Kit Harington Shirtless, Anyone?

If you’re a regular reader of this site who enjoys women’s giant breasts, butts, and vaginal noodle holes, every day is a goddamn smorgasbord for you. But if you don’t like that stuff, frankly, I don’t know why you’re still here because my writing is terrible. Just the worst. That said, every once in a while I try to toss you a bone on the off-chance I find one, so here’s Kit Harington shirtless, which hopefully does something for you, but probably won’t because I have no idea what women (or welcomed cock-loving dudes) find attractive or else I’d actually get invited places. Sexy places… ♫ I wanna be where the people are, I wanna see, wanna see them danc- *gets punched out by Photo Boy*

P.S. Possible boner, two o’clock.

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Photos: AKM-GSI