Kourtney Kardashian’s Boyfriend Rode The Big Boy Rides At The Fair

Apparently the hottest place in Los Angeles¬†over Labor Day weekend was not Burbank, but the Kawani Club’s Chili Cookoff in Malibu. Everyone from Charlize Theron to Scottie Pippen was spotted scarfing chili down as blazing fires ravage homes a few miles east – but not the actual Katie Holmes, she was at the chili cookoff, too.

Of course, you can’t have carnival rides, cotton candy, and ring toss games without children and Kourtney Kardashian brought both her actual kids as well as her boyfriend, the 23-year-old manchild Younes Bendjima. It should be noted that these were on separate trips because I assume Younes doesn’t like sharing his carnival game tickets with Kourtney’s actual kids.

I love this guy. He’s my new favorite guy in Hollywood. I love how idiotically photogenic he is when paps snap him out with his girlfriend. He always looks like Kourtney just gave him permission to eat pancakes for dinner and she reminds me of someone who took a “revenge bang” a bit too far… oh, did I mention Lord Disick himself was also in attendance? With… somebody, I don’t know – it’s not worth keeping track anymore.