who to contact, and how much it would cost ?

  42. Tied for the hottest Kardashian.

    Poor Khloe.


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  44. celeb

    Wow,..Her boobs are so big!!!Does anyone know what she is dating with a young handsome millionaire on “C e l e b m i n g l e . C 0 M “?

  45. Napoupi

    There’s a lot of airbrushing going on in there…

  46. Deva

    Kim getting pissed on (literally) was the best thing to ever happen to this douche of a family.

  47. feckless

    @30 No shit! I’m bleeding all over from those paper cuts inflicted by Randal. When he decides to get mean, without any warning, consequences are dire. **pushes plate of cookies towards Randal with foot and slowly backs out of room**

  48. The low self esteem and sex on the first date aura are just leaping off of the screen.

  49. Jim Lahey

    How is this whore famous again?

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