Kourtney Kardashian Probably Has To Pay Scott Disick Child Support

If you’re like me, you’ve probably wondered why Kourtney Kardashian keeps taking Scott Disick back when I’m easily just as skinny and useless and a self-destructive asshole when I’m drunk. (Seriously, call me.) Turns out, she’ll have to pay him a shitload of money if he ever escapes. Page Six reports:

Kardashian, 36, reportedly wants the children the majority of the time, but Disick, 32, is likely to get continual payouts from her since she is the higher earner, a family law attorney tells Page Six.
“Children have the right to live in the lifestyle of both parents regardless of where they are,” explained Goldie Schon, a California-based family law attorney.
“While Scott may only have the kids 10 percent of the time, because [Kourtney] is such a high-income earner it’s very likely she would pay him child support. If Scott wants it and pushes it he will likely get child support from her,” said Schon.

Fortunately for Kourtney, I’m sure Scott’s way more interested in spending quality time with his kids than getting a massive buttload of money for doing jacksh- BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! He’s not. He’s not at all. I guarantee if you put a gun to his head and asked him what their names are, he’d say, “M. Bison and Wallaby?” There’ll be no mention of a third one.

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