Kourtney Kardashian flashes her panties

July 22nd, 2008 // 46 Comments

Kourtney Kardashian, the oldest sister who doesn’t maintain a steady diet of an entire yak, flashed her panties yesterday while having lunch with her boyfriend in New York City. While these pictures look conclusive, I know this family’s propensity for bullshit. That’s a stunt crotch. Trust me, I’ve seen numerous female nether-regions in my day (Read: 1.5), and this one’s a fake. I bet it’s made of chicken wire and silly putty just like E.T. If you start seeing little kids take flight on their bikes, don’t be surprised. Also, call me so I can bust out my BMX. Whee!


  1. p911gt10c

    This is what they call “talent” in their family.

  2. Possibly the worst panty flash of all time.

  3. Those are panties??? What, boxers? Yuck, I have more attractive “period panties”..

  4. to be honest:

  5. Deacon Jones

    These are almost as fake as the Steve Guttenberg pics. She’s actually giving the “ya got that?” look to the photog.

    Do a porn or something BUT-HER FACE!

  6. JimmyBachaFungool

    Nice to see a feature on the hottest Dash sister. She’s cute-a-liscious.

  7. Yikes!

    It looks like she is wearing diapers! Yikes! Kourtneys mom taught her and her sisters how to over eat and act like a skank.

  8. A-1

    Gross! Those look like boxers. What a slut, sitting in a skirt with her legs open. Doesn’t she have any manners? What is it with celebs showing us their panties like whores? And I agree with #3! I will also mention that even if she does overeat, she does have a great body. I’d love to find our her secret.

  9. One

    well, what can she do? she’s just “the other” Kardashian sister. She’s just Kim’s sister. I’m sure she gets jealous sometimes; espc since Kim is prettier. So she’s got to flash her jailhouse boxers…what the?!! All that being said, I can’t stand any of them and they need to get over themselves because no one will give two squirts about ‘um in a few years. Espc once Kim gets the complete middle age spread (she’s already half way there).

  10. Richard McBeef

    As a perv myself, I can tell the difference between flashing one’s panties and uncrossing one’s legs. This is the latter. If you are a fucking perv and need some good jack off fodder, find a girl sitting down and wearing a skirt. Wait for her to get up or uncross her legs, and just for a second you can see up her skirt.

    There is no difference between someone hiding in the bushes with their dick in their hand and a papparazzo hiding the bushes with their camera in hand. Except one will get put on the sex offender registry.

    Somebody should start killing those asshole paparazzi.

    That said, fuck those kardashians.

  11. Deva

    I really don’t understand what Americas’ infatuation is with these little cunts. They have no talent, offer nothing to society, but take everything from it.
    Maybe if people stopped paying attention to them they’ll go away.

  12. Sammy


    It does not cost money to go on this site and we are not contributing to their financial gain. I do not buy tabloids or watch their reality show and this is a great way not to contribute to their financial gain.

  13. Diana

    Who are these people ans why are they always in the news? Can’t anybody find something more intresting to show? Hey, I know-over at Cuteoverload they’ve got a bunny who can open envelopes with his teeth. Much better than someone showing their undies. At least the bunny has CLASS and can do something USEFUL.

  14. Miss Manners

    It is common sense to keep ones legs close together when wearing a short dress or skirt. When one crosses their legs while wearing a dress/skirt; one should keep their legs close together at all times. When one gets up from a chair or out of a car; keep the legs crossed and then slowly uncrossed ones legs while keeping the legs close together when one is getting up. I’m not surprised her mom did not teach her manners because Kim did a porn tape.

  15. Capt. Jack Sparrow

    This is confusing.
    She is sitting with a white dude?
    That breaks all family rules.
    Radiator hose receptors they are….

  16. Deva

    #14 When you have no talent, your father is famous for getting a murderer off, and only shot at being “famous” is that you can show your knickers, can you blame them?

    #12 Totally agree 100% however, if everyone (press, paparazzi, media, television, US!) would just stop feeding into their antics, we could concentrate on more important things.

  17. havoc

    Seeing how this doesn’t involve Kim, I fail to see the relevance. If you are going to show panty flashes, please make sure its Kim.


  18. Superevil

    Enough with the non-celebs please.

  19. metalman

    could we get back to bikini shots please?

  20. Sam

    You have to look more carefully at the entire picture. See how she’s bracing herself with her left arm? The panty flash is secondary – she got caught doing a one-cheek sneak. Notice how she had to clean her glasses because they fogged up.

  21. Where's Darkwing Duck?

    She has ugly legs

  22. BigJim

    Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!

  23. PantyShotsFromRealWomen

    Panty shots by fugly women don’t count. Please stop with the pics from women like these kardishians. Get some real women. Celebrity is useless unless the celebs are good looking. Cheers

  24. Does her vagina work at footlocker?

  25. MOMO

    shes hot.
    What nationality are they again?

  26. jade

    This isn’t kourtney, it’s the other dopey sister, khloe….fyi

  27. Lola

    they’re Armenian…. and i freaking love those Chanel sandals she’s wearing… hey she could be completely pantie-less and looking worse… I love her hair in the 2nd picture

  28. This family will definitely do anything for attention so this picture is not a shock

  29. Suddenly, fish for lunch sounds appealing…

  30. She’s cute! Her sisters? Eh… not so much.

  31. She’s cute! Her sisters? Eh… not so much.

  32. jaded

    It’s not Khloe…she eats in a stall, not at a table.

  33. literarycritic

    @26: It’s not Khloe, dumbass. I could see you mixing up Kourtney and Kim as an honest mistake, but Khloe is the only one who looks white. Are you stupid or something?

  34. andy7171

    I’d like to wrap her legs around my neck and use her as a feed bag!

  35. charm

    her hair looks scraggly, it needs a trim.

  36. I Got Taste

    Yeah, who cares which one it is… they’re all fucking skanks! Please stop any and all articles about the “piss on me” quadruplets. I’d rather put my penis inside Ellen Degeneres than have to look at those working girls.

  37. Sash

    This just shoes how draping a bunch of designer clothes on yourself does not instantly give you style!

  38. boully

    Grandmo’s panties so gross…

  39. boully

    Grandmo’s panties so gross…

  40. Jeniffer

    I’m just a bit curious.The Magazine HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP reported her profiles were found on the famous wealthy dating club R I C H L O V I N G.C O Mlast week and she was seeking her new guy there now! BTW, The girls there are really hot!

  41. dustbunny

    those look like super short shorts, not panties.

  42. CAA

    MORE proof the entire Kardishian “family” from the low life “daddy” (whose claim to fame is defending OJ) to the end of the family tree is a VH1 plot to create empty faux “celebs”. Of course it doesn’t HELP that sites like THIS one do everything they can to perpetuate that……. :bonk:

  43. Supposed2Be@Work

    OMG! Who cares if she shows off her underwear! Wait,obviously me,since I read the report,AND commented on it! Ugh, I think my IQ just dropped….I just…can’t…look…away…

  44. LoveCelebGossip

    You people have got to give her some credit for wearing something under her dress!…..atleast she isn’t pulling a Britney!!!

  45. Tom W

    I would love to smell those panties no matter how ugly those look.. I’ve always fantasized her farting in my face while i ate her juicy box out..

  46. Tom W

    I would love to smell those panties no matter how ugly those look.. I’ve always fantasized her farting in my face while i ate her juicy box out..

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