Scott Wants To Fight Kourtney For Custody, Good F*cking Luck

“Kids, come meet your new mommy!”

For the past few years, Scott Disick’s life has basically been a wandering path between knocking Kourtney Kardashian up and disappearing for weeks at a time with random models while relapsing on booze and coke. It’s the kind of stable parental history that any family court judge loves to see, which is why Scott claiming he’s going to fight Kourtney for custody is such a goddamn joke. Via Radar:

“Scott will fight Kourtney to the bitter end if he has to, because there is just no way that he will let her do this,” the source explained. “He doesn’t think the kids are in any danger. He told her she can f*** off.”

The “source,” who used the alias “Ass Momma K, no for real, it’s me, Kris Jenner” and whose forked-tail was barely concealed by her pants, also alleged that Scott accused Kourtney of being a drunk who “hides it well.” It would be great to imagine their three children being raised by anyone other than Dead-Eyed Salad Girl and Part-Time Patrick Bateman until you realize they’d likely get placed right into the custody of their butt whore factory manager grandmother. Which brings me, as it usually does with any Kardashian post, right to fuck everything in existence. Are you watching new exoplanets? Don’t do what we did with ours, we spoiled it. Just send your trash down here. We may as well embrace being the landfill of the universe.

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Photo: Fame/Flynet