Kirstie Alley is thin-ish!

September 21st, 2005 // 27 Comments

Thin_Alley.jpgIn case you haven’t seen the new Jenny Craig commercials where Kirstie Alley chases a child around the screen and managed to not eat him in a kiddie pool filled with teriyaki sauce, the former Cheers actress has now lost 50 pounds by regularly exercising and limiting her calories through a diet plan.

“When I got fat, I was being stupid. It was a little bit like when I used to do drugs,” says Alley, who has long been sober. “Before I stopped doing drugs, I had to spiritually get a grip and go, `What do you want your life to be like?’”

So let’s review, shall we? She was a drug addict, and everyone liked her more than Shelley Long. She got seizure-inducingly fat, and everyone still liked her more than Shelley Long. Now she’s losing the weight and won’t leave us the bloody Hell alone, and everyone still likes her more than Shelley Long. Shelley Who, you ask? Exactly. But if Shelley Long gained over a hundred pounds and walked around going “Fettuuuccineeee!!” I bet you’d know who she was then, right? Or she’d just be some crazy fat lady. But I’m pretty sure “Crazy Fat Lady” is still a step up from “Shelley Long.” Just sayin’.


  1. HillaryYoung

    Thin-ish? She’s an still an effing cow, actually. And her face is melting or something… Wait. She’s just OLD. And a cow. An old ugly melty cow.

  2. Tommy Cruise

    Hey, did you know that you can change “This is in” to read “Thin I sin”!! I just thought that was interesting. BTW, Kirstie always was better in the sack than Shelley. Even now.

  3. cbgblena

    There is NO WAY she only ballooned up to 200 pounds if she has already lost 50 and has 50 to go. She is 5’8. If she lost 50, she would weight 150, which is a healthy weight for her height. I am 5’7 and weigh 135 and I am thin. Also, if she still has 30 pounds to go, that means that she plans on weighing 120. That is actually underweight for her frame. By the looks of her pics, she has got to at least weight 170, which means that she was at least 220 at her fattest. I am guessing it was much higher than “about 200 pounds.”

  4. bone_daddio

    i’d still ride that all night long.

  5. Ms. Dilligaff

    Aw, I like the fat Kirstie *and* the thin cokehead Kirstie. But I still think George Wendt was the best on the show.

  6. seminole

    I once had three-way with Shelley Long and Rhea Perlman. Long story short, Shelley was alright but Rhea was amazing. It was like, she had something to prove. Or, she was just ecstatic about a break from Danny DeVito.
    Either way, amazing.

  7. islandgirl1981

    Aight, there is NO WAY this bitch weighed 200 lbs…. her real weight was so much closer to 300. Anyone who has eyes can see this! I can’t believe she is getting paid to lie to the American public!!! no wait a min, yes I can..

  8. Lord Helmet

    I’ve always wanted to do her

  9. Rach-tastic

    Yeah, fat people and druggies do have some intrinsic similarities, that’s for sure. Thumbs up for being relevant and sensible as always, Kirstie.

  10. stinkypinky

    200-ish? My ass. 250 is more like it.

    How nice it must be to get paid a ton of money just to lose weight and bounce around on a giant ball in the Jenny Craig commercials. Then again her career had hit rock bottom anyway so she could use the publicity and the money.

  11. You people are mean! I think it’s great Kirstie lost the weight — more power to her!

    As for Shelly Long, she is an idiot. She ditched Cheers at its peak, and for what? I bet she’ll be kicking herself for that for the rest of her life.

  12. lotusflwr

    Anyone rich and famous can lose 50 lbs — with personal trainers, chefs, maids and personal assistants, one would have all the time in the world to exercise and get fit.

    Amazing, though, how she got fat, then used her fatness to re-get rich and famous, and then used her new fat richness/fame to get skinny again. Ingenious really!

  13. mela

    Sure, losing weight is probably way easier when you can afford the trainers and special diets, but still… 50 lbs is a lot of weight to lose, so her efforts are commendable. And if her weight loss inspires at least one other person in their own endeavors, then that’s even better.

    With that said, though, yeah, she was sooo way over 200 when she first started.

  14. haggardtrish

    No amount of weight loss will change the effect of the bitch slap that she got from Father Time…

  15. izzy

    uhm? how the heck did she even get that fat? i’m poor as hell, and i stay in shape. i don’t understand people letting themselves go like that… and if you have tons of money and access to trainers and nutritionists you have no excuse at all. running is free!!

  16. CastIronBitch

    First of all, lotusflwr you are so right. And have any of you checked out “her” blog? I don’t really remember right now (too busy sniffing coke off supermodels, I guess) but I’m pretty sure it’s on the Jenny Craig website.

    Anyway, she basically says “I’m not that rich! And I don’t have a cook! Or a personal trainer! I’m just like you! But fatter! And totally not on speed!”

    Alright, I made up the end of that. But goddamn. I’ll take everone’s word that she was sorta kinda hot back in the day, but seriously, when are the 15 minutes up!?!?

  17. VillanovaVixen

    I’m sitting in my cubical trying to stiffle my laugh as much as I can but it’s pretty hard! Though I’m not sure what’s funnier, that “managed not to eat him” comment or that she’s pretending she only weighs 200.

    I do have to say that I’ve always loved Kirstie Allie–I mean, come on, Look Who’s Talking! Fat Actress was a little overdone…but how could you not watch when John Travolta makes a cameo along with the equally famous, Mayim Bialik aka Blossom! ha… I guess the three of them bonded over how hot they were in 1992

  18. Diana

    While I DO think that she weighed more than 200 pounds, cbgblena do you SERIOUSLY think in hollywood weighing 150 pounds is acceptable for someone that is 5’8″?? YEAH right! The only way people WON’T comment about an actress being too fat is IF she is underweight so I think 120 pounds probably isn’t too far off, which means she needs to lose MORE than 50 more pounds.

    BUT regardless I don’t blame her for capitalizing on her weight loss, nobody would shut up about her getting fat like it is ANY of their business. You would think that people had perfect bodies with how they constantly comment about people being too fat or too skinny.

  19. cbgblena

    I know 150 is OBESE in Hollywood standards, Diana. I’m just saying she is a little ambitios if she thinks she is going to get down to 120.

  20. Diana

    Oh okay. Yeah, she DEFINETELY isn’t getting down to 120, and you are right she is NOT 150 right now.

    Although if she doesn’t want to admit that she was OVER 200 pounds who can blame her.

  21. mutterhals

    fat people suck everyone should weigh a buck ten or shoot themselves in the face

  22. Ragin_Pope_Angus

    Scientology + Hostess Cupcakes = No mas career de la Hollywood.

  23. stinkypinky

    Somehow I can’t imagine this woman being ashamed to admit her real weight since she did go on national tv and admit she hasn’t had sex in years. THAT is way more embarrasing than admitting she weighed 250.

    Lots of fat celebs choose gastric bypass surgery to lose 100+ pounds so great she is going at it the hard way.I’m sure the money from Jenny Craig helps.

  24. him_lover

    all right, this whole 200 lbs thing KILLS me. i am 5’10″, 170 and she STILL looks bigger than I do!

  25. Dawn7

    For some reason I really like her. I don’t care how much she weighs either, her personality is honest, and outgoing. I really don’t understand why we are making fun of people being overweight, when people on these comment boards are saying they are certain weights over the healthy bracket as well. Why don’t we have your photo taken everywhere, all the time and see how good you look? You probably still look great weight wise but the focus is on them completely- and the media, and us, when even Miss Beckam’s bony ass looks a bit odd at the wrong angle.. J/W

  26. mutterhals

    Personally, I’m goddamn outstanding and i’d rather see pictures of my fine ass all over the place than this pie wagon

  27. she received the least weight 170, which means it has been at least 220 of its largest. I guess it was much higher than

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