Kourtney Kardashian ‘forgot’ to take her pill

August 13th, 2009 // 65 Comments

Seen here in New York today with The Wookie Queen, Kourtney Kardashian revealed to Ryan Seacrest that her pregnancy was the result of her forgetting to take her pill. Tee hee! Us Magazine reports:

Getting pregnant with Scott Disick — with whom she recently reunited after splitting in February — was unplanned.
“This probably sounds so dumb, but there’s so many times I’ll forget to take my pill and I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. It’s just so stupid,” she admitted.
“Kim…I don’t think she was envious, but who knows,” Kourtney went on of her sis, who recently split from Reggie Bush. “Kim gets mad if I get, like, the car that she wants. She, like, freaks out.
“Out of all of us, I was definitely the last one that was even thinking about it,” Kourtney confessed, adding that she’s due around Christmastime — the same period as another E! reality star, Kendra Wilkinson.

E! Television Headquarters. January 2009.

EXECUTIVE: So, Kourtney, Kendra, we brought you here today to suggest the two of you get knocked up so we’ll have an easy and effective publicity campaign for your upcoming shows. Our in-house doctor suggests conception within the next 3-4 weeks will create the perfect timeline.
KENDRA: Whoa. Wait. — Will this mean more money?
KOURTNEY: And attention?!
KENDRA: So should we just get naked on the tables now or what?
KOURTNEY: What she said.

Photos: Splash News

  1. @ 10 – He reminds me of those preppy murder type guys (Robert Chambers, Lyle and Erik Menendez), except more fat and greasy looking. Why do these girls have to scratch around for losers to date?


  2. Rhialto

    She’s the oldest of the Kardashian’ sistas.She’s even pretty proud to be first? Isn’t it?

  3. gotmilk?

    jesus christ 37, it’s not that big of a deal. no one is making you take a pill. i assume you chose that form of birth control yourself. well, choose another one if it’s such a fucking burden, or better yet, get a fucking hysterectomy and spare us all from being subjected to your offspring.

  4. Gando

    @52 Her mother will stop whining.

  5. Sheryl

    First off, if you that deathly afraid of getting pregnant then take birth control pills, along with not letting the guy finish in you AND wear a condom. And yes to the know it alls, sometimes you get sidetracked and forget to take the pill. I have forgotten plenty of times, and taken it the next day and I very rearely take it at the EXACT time every day and am still not pregnant. Then again, I also never let my husband finish in me either. I take mine in the late morning at work or on the weekends I am up already. This is why you don’t take them at 6 am. I don’ think she should have announced this publicly either though in case the kid reads this one day, which I’m sure they will and think “yay I was a huge mistake any mommy let the whole world know”

  6. Nero

    These bitches love to be breed as often as possible.

  7. Darth

    She discovered her pregnancy late,isn’t it?

  8. google me

    she is officially dumber than even kim.

  9. Martina

    It’s official, evolution has failed.

  10. Tiffany

    Who really cares, honestly some people on here are wayyy too upset over this issue, and it is scary. At least this girl is old enough and can afford a kid unlike half of the morons out there who do not have the capacity to even understand how to put a pill in their mouth.

  11. Zenith


    Lol! No doubt Robert Chambers!

    Kourt could have found a man that loves her more than she loves him and would be happy and secure. She lost a good chance of finding a good man by having this jerks baby.

  12. Emdizz

    Its pretty hard to get pregnant just by “forgetting” to take a pill. Like it was said earlier, you’d have to “forget” to take a pill for over a month for your body to even be able to become pregnant (and this is extremely rare), and it takes up to a year for all the hormones and affects of the pill to go away. Most healthy women have to wait that entire year just to conceive after they stop taking the pill. There is no way she could possibly just “forget” and get pregnant- it was most likely intentional.

  13. zig

    kardashian? she’s a muslim, whats she doing with a skimpy dress like that! it’s completely innapropriate!!!

  14. Lollyg

    Has anyone else noticed how different Kourtney Kardashian looks? It’s very obvious to me she had something done to her chin and nose – she had this bulldoggy look to her face before and she’s looking more like Kim now. There’s no way she looks different because of a new hair style – her face just looks SO different – she’s actually somewhat pretty. She’s always had the personality of a dead tree….am I the only one that’s noticed the change???

  15. honestly some people here are wayyy too upset over this issue, and it’s scary. At least this girl is old enough idiots out there who put a bullet in his mouth to have the ability to understand a child can give out the opposite half.

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