Kourtney Kardashian is possibly the hotter one

January 2nd, 2008 // 100 Comments

In case you couldn’t tell, it’s Bikini Day on The Superficial. Our next contestant is Kim Kardashian’s older sister Kourtney who was spotted at South Beach yesterday with her boyfriend Guy That Should Be Me. Well, at least I thought it should be me until I foolishly stopped looking at her chest. I caught a glimpse at Kourtney’s chipmunk teeth, and I think my penis just screamed a little.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, Pacific Coast News

  1. I need to start taking my holidays in the us. Check out some american hotties

  2. RENEE...

    Oh God, not another Kardashian. One was more than enough.

  3. me


  4. KC


  5. me

    and second.

  6. Racer X

    She’s okay but Kim K. is WAAAAY HOTTER!

    /it’s my duty to inspect the booty

  7. omg

    omg. whats wrong with her teeth? dumbass

  8. Joe C

    She is most definitely the hotter one.

  9. dr.pepper

    i like kim’s face a million times more.
    this one looks like she should work at taco bell
    kim looks like a persian queen.

  10. dr.pepper

    i like kim’s face a million times more.
    this one looks like she should work at taco bell
    kim looks like a persian queen.

  11. Me

    too much space between those boobs.
    especially pic # 5.
    kim is hotter

  12. Sarah

    She’s looking more like Kourtney Mustachian, if you ask me.

  13. 123

    grossssssss. theres no way that shes hotter than KimK. she looks like an ugly mexican.
    theres a reason the hotter sisters are more famous….because theyre hotter? duh. look at beyonce, jessica, paris, kim. its always the hotter one thats hotter.

  14. DVD

    Wow, even in the salt water they do it.

  15. I like her boobs

    Those boobs are nice

  16. Kim

    He’s probably just rubbing his boner up on her, instead of tinkling to give her real pleasure.

  17. a

    down syndrome sunglasses

  18. juls

    wow I guess attention whore runs in the family
    get a bikini top with more fabric.

  19. I’d fuck her, skin her, and burn her. No penalty, because she’s not white.

  20. Nikky Raney

    walking disaster

  21. Bane

    Pretty hot for a sub-primate. I’d poke her if there weren’t any humans around.

  22. George Best

    what is with the white dude? Parents will be pissed.

  23. Vince Lombardi

    I never thought I’d say this, but I’m jealous of Bruce Jenner.

  24. SUPES

    Those are implants people. Disgusting.

  25. LMAO


  26. Auntie Kryst

    Who let that ugly gypsy loose on a beach? I hope the other people were keeping their eyes on their valuables.

  27. What’s up with the Kardashians and wearing shades while “swimming” in the ocean?

  28. Agtha

    Soon there will be lots of algae.

  29. asss

    wow her boyfriend looks like such a DOUCHE!

  30. steve

    I’d like to make a nice comfy sweater out of all the hair that’s removed from both girls in a week.

  31. bitchyass

    @13: thanks for clearing things up with this elaborate conclusion!

  32. Nikk

    The spelling of her name annoys me immensely.

  33. kardashgustin

    looks like michelle rodriguez. by the way what’s with all the racist remarks on here?

  34. I preffer Kim, definitely. Kourtney is too skinny. Kim has much more beautiful features and a rounder body.

  35. Dr. Enema

    @9 & 10

    A Persian (giggle) queen?
    …and you thought it so good, you posted twice.


  36. grobpilot

    Nice cans. Hate the fucking dinner plate sized sunglasses.

  37. 10pound

    I would fuck Ron Paul before I’d tap anyone from this family.

    I’ll pee on them though, sign me up for that.

  38. Al Gore

    Sigh. When will they learn? It’s wrong to dump garbage in the ocean.

  39. sportsdvl

    What the hell did they eat as kids to grow those tits that damn big???

  40. Alexandra

    She’s hotter and smarter than Kim – classier as well.

  41. Zim

    I agree, she’s much classier. She puts down a little plastic before the pee parties.

  42. Sheva

    She’d look better without the fake breasts. She’s much better than Kim though. Since I’m white at least I know there’d be a shot. She’s also nicer it seems, and although she may not be smart, she can’t be dumber than Kim.

    Kim is dumb as a rock.

  43. Those sunglasses look smart and functional, if unstylish.

    That dudes got pudding pecs.

  44. wastedOne

    ok we get it she is doable – but WTF is up with goofy ass homeboy nobody mentioned? What a douche!

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  46. Erica

    I think she can do better than him.

  47. doalo

    Both fugly as hell.

  48. Erin

    Hey I have that suit! OH…. Sorry Yah Im with you #47.

  49. mrs.t

    Planet of the Apes. The End.

  50. gotcha

    what’s with the covering up of the ass?

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