So Kourtney Kardashian Could Lose Custody of Mason If She Refuses A Paternity Test

Back in 2009, I posted about a male model named Premo Stallone who claimed he was the real father of Kourtney Kardashian’s baby because she hooked up with him 10 months before Mason was born when she was on a break from Scott Disick. The whole story went away pretty quickly and nobody thought anything else of it. Except, surprise, Premo (Real name: Michael Girgenti) is suing Kourtney for a paternity test and if she refuses to take one, he could be awarded custody of Mason. Via Hollywood Life:

A California lawyer tells EXCLUSIVELY that if Kourtney refuses the test, the judge can technically give Michael custody of Mason:
“It is theoretically possible that if she declines the judge could rule against her and grant Michael paternity and the rights that go along with that. Shockingly, California Law permits anyone that alleges that they are the father of a child to sue for paternity. The court is required to order the genetic testing and if a party refuses to submit to the test, the court may automatically grant the other party paternity. That means that if Kourtney refuses to submit to genetic testing, the court could find Michael is the father and would award him visitation rights and he would have to option to sue for custody.”

Of course, a simpler solution is to let Khloe sniff Mason and then whoever she tracks down first is the father. It’s practically foolproof unless Kris Jenner forgets to take the Snausages out of her purse. In which case, those will be the father.

Photo: Fame/Flynet, Splash News