Kourtney Kardashian Claims Paternity Test Proves Scott Disick Is Mason’s Father

Did I have to use the breastfeeding pics? Yes. Yes, I did.

Back in May, Premo Stallone, I refuse to call him Michael Girgenti and you can’t make me, went to the press saying he was suing Kourtney Kardashian for custody of Mason after she refused to submit him to a paternity test that would prove Premo isn’t the real father. She’s since had Scott Disick and Mason take a DNA test, via non-court ordered, independent third party, and blasted the results to TMZ claiming it proves Scott is the real father. Except Premo is fully aware of the den of hairy vipers he’s dealing with and is wisely calling bullshit:

Michael Girgenti tells TMZ, he saw the DNA test results TMZ posted on Thursday, which Kourtney got from an independent lab, showing that Scott is Mason’s dad — but Girgenti insists those results could easily have been forged.
As a result, Girgenti is refusing to back off his paternity lawsuit, in which he claims he knocked up Kourtney in 2009 after meeting her at a photo shoot … and Mason is the result.
Girgenti tells us he won’t be satisfied until a court-monitored DNA test is conducted.

Good. Smart move. I wouldn’t believe a fucking word these people told me unless I physically saw them take the test in front of three judges, a priest and goddamn Superman. Although, he gets kind of weird in these situations and always asks if DNA tests work on Kryptonians. Something about some kid with asthma and watching him when he sleeps. Shit creeps me out.

Photos: INFdaily, Splash News