So Kourtney Kardashian Could Lose Custody of Mason If She Refuses A Paternity Test

May 16th, 2013 // 43 Comments
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Back in 2009, I posted about a male model named Premo Stallone who claimed he was the real father of Kourtney Kardashian‘s baby because she hooked up with him 10 months before Mason was born when she was on a break from Scott Disick. The whole story went away pretty quickly and nobody thought anything else of it. Except, surprise, Premo (Real name: Michael Girgenti) is suing Kourtney for a paternity test and if she refuses to take one, he could be awarded custody of Mason. Via Hollywood Life:

A California lawyer tells EXCLUSIVELY that if Kourtney refuses the test, the judge can technically give Michael custody of Mason:
“It is theoretically possible that if she declines the judge could rule against her and grant Michael paternity and the rights that go along with that. Shockingly, California Law permits anyone that alleges that they are the father of a child to sue for paternity. The court is required to order the genetic testing and if a party refuses to submit to the test, the court may automatically grant the other party paternity. That means that if Kourtney refuses to submit to genetic testing, the court could find Michael is the father and would award him visitation rights and he would have to option to sue for custody.”

Of course, a simpler solution is to let Khloe sniff Mason and then whoever she tracks down first is the father. It’s practically foolproof unless Kris Jenner forgets to take the Snausages out of her purse. In which case, those will be the father.

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  1. JC

    So, here’s the rundown on Mason:

    Mother: Kourtney
    Grandmother: Kris
    Father: Poor man’s American Psycho or a dude named Premo
    Aunts: Wookie, ugly sofa that smells like pee, various soon-to-be-child pornstars
    Uncle-to-Be: Gay, rage-aholic douchebag

    Just become a street hustler now, kiddo. It’ll be better.

  2. Deacon Jones

    Kris Jenner’s eyeballs turned into spinning slot machines when she heard this.

  3. cc

    Father: or equally as likely some random dude who is wishing right now he didn’t tell any of his friends he banged Kourtney in washroom stall, outhouse, alley, over the hood of a car or what have you.

  4. Urbanspaceman

    No court in California will rule against the Kardashians.

  5. Hung Well

    Kourtney is the least annoying of all the Kardashian sisters. But that’s kinda like saying herpes simplex-1 is the least annoying of all the herpes viruses.

    • And you know this how ? lol

      • Paris Hilton's cervix

        Trust me, the guy knows what he’s talking about.

      • Hung Well

        I’m no epidemiologist (so don’t attack my numbers, they are merely guesstimates) but about 80% of Americans carry HSV-1 and a significant number carry Zoster (aka “shingles” in old people or “chickenpox” in kids) and HSV-2 aka Genital Herpes. From my memory of micro-bio class about a decade ago, most people worldwide carry 6 of the 8 herpes viruses but immuno-suppression prevents these from causing major problems. So HSV-1 which causes the typical “cold sore” on the mouth, IMHO would be the least annoying herpes virus. Don’t know much about HHV-7 so can’t speak to its annoying-rating per McBeef.

      • HSV 1 prefers the mouth and HSV 2 prefers the genitals, but they switch back and forth like James Deen picking holes on Farrah Abraham.

        HHV 7 usually has no symptoms and when it does they are relatively minor. You get it before you 5 and that’s pretty much that.

      • before you’re 5. meaning 5 years old.

      • @Hung
        I read your stats and took from them that I am possibly the only uninfected person on the planet. Now I feel all Chuck Hestony and lonely.

    • HSV 1 and 2 are among the most annoying herpesviruses. I’d pick HHV 7 as the least annoying.

  6. Oh come on!!! She won’t lose custody of Mason, she is his mother and has been there from day one. She has done nothing to “lose custody”, she is deemed fit. This Premo douche, if he is the father will most likely have visitation in the beginning, get JOINT custody, and he’ll have to cough up some child support. He will also have to be monitored around Mason, you don’t just hand over children to complete strangers even if they are the parents. Social workers will have to do home studies to make sure this Premo guy is able to properly care for Mason and they’ll have to check to make sure his home is safe for him.

    I think this guy is making this up for publicity. He makes a fuss, gets his name out there from these alleged allegations. She takes the test….oops! Not his, oh well. If I was Kortney in that situation, I would sue the shit out of him.

  7. Sheppy

    Kris’s plot lines are so inventive!

  8. Jim 6

    That lawyer is an idiot. In order to claim fatherhood, he needed to try to provide some sort of support to Kourtney during the pregnancy, and then he only has two years to try to get any parental rights.

    • Indeed. And not just “anybody” can claim paternity: if Kourtney were in fact, eh hem — MARRIED — then no one could question paternity except the husband or the wife (in California anyway). So much for that bullsh!t line that a “piece of paper doesn’t mean anything.”

      Kourtney would have been better being married to the father of her two illegitimate children instead of shacking up as she does. ( I hate Dr Laura: this is the law.)

  9. “…because she hooked up with him 10 months before Mason was born”

    Now I’m no fancy big city lawyer, but I think math is working against this fellow. My understanding is that 10 is a bigger number than 9.

  10. “California Law permits anyone that alleges that they are the father of a child to sue for paternity.”

    Maybe I’ll go this route. Not that I ever fucked her, but I’d like to. Hell, maybe she’ll make a deal…

    • Careful. She just might pawn Mason off on you. Kris Jenner prizes female offspring over the male, because you just can’t whore boys out. She’s only one step removed from Craster the Wildling.

  11. Kourtney Kardashian Khloe Kardashian Swimsuit
    Commented on this photo:

    “The court is required to order the genetic testing and if a party refuses to submit to the test, the court may automatically grant the other party paternity. ” Um, get a new lawyer. They don’t just give kids to random strangers who haven’t proven paternity yet. What an idiot, and because of that statement alone makes it a likely fictitious story.

    • One thing courts absolutely detest, and punish harshly, is a party refusing to acknowledge the court’s authority. If this guy filed papers with the court asserting paternity and demanding that she comply with a request for dna testing, and she refuses, then it would create a situation where anyone could thumb their nose at the court and be rewarded for it (meaning she could defeat the paternity claim of this guy simply by refusing to obey the court’s order that she comply with dna testing). I can believe the court has the power to award the guy custody if she refuses to submit to an order for dna testing.

  12. If she refuses to provide a DNA sample, the court will subpoena one, simple as that. They won’t just award custody to someone, based on his say so, especially someone who actually chose a name like Primo.

  13. Jamms

    That child looks just like Scott. Not true!

  14. Kel

    That kid looks just like Michael J Fox in werewolf form.

  15. Kourtney Kardashian Khloe Kardashian Swimsuit
    Commented on this photo:

    LOL why the fuck is that random guy claiming to be Mason’s father

    • i am also from brisbane lol but anways hes NOT random they slept together while her and scott were taking a “break” and also have u seen the random guy?? looks EXACTLy like mason!

  16. AnitaC24

    Why would anyone wanna link up with that family of knuckleheads??!!

  17. Sally

    With a name like Premo Stallone, I just have to shake my head!
    Mason looks like Scott, and for Premo to say his baby pictures look like Mason, in my opinion, it is no, no, Premo.All babies have fat cheeks, and Mason and his baby pictures similarities stop there. Lots of people have brown eyes, Premo’s eyes are small, Mason’s are big with the longest eye lashes ever. He takes after Kourtney with the eyes. Premo says Mason is dark like him, please, Mason looks Armenian and Jewish, not Italian, and no Premo his ears are like Scotts look at the lobes. Besides who is advising him?it is not so easy to get a paternity test. Scott probably has signed Paternity claims through the hospital, he also has been Mason’s father throughout, emotionally, financially etc. Mason also lives with him and Kourtney. So its not going to be easy at all for Premo, otherwise everyone will be claiming everyone’s children.

  18. Darlene

    Only a court can order a DNA test. The model has had all this time to get a court ordered test and he has not. Kourtney is probably waiting for it to go to court, which is wise, instead of caving into a stranger’s DNA demands, because if she does, he might say it was rigged, or she might be fair game for deluded strangers in the future, claiming her kids.Mason is Scott’s child, he looks just like him.

  19. Martin

    I saw Premo Stallone’s nose in another picture. It is looong. Mason’s nose does not look like that.
    His name is Premo Stallone? Hmmmm.

  20. allison

    And what if Mason is his ????

  21. justsaying

    It makes me wonder if in reality Kourtney knew that mason might not be scotts son and that’s why she hasn’t got married to him. Think about it? Both of her sisters running down the isle to get married but her “hell no”. ” Two children and sleeping in separate beds/rooms” ? I’m just saying…

  22. next1

    The next gossip headlines will be some female(s) coming forward stating ” Scott fathered my child”. Kris is really making money with all this and she is cashing in big time, the next vacation they take will be a country/planet that they bought.

  23. Kourtney Kardashian Khloe Kardashian Swimsuit
    Commented on this photo:

    Just when the Right Whale is finally recovering, she jumps in water.

  24. Kourtney Kardashian Khloe Kardashian Swimsuit
    Mama Pinkus
    Commented on this photo:

    what exactly are they vacationing FROM?

  25. Kourtney Kardashian Khloe Kardashian Swimsuit
    Mama Pinkus
    Commented on this photo:


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