Kobe Bryant’s Wife Files For Divorce, And Guess Who Never Signed A Prenup

December 19th, 2011 // 55 Comments

So remember how Kim Kardashian suddenly said she’s ready to get married again? I’m sure this has nothing to do with it. TMZ reports:

According to the legal docs, Vanessa is asking for joint custody of their 2 daughters — 8-year-old Natalia and 5-year-old Gianna — but Vanessa is asking that Kobe get visitation rights, which means she wants the kids in her care most of the time.
We’ve learned the couple has NO PRENUP, so 29-year-old Vanessa is entitled to half of the empire Kobe built over the last decade.

And apparently half of that empire rounds out to $100 million which Vanessa Bryant will probably be forced to split with the intricate web of Basketball Wife Spies who cracked this case wide open if cracking a case wide opens means their husbands gossip like old women at a sewing circle:

Our sources says Kobe’s teammates were blabbing to their women about the superstar’s exploits … and those women in turn gave Vanessa the head’s up. We’re told talk of Kobe’s exploits lately increased in frequency.
According to our sources, the players often swear their wives to secrecy before dishing on their fellow ballers … but that secrecy is rarely kept. We’re told the women all share information about other guys around the league … in part to ensure word will get back to them if their man ever steps out.

Wow, what an incredible league of detectives. I can’t even imagine what their day must be like. “Do we find out how much pussy Kobe Bryant is getting on the side, or solve the mystery of who brought store-bought cookies to the bake sale? Let’s do the easy one first: It’s 100. 100 vaginas. And… mimosa time!”

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  1. facefuc


  2. MLVC

    Kobe is just like Jim Carey in Dumb & Dumber…they both had a “rapists wit.” Stupid ass. His wife is a piece of ass.

  3. Kobe Bryant Vanessa Bryant Divorce
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    Does anyone not notice her nips hanging out

  4. Malcolm X

    Funny how so many rich black men make sure to wind up with non white but also non black women. Makes one think black men hate black women. Racists.

    • ED

      The stupidity of your comment speaks for itself.

    • Liz

      Funny how so many pretty straight women go not only for men, but for men who are not totally effeminate. Makes one think that straight women hate themselves – else they’d be sleeping with other women, amirite?

      Seriously, personal perferences are just that. Personal preferences.

    • Farakkkhan

      You’re spot on. They can’t marry a white chick or they’ll be shunned by their own community but they definitely don’t want a “real” black chick so they either go asian, latina, mixed race or the lightest skinned black woman they can find as long as she isn’t white or really black.

    • Cleavon Little

      Where the white women at?

      • Schmidtler

        why would they marry any woman at all, if their intentions are to keep plowing every willing piece of poon they run into on the road?

    • Tallywacker2000

      Totally true, A rich black man will ALWAYS go white.

      • ghost_soldier_3

        I don’t know bout other dudes – but real talk – as long as she treats me the way i want that’s what I go for – black, blue, green, red – doesn’t matter – its the person she is…and btw there’s two sides to a coin cuz sometimes its cuz either they like white chicks cuz they’re easy and what not OR they don’t like black women cuz guess what – when a man comes home he wants peace and comfort in a woman, not a battle. People might hate me for saying this – but bottomline is once a woman has a REAL GOOD man but doesn’t treat him right he is NOT gonna stick around and take it – on the flipside dudes that screw over their wives and stuff are a-holes – if you have someone dedicated to you, you in turn must be dedicated to them…the thought or idea of another shouldn’t even be entertained….

      • Bambi46

        So what the hell do you mean Mr. ghost_soldier_3. You must be white and don’t have a clue as to what the hell you’re talking about. You make it sound like black women are incapable of being kind, good to a man, and full of harmony. Obviously you haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing a QUEEN. If you’ve had any kind of pleasure coming from a sista, then that’s exactly what it was. NOT A QUEEN, don”t get it twisted. So know what you’re talking about before you open up your trap.

  5. anthonyOA

    Kobe is a retard. He’s going to hand over 50million and his children over to a woman that only had to pretend to love him for 10 years. *golf clap*

  6. Liz




    I don’t care if she’s a gold digger (and, considering he got her when she was a seventeen year old HS student, I don’t think so). I have no sympathy for him.

    • Get over it

      ha ha ha … everyone should just chill the F out!
      Kobe doesn’t care for your sympathy or others…they don’t call him “black mamba” for nothing. He’s a stone face killer on the court and he will move on from this personal miscue. Any woman who thinks by marrying a superstar athlete(or a regular bloke) is going to stop him from dipping in some other putang is a fucking idiot. Marriage is over rated anyways, governed by laws created when pilgrims roamed the land which benefit women. Times have changed, women have moved up in the workforce, they have rights, they throw that pussy out there just as much as men pull there dicks out and they can vote now, haha. …dick still commands the pussy though.
      No one loses here…She is set for life…Kobe will continue to generate millions…daughters will still live a lavish lifestyle while having both parents around… so everyone wins.
      Go Lakers!

  7. Kim Jong Il's Ghost

    I’m pretty sure there was something in that post about marriage and basketball but all I could concentrate on were the titties.

  8. Josh

    To be honest, they deserve having all their money taken for marrying women like those on basketball wives.

  9. Drundel

    Its cheaper to have her killed.

    • Taylor Swift's Tampon String

      Great point…is Robert Blake available??

    • pornstar

      not necessarily. finding a professional killer for hire, is harder than one might think, especially when one is as rich/famous as Kobe, the stakes are higher. 9 times out of 10, the gun for hire, will blackmail you some point down the road, because let’s face it he/she is a gun for hire, not a specialized doctor working in a private clinic. At some point the gun for hire, runs out of money, spending it on toothless hookers, cheap malt liquor and sun visors he/she will black mail you for more money. The best option he has right now is too fake his own death.

  10. Venom

    I guarantee you that Kim Kardashian has been banging Kobe for at least a year now. You think that golddigging piece of shit went to all those games with Khloe and was not working this angle?

    She has spent her whole life working for this, an A list number one pro athlete.

    And on a side note this half bullshit needs to end. Vanessa did not do a lick of work in all the years she was married to Kobe. Give her $20 million and the house and tell her to have a nice day and even that is too much. These courts are out of control. My buddy in the NBA pays $21,000 a month in child support for his kid, that is ridiculous.

    • Seriously?

      Don’t forget the $10 million dollar yellow diamond ring she got to “look the other way” when he was first found to be cheating – so he could say he was sorry. And she took the ring and looked the other way. Hmmm… wonder why it’s all changing now? I’m sorry, but I don’t feel bad for this woman. She hung in there because she wouldn’t DARE leave all that money and material possessions. And now she’ll get even more. A whore is a whore…. and this one just gets better paid for it.

    • pornstar

      guys like ‘your buddy’ need to spend more time on fancy pants lawyers instead of gold teeth and rap chains. Expensive lawyers get you air tight pre nups, cheap ones get you fucked.

      • Venom

        You need to spend more time in school and learn the difference between child support and spousal support. Child support has nothing to do with marriage. He was never married to the mother of his child. Child support is based on your income. He has an almost 9 figure contract, you don’t think he has great attorneys?

        Gold teeth, rap chains??? He is in the fucking NBA, what NBA players do you see with gold chains and gold teeth you ignorant racist?

    • BE

      I have no sympathy. He picked a TEENAGER out of all the choices he could have made. Guess he figured he’s raise her up as a “proper” look the other way NBA wife, huh?

      She deserves the 50 million for the humilation and potential STD factor alone. What humiliation? For having every female that was an adult when she married him go “what you thought he’d be faithful? Hahahahaha!”

      I’m so sick of idiots marrying children and expecting something good to come out of it. Kobe gets a FAIR 50 million penalty just for that.

  11. The Royal Penis

    When I read in Fish’s article about “Kobe’s empire” I can’t help but snicker to myself.

    Is it an empire of sluts? Of rape victims? I know conventionally people think “money” or “business”…but really…what is he hocking these days? Men’s cologne, “My Schwety Balls” scent or something? Maybe “Ode de la rapista”?

  12. it had to be said

    Oh, basketball wives. How do you figure these things out? Is it when Kobe has to buy a massive diamond ring for the wife after his rape trial? Maybe Karl Malone told her. There’s a history there.

    By the way, I’d bang Kobe’s wife like . . . a man wildly sexually attracted to her.

  13. adolf hitler

    prenup or not, that shit is a damned crime. the laws really need to change. its ridiculous. half your earnings for a person thats basically a condom for a living. absurd.

  14. Kobe tore up the prenup during the rape investigation to keep her by his side.

  15. Randal(l)

    I guess Jellybean was right after all.

  16. That Bastard Tony

    I’m not calling Kobe’s soon-to-be ex a gold-digging ho, but there are women out there that know how to engineer a marriage to fail and make it appear as though it is entirely the man’s fault. All she has to do is give him some like twice a year and pick fights with him at any given opportunity (which is easy to do when you really know somebody). He’ll trick off, get some on the side and once it becomes public then that’s all she wrote.

    Then again, she could have been a very accommodating woman who gave him some daily and he just got greedy. Considering that was the most expensive piece of ass he ever got, I hope it was worth it.

    I’m starting to think marriage really is obsolete.

    • pornstar

      Tony, I don’t understand what point this comment is trying to convey, as I, don’t eat 12 pound genoa salami sandwiches while clipping my toe nails, however, allow me to imagine that you are taking a quick smoke break in your bulldozer, and you found a lap top, which doubles as your ashtray?

  17. skunk

    marriage is obsolete if your rich and famous. every basketball player cheats, and the women all know it.

    • That Bastard Tony

      Every basketball player, football player, rockstar, rap star, movie star and so on. As Bill Maher and Chris Rock have both said, men (and people in general) are only as faithful as their options. As long as some women are willing to accept it, it will remain the norm.

  18. Daniel Tosh

    Once you go black, you’re a single mom.

  19. Kobe Bryant Vanessa Bryant Divorce
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    No pre-nup, Kobe? Guess who’s turn it is to take it in the ass now!

  20. Amy

    He deserves it. He cheated first…she stuck by him, and she probably had enough. And why should her quality of life suffer because they divorce? It’s his fault anyway.

  21. Kobe Bryant Vanessa Bryant Divorce
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    Ha, Ha you jackass, now look who’s going to get fucked and fucked royally! I hope she takes your sorry, stuck up, self-centered ass to the cleaners you fucking LOSER!!

  22. Real Woman

    Wow, I am astounded at the opinions of so many! As a black woman, I am not offended that many black athletes are choosing women of other ethnicities to screw over and use. Frankly black women are tired of this SHIT! So, take that loser and let us move on to men of other ethnicities. Frankly white men need to stop behaving like puppets and allowing peer pressure to keep them from getting with black women. White women have been chasing brothers for decades, it’s time for some payback.
    Regarding Vanessa Bryant, she was courted by Kobe at a , young age, humiliated in front of the whole world and dealt with 10 years of consistent infidelities. She deserves half, even if his ass wasn’t a millionaire you IDIOTS, in many states 10 years and two children entitles her to half. I don’t care if she was a gold digger, he married a young girl thinking she would be a quiet show piece while he fucked everything moving. I would take his ass to the cleaners!

    • @AllEyes

      Totally agree. Except the part with “white women have been chasing…”. It is not about “colors”. As a white, I have no preferences, a stunning woman is a stunning woman no matter she is white, black, chinese, … Regarding athletes, they all cheat for one reason: they have too many testosterone in their body (intensive sport, use of performance-enhancing drugs…) and they always on the move/travelling, what does they expect?

      • Bambi46

        Come on @AllEyes, you know good and damn well it always boils down to color, because it always has and always will. You weren’t exactly innocent in what you had to say either. And it isn’t just athletes that cheat, its all men. And if they don’t, they are sure to break the ice at some point in their lives. (that’s the nature of a man).

    • Tallywacker2000

      GO GIRL! U-HUH!

  23. Kobe Bryant Vanessa Bryant Divorce
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    big smile BIG SMILE

  24. Vernon

    Damn bitch deserves this!! And so does Vanessa

  25. Anon

    It’s amazing how much mimosa time looks like marisa tomei when you’re drunk and high.

  26. Kobe Bryant Vanessa Bryant Divorce
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    Oh my god! Those Boobs!!!

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