Kourtney Kardashian Will See Kim’s Selfie And Raise A Bikini Photo

Earlier in the week, Kim Kardashian took her first selfie of 2017, which was supposed to be a big deal except she was riding in a car with the goddamn Devil and it was boring AF. So here’s Kourtney Kardashian in a bikini, which I’m obviously biased towards because it’s a scientific fact that she’s the hottest (of the soon-to-be obsolete models). I poured a bunch of chemicals into a beaker then a puff of smoke shot out and spelled “No one likes Kim anymore. She’s dumb.” Bill Nye was there. He saw the whole thing. — Or was that an invisible rabbit? The important thing is I drank whatever that stuff was and then lived a thousand years in the Forbidden Realm. It was okay.

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Photo: Instagram