Korn’s Jonathan Davis Has Read Obama’s Secret Communist Muslim Illuminati Playbook

February 20th, 2014 // 44 Comments
Jonathan Davis Opens His Mouth And Crazy Comes Out

Posted by Photo Boy

Welcome to the Photo Boy site takeover, which despite the quivering desire of my entire being (Fellas?), will not be a day of nothing but Prince Charles posts. Instead, you get my rambling attempt to fill Fish’s shoes for the day, so I figured why not start out with something light, like politics. Here we have Korn frontman Jonathan Davis who’s convinced that Miley Cyrus is a creation of Obama‘s administration, a vagina screen if you will, designed to pull the labia over our eyes while he makes himself a dictator or some shit. Light the candles and being the incantation, TMZ:

… right in the middle of LAX, Davis spewed a theory about Obama using celeb scandals as a “distraction” … while he screws us out of our freedoms.

While Obama may be the drone-friendliest president we’ve ever had, and Miley Cyrus has literally begun blowing political figures onstage, it’s pretty unlikely that they’re connected in any way. Wait, hang on a second, I’m getting a breaking report on the wire here. *holds shoe to ear* We’re getting early reports that new legislation is being drafted which will require minority voters to show proof of purchase of Miley’s new album Bangerz before being admitted to their polling places. Barbara, get me Glenn Beck on the line! And prepare the bunker! Operation Gold Harvest begins at dawn.


  1. Greg

    Drugs and loud music, rot the brain from within.

  2. The 90′s really has some shit to apologize for. Just because you gave us Eddie Vedder doesn’t mean you get a pass for this guy and Fred Durst getting famous.

  3. Rubick's Doob

    Korn ain’t no Pussy Riot, that’s for sure.

  4. Deacon Jones

    KORN was always the shit that white trash listened to.

  5. JC

    I thought he summed up his political beliefs quite succinctly in the song “Freak on a Leash,” when he opined, “URRM RUM DUM RUM URRM DUM URM URRR!”

  6. The Most Interesting

    “Cut down the tall trees!”

  7. alex

    Sure they aren’t related….Argo fuck yourself.

  8. Jiminy Cryptic

    The Obamanati control everything………..

  9. I always like to get my political tidbits from musicians who named their band after something that’s in a turd. true story, look it up. also, this guy is a fucking idiot.

  10. C'mon

    COM’MON Commenters, get a clue. Read something scholarly for a change. This guy is a little nutty, wasted on drugs and can still see through Obama. Compare him to other presidents in your lifetime. Obama is a celebrity, not a president. Bush could run laps around this guy. Compare him to Clinton! Obama has done every single thing he said he wouldn’t, extended every single thing he said he would end. Everything he ran against Bush for, became his policy. We “left” Iraq on Bush’s date to leave. Gitmo is still open (remember his campaign about that?). Obama called Bush to thank him after “capturing” Bin Laden. This president has done nothing but set us back and put this country on hold when we needed someone to lift us up after Bush. Maybe some dumbass kids will read about Obama after seeing this…maybe.

    • You know what I miss about the pre-internet days? It was way easier to spot crazy people. They’d be standing on the corner yelling at cars, handing out poorly mimeographed copies of a newsletter, and usually holding or wearing a sign citing the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion.”

    • Ian

      Obama is a total asshat; and is the only person that has saved Jimmy Carter from going down as the worst president in contemporary American history. But…

      …it was through The Patroit Act passed by a Republican controlled House and signed by Bush in 2001, and then reauthorized in 2006 that has stripped away many of our freedoms.
      Obama and other Socialists (née Progressives) that now populate the Democratic Party are no friend to the average American citizen; but neither are Bush or the old-line Republicans.

  11. now we know why korn is dennis miller’s fav band.

  12. Eric

    If Bush was president, Pajama Boy, I mean Photo Boy would be cheering him on and screaming “Truth to power, Bitch!”

    • How quickly people forget that, if nothing else, George W. Bush lied and finagled us into an illegal war that took the lives of thousands of young Americans, not to mention millions of Iraqis. That is absolutely the vilest, the most unconscionable act ever perpetrated by a sitting POTUS, and as such deems Bush, and his administration war criminals just a step below the Nazis.

  13. kind of surprised fish didn’t go on a white guilt-ridden rant again.

  14. gigi

    some of that isn’t crazy at all… and social media proves it every day

  15. I bought one of Korn’s CDs back in the day, when they were just becoming popular. I ended up giving it to my brother (along with my Static X CD), because after a few listens I started being able to discern the lyrics, and they were literally so fucking stupid I couldn’t stand to listen to either CD anymore without cringing.

    So there’s that.

  16. freya

    Can we please have an Anti Obama that have an IQ of at least a hundred.and someone whose not suffering from undiagnosed form of Paranoia

  17. dreamcrusher

    He may be crazy but that doesn’t mean he is wrong. Barry Obysmal’s fresh new idea is Marxism. From 1870. I know your libtard brains will default to ‘ But Boooosh………’ but that is not the subject here. Oprah never covered it so you need to learn what Marxism means by yourselves. Look how well it works in Cuba. They have been an armed prison camp for 50 years.

    Also, Barry looks like a madame in a New Orleans bordello.

    Educate yourselves, bitches.

    • ReaganSucksDicksInHell

      “Educate yourself” says the generic conservative moron that has no idea what Marxism actually is and is just spouting republican talking points.

  18. James

    He is correct. To say the media does not use celebrity nonsense to distract the mindless public from the real criminality of this administration is not even a conspiracy, it is fact.

    There is not even any denying it.

  19. Mitch

    Why would Presidente Obama want to distract from the incredible success that The Affordable Care Act has been. This all makes no sense!

    We really need to get the FCC involved in every aspect of the media from Radio to TV to the Web to make sure that everyone is toeing the party line.

    Thank You Dear Comrade Obama for a Happy Childhood!

    • ReaganSucksDicksInHell

      “Squawk squawk” says the generic conservative parrot.

      • Mitch

        Awe, did I hurt your feelings you clueless, ignorant f*ck?.

        When will the American people wake up and realize that ALL politicians, Republican and Democrat, are nothing but thieving criminals. The belief that one party is better and actually has the citizens in mind is just proof that you are a moron.

        Your wet dream Barack Obama is nothing more than a carpetbagger. Too bad your IQ is far below that of a retarded chimp to allow you to see otherwise.

        Now tell us, what was it that Reagan did to you that has you so bent decades after he left office? Did he give it to you no lube, Mister T style? You still bleeding from the butt?

  20. back in the day George Carlin said the government loved how we were using gadgets to keep us preoccupied. while we have our faces in our smart phones the man can continue to do his shit. Jonathan is just bat shit crazy…he probably wears an aluminum foil hat at home…..

  21. shut up and sing

    I watched the video and didn’t hear anything “crazy”. Of course if
    you suckle on Obama’s limp dick, then you will call anyone that
    comes out against him “crazy”

    Obama isn’t the antichrist or some evil dictator but he is the worst
    President in modern history.

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