UPDATE: Kourtney and Scott Got Engaged

Because scripting new ideas for reality shows is hard, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick reportedly get engaged on the season finale of Kourtney and Kim Take New York, according to Life & Style:

“The season finale, which has already been filmed, ends with Scott proposing and Kourtney accepting,” an insider close to Kourtney tells Life & Style, confirming that the once rocky couple is officially engaged. “It’s been really hard for them to keep it quiet. She’s so excited for the finale to air this April so she can finally go out in public with her ring on. She wears it at home all the time.”
The Kardashian clan has finally warmed up to Scott, accepting him into their close-knit crew, but don’t expect them to spill Kourt’s exciting news anytime soon. “The family is really happy about Scott and Kourtney’s engagement but they’re trying to keep it a secret so it’s a huge surprise on the show,” a second insider tells Life & Style.

I love how this story tries to pretend the Kardashians are keeping Kourtney’s secret as it conveniently cites two “insiders.” Because I guarantee if I broke into Life & Style headquarters right now I’d find vouchers made out for raw steaks and ass wax.

KOURTNEY: Alright, who was it?
KIM & KHLOE: Not me!
KOURTNEY: Then where’d you get the butt wax?
KIM: I dunno.
KOURTNEY: And that T-bone?
KHLOE: Kid on the bus.
KOURTNEY: Fine, we’ll play it your way. First one to tell me who did it gets this black pen-
KIM & KHLOE: WE DID IT! Mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine!

UPDATE: False alarm a.k.a. publicity stunt.

Photos: Getty, WENN