I Think Kourtney Kardashian Just Realized She’s Dating A Child

Kourtney Kardashian’s revenge bone against Scott Disick is starting to show his age. Born in 1993, Younes Bendjima is 14 years younger than Kourtney and it often shows. Here we have him bolting out of a car as paps try and catch the exact moment when one of Kourtney’s boobs escapes from the black vice/paperclip holder thing she’s wearing as a dress. My guess is that he’s probably really cranky (most kids get cranky when they’re hungry) and didn’t feel like waiting up for his sugar momma.

The look on Kourtney’s face says it all as she stops to wait up after stepping out of the SUV, only to have Younes leave her in the dust. I think there’s a reason why few have heard him speak ― that must be part of their contract.

Younes: “Ugh, another party? Are there going to at least be any kids my age at this one, mom?”
Kourt: “Seriously, if you call me ‘mom’ one more time I’m not taking you to see Nut Job 2 this weekend and I’m going to take away your allowance…”

*Younes bolts out of the SUV, avoiding paparazzi and leaving Kourtney behind to wonder if getting back at Scott is worth this.*