Kourtney Kardashian births Mason Dash Disick

December 14th, 2009 // 76 Comments

Kourtney Kardashian gave birth to Mason Dash Disick this morning, according to both E! Online and Life & Style because only a Kardashian could sell exclusive rights to two different outlets:

Mason Dash Disick (yes, the middle name is the same as the family’s boutique) arrived at an L.A.-area hospital, tipping the scales at 7 pounds, 6 ounces, and measuring 19.5 inches.
“A boy is definitely needed in this family!” Kourtney told E! News in October. “Scott and I are thrilled to add a little boy to the bunch.”

She named him after the store? Someone’s going to have some explaining to do when that kid gets older:

MASON: Mommy, why is my middle name Dash?
KOURTNEY: Shut up and get in the weather balloon. Khloe, cut the tether!

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  1. Organized Mess


  2. FunkyNutbar

    Fat Bitch

  3. Inmate #2648927

    Animal husbandry.

  4. michelle

    so many interesting misspellings for that last name….

  5. msnasty

    so sad that there is another whoredashian in the world!

  6. jkhjkh

    WOW, dash????? hwadfashfhadjkkhahahah, man those bitches have no shame at all. they should just do hardcore porn and get it over with. better they gag on a cock than open their stupid fuckin mouths. shit.

  7. Hiya

    Inmate #2648927. I think I am in love with you. When are you getting out?

  8. msnasty

    these whores are so disgusting.

  9. Dank

    The kids middle name is seriously the name of their store? Jesus christ, originality doesnt run very deep with these chicks does it? I heard something else of there’s was named Dash too….a dog maybe? I get it cause your last name is KarDASHian, clever…now think of a new name for that poor kid. Its bad enough his one of aunts are sasquatch and a self righteous whore plus his father is a flamming douchebag. Cut the kid a break.

  10. David Hasslehoff's Beer Farts

    Who is this person and who really cares about her.

  11. DIRK

    That’s all the world needs – another bastard child!

  12. Jen

    MASON: Mommy, why is my middle name Dash?
    KOURTNEY: Shut up and get in the weather balloon. Khloe, cut the tether!

    -superficial rocks! LMAO

  13. You realize this is someone famous for being the SIBLING of someone who is herself famous only for BEING FAMOUS.

    New low?

  14. Sport

    Another talentless media whore is born. Yay.

  15. gotmilk?

    i’m sorry, why are you posting this and who actually gives a fuck?

  16. sunshine

    I’m pretty sure the French spelling is Douche.

  17. Lloyd Johnson

    So the boy’s last name is Snoop Dog for penis?

  18. I’d be more worried about the last name….DICKSICK

  19. Anexio

    It’s interesting to me that her stomach looks like her sister’s ass.

  20. Some of you people are evil…OMG… sounds like jealous to me. or maybe your ugly and she not. The world of HATERS!! get a life..

  21. who dat

    The kardashians have tapped into the sub 80 iq crowd.

  22. Name (required):

    Why are they evil?
    Better yet, why is ANYONE in that family “famous” except Jenner?
    Let’s see…
    Daddy was a big-time lawyer who made lots of money.
    Daddy died. Left the girls a chunk of money.
    One sister becomes famous for being a “socialite”.
    Bangs a black dude (of course) on camera.
    Now the entire family is “famous”.
    Seriously. Who gives a flying fuck about this family.
    They can all contract AIDS and die for all I care. The world would be much better off.

  23. Name (required):

    Oh…and the saddest thing is:
    She was the hottest (and smartest) Kardashian there is.
    Anyone wanna take bets on how long before the 2 youngest daughters get knocked up or are rushed to the hospital on a drug-overdose?

  24. marie

    Dash is from Kar-DASH-ian. It’s not just the name of their store.

  25. Come-Honor-Face

    According to E!………Mason is in talks to have his own reality show entitled “Keeping up with 2 whore-ish aunts, and a grandmother with more botox in her face than should be humanly allowed”….. Summer 2010

    Executive Producer – Ryan Seacrest

  26. kat

    Disick …..that shit just messes me up LOL. LOLLOLOLOLO

  27. Jay Popeski

    You people should walk a mile in Kourtney’s shoes before you judge.

  28. Tony Gabone

    psh…….Mason Dash Dis Dick!!!

  29. Jackspratling

    I understand why Kim is “famous” (sex tape). Not sure at all why Courtney is “famous.” Is there a secret preggo tape waiting in the wings? One can only hope.

  30. hard boiled pegg

    Living proof that being impregnated by a nigger dick makes you even uglier and worthless than you were before.

  31. joe schlabotnik

    Dash? seriously? why didn’t you name the bastard Hundredyard?

  32. Dank24

    #24 you’re a moron, I know this. We all get the play on words.

  33. Dank24

    I take that back. 31 is an even bigger moron for not getting the Dash thing

  34. Fruity

    I seemed to have read that pregnant chicks had raging prego sex hormones up the ass. I was hopeful that my wife would want to screw a bunch while she was pregnant with our first baby, like I had read some women do.

    That was total bullshit! Not only was there no sex, it was like anything within the realm of human sexuality didn’t exist. I mean we could have done all sorts of other stuff, but OH NO, not a thing.

    Anyway, I hope that you guys out there with a woman whose pregnant get luckier than I did, and that she wants to have freaky prego sex all the time. To all my brothers out there that get totally shut out, you’re not alone.

  35. Andrew

    thesuperficial.com should be changed to keepingupwiththekardashians.com.

  36. J

    Did she shit out a chimplet or did she give birth to a human infant? I know her sisters are coalburners.

  37. Evolution

    Since the spouse is a negro, I assume it was a chimp.

  38. Paragon

    I want to do Kim in the butt while she does Kourtney with a strapon. Am I bad?

  39. L

    the dad’s not a black guy you idiots. he’s white. her sisters are the ones dating the black guys.

  40. L

    the dad’s not a black guy you idiots. he’s white. her sisters are the ones dating the black guys.

  41. L

    and who cares if they are dating black guys? you nerdy white guys are just mad that you can’t get girls this hot.

  42. What the?

    Wasn’t she only pregnant for, like, two weeks?

  43. Dirk Diggler

    These girls are useless, vile media whores, yet I’m beginning to find 2 of the 3 attractive.

  44. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    Poor kid, going to be raised by piss loving slutty gypsies.

  45. krys

    Why do some white people get so pissy about the Kardashians dating black guys?

    For one, it’s almost 2010.
    Even most of the KKK hung their hoods up years ago.
    Secondly, they’re not even white chicks. Go back to being pissed off about Hedi Klum or Elin Woods, and fucking settle.

    I, for one, don’t care what goes in (or comes out of) the vagina of this insipid twit.
    Five bucks says that she forgets the baby somewhere before month 6.
    Like in the mirowave.

  46. spicy

    DUDE. this boy’s name sounds like a rape prevention tactic. ARE YOU SERIOUS!? WTF IS WRONG WITH CELEBRITIES THESE DAYS!!! WHY IS IT OKAY TO NAME YOUR CHILD SOMETHING SO OUTRAGEOUS> spicy is pissed off.

    apple?? rumor??? honor?? mason?? WTF

  47. spicy

    dear god how did i leave out BRONX MOWGLI cant wait til all of these children fucking change their names

  48. spicy

    dear god how did i leave out BRONX MOWGLI cant wait til all of these children fucking change their names

  49. pimp

    i’d fuck her in her whore ass…after i ate it of course…

  50. Skeeter McPeeter

    At least the kid is white.

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