Kirstie Alley is really skinny

February 8th, 2007 // 72 Comments






  1. Lowlands

    Memorial moment.

  2. Nikk The Templar

    Something tells me that these are just really bad pictures….

  3. NicotineEyePatch

    It’s her job to gain and lose weight. Doesn’t anyone understand that?
    Oh, right, they’re all too busy calling her fat to care.

  4. butter_finger

    she still looks better than tory spelling.

    • lmgurl92

      tory spellings can be what ever size she wants. there is nothing going to stop her from being hedious. she looks like a bug. Kristie on the other hand. Has a gorgeous face.

  5. RussianMafia

    Isn’t it her job to “keep the weight off”?

  6. serial snarkalec

    People who wear superfluous belts should be shot by the fashion police. And she has a loooong way to go before hers becomes unsuperfluous. Yes I’m showing off. I can. My hips and ass don’t threaten to throw my back out of whack when I walk.

  7. Lowlands

    While i wipe my tears away with some kleenex,thank you so much Superficial for allowing me to make the first comment.

  8. Ted...From LA

    I agree with #2. Most pictures of obnoxious slobs are just really bad (and by obnoxious slobs I am not referring to her weight). If you look closely at the second picture, it appears to the untrained eye that she perhaps ate Brittney Spears.

  9. bedbugsandballyhoo

    When did Fergie gain so much weight?

  10. Ted...From LA

    I can’t make out what that says on her ass. The only part I can read is, “This vehicle make frequent ?????.”

  11. Anexio

    She’s channeling the ghost of Shamooooooooooo.

  12. leahandderik

    This is seriously halarious…

    I love that she claims she weighs 145 pounds…
    uhm, more like 245.

  13. Lowlands

    The first pic is like she just got up and start to shave.

  14. Ted...From LA

    She should more to Japan and switch careers. Sumo wrestlers are revered there. She already has the belt. She just needs to lose the shirt and learn how to hand-fight.

  15. Ted...From LA

    Person on other end of phone: Paul Revere’s, how may I help you?

  16. Lowlands

    I wonder what company hired her to put their name in panorama on her ass (pic 5&6).

  17. Lowlands

    (16)It’s to SHOW their name *cough*.

  18. #3 NicotineEyePatch

    Are you stupid? I’m actually seriously asking that question. Because, it isn’t her JOB to GAIN and lose weight. She has been hired by a company for weight loss. If she gets fat again it doesn’t make their product look good. What are they going to say in their commercials? “Hey, Kirsty Ally lost some weight and then got fatter then ever on the Jenny Craig Program!”? yeah….don’t think that one would go over so well.

  19. Cratylus

    Somebody get her a party hat.

  20. Dan

    Just remember: she couldn’t've done it without the teachings of Scientology.

  21. Ted...From LA

    Can anyone confirm if she ate the cell phone?

  22. NicotineEyePatch

    #18 – How does one LOSE weight, as per contract, without first PUTTING IT ON? And how many times has she done this in the past, oh, say, fifteen years? She’s been working for them since THE FIRST TIME she gained and lost the weight. Did you honestly think she could get any thinner than she was on Oprah a little while ago? She gets as thin as she can – then goes into exile and FUCKING MAWS! A few fat pictures leak – then fatter and fatter – then she goes back on the weight loss plan – presto! New Jenny Craig ads! New tabloid pictures of how thin she is!

    Are you fucking stupid that you hadn’t noticed this trend for the past fifteen years?

    If she kept the weight off, she wouldn’t have a job, ya fucking twit. Why do you think they’ve kept her on as a spokesperson all this time? Because she’s not ashamed to put the weight on. Repeatedly.

  23. ch474

    Notice how the wide belt draws the attention to her waist … except the belt is so wide it covers everything from the ass to the boobs, with a little flap down the front to cover the flap.

    Oh, and the writting on her ass is Japanese for “WIDE LOAD”.

  24. serena

    they are just bad pictures. and an unflattering belt. only hella skinny people can wear those ridiculous belts. they make the rest of the non anorexic/bulimic population look fat and wide.

    youre all a bunch of jackasses.

  25. Cratylus


    I’m fairly sure that’s a weightlifter’s belt. It’s to protect her back when she scoops her tits off the floor into her bra.

  26. fame is funny

    Isn’t that britney spears?

  27. Pikachelsea


    If it’s so unflattering, maybe she shouldn’t wear it then. btw, in case you didn’t notice, you’re on a site called THESUPERFIICAL. We’ll laugh at her amazingly unflattering apparel and giant butt all we want, kthx.

    Guess what else, dip? Not everyone who’s slender is anorexic/bulimic, as much as I’m sure you’d love to belove they are so you can feel better about your giant rear end.

    And lol at those pants with the emblem on the back. Guess she didn’t get the memo those pants are supposed to be worn by girls who can actually pull it off (literally, even.. how does she squeeze out of those?) and can handle people staring at their butt.

  28. Ted...From LA

    I was wrong about the writing on her ass. Upon further review it says “Buick Century.”

  29. fuctheworld

    come on you bitter fuckers, she does look so much better than before.

    so she is not a coke sniffing, son killing anna nicole smith, let’s cut her a break she looks a TON better than before…

  30. #22 NicotineEyePatch

    Again, I have to ask…are you stupid? Jenny Craig did not hire her, ask her to gain weight and then lose it. She had been out of Hollywood for years. Put on 100 pounds, was a huge fat pig. Then she did her show “Fat Actress” and was hired to Jenny Craig to be their spokesperson as she was LOSING weight.

    Now be a good person and answer my question….Are you stupid?

  31. WiseMan

    What a fat piece of buffalo shit.

  32. saffron714

    @ 27 Pikachelsea thank you for informing Serena that not all slender people have some eating and/or drug problem. Just because most of the women/girls in Hollywood starve themselves, puke or use tons of drugs to stay slender doesn’t mean all of us non-Holloywood women do. Some of us just got lucky and have good genes.

  33. DecorativePoncho

    My only problem with her is that she made such a big deal about weighing 145 when she was clearly bigger than that. She did lose a lot of weight so she should be proud of whatever her actual weight is and keep it real.

  34. Shanipie

    #22 NicoleEyePatch

    Wtf are you talking about? She has not been a Jenny Craig spokesperson for 15 years. AND They would not want her to gain weight and take it off over and over cuz not only is the goal of JennyCraig to lose weight but they are supposedly supposed to teach you how to keep it off. Why would anyone want to spedn all that money just to gain it back once they start eating normal food again. Plus I think if she stayed thin she would make a lot more money because people would want her in movies again.

  35. A.V Phibes

    Remember ladies: Nothing helps to minimize a generous posterior like A GIANT GOLD APPLIQUE!

  36. Prazzie

    Guess who’s due for another auditing session at the Grand Ole Church of Scientology? I’m sure she’s host to at least 17 large thetans inside all of that.

    Let’s all pray to elron now. “Oh please, Great L Ron, make her go away? It hasn’t been the 80′s for a very long time and my head hurts.”

  37. normella

    I seriously need to know where the writer got the term “land whale.” A friend of mine started using it last year and I thought it was genius.

    And Kirstie? 145lbs my fucking ass. I hate when people lie about their fucking weight. It makes those who actually weigh what they SAY they weigh look bad.

  38. I think she ate Tyra Banks (so to speak).

  39. 86

    Oh God o God o God WHY do grown women wear pants with words on the ass. I’m no grandma, or mom, but I still wouldn’t wear that shit.

  40. 86

    Oh God o God o God WHY do grown women wear pants with writing on the ass? I’m no grandma, or mom, but I still wouldn’t wear that shit.

  41. NicotineEyePatch

    Okay, #30 and #34, if I fall short on accuracies of the timeline of her weight loss and gain, or her deal with JC, consider me stupid (and too lazy to look it up in Wikipedia). I’m not a rabid fan.
    I noticed a long time ago – and maybe I have the weight loss companies wrong – that since she left Cheers, and gained weight the first time, her main career has been solely with weight loss companies. Occasionally, a bit part or guest appearance. But fat/thin is her career if you put some thought to it.

    Maybe she just keeps gaining and losing the weight and LA Weightloss, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, whoever, only notice it once she’s fat. Then they offer her a bunch of shit if she 1) endorses their product and 2) says she used said product to lose the weight.

    Jenny Craig is a WEIGHT LOSS empire. So, they would only approach her when she’s fat, right?
    Is it that much of a stretch to think whoever she endorses stands to gain from her getting fat, and might even PAY her to do it??? What else is her motivation to gain and lose weight? What else is her motivation for being in the public eye again?

    I’m saying she’s on fucking constant call with these companies. She makes the money for losing weight. It sustains her for a while so she can go and get fat. Does the company just say ‘hey, we should do a weigh-in with Kirstie Alley’? What I’m saying is NO, because they know how it goes. I’m saying she gets fat and then the cycle starts all over again.

    Sorry I can’t provide you with proof of her contract with Jenny Craig, when I said it’s her job, I meant she has made a career out of gaining and losing weight, so if I’m stupid it’s a matter of semantics. And, yeah, we’ll see how this goes over with Jenny Craig. Anybody remember how it went over last time… or the time before that?

    Can’t believe I’m the only one who’s noticed this.

  42. I can understand criticising and mocking wardrobe choices and romatic flings, but someone’s weight? Of course its a free country and we should be able to make fun of people how ever we damn well please- but its just plain mean to call someone fat. Why do celebrities all have to be thin in order to be likable?

  43. Ted...From LA

    #29 Now look what you did…

  44. lustpockets

    er, when you go on TV parading around in a bikini like your the shit, then you pop up a few months later about two cheeseburgers shy of 250lbs, you deserve every insult you get.

    What a fat undisciplined filthy pig. And a bad actor to boot. Sensible dinner my ass.


    “fist documented”?

  46. Clete

    Granted she is no beauty like Nicole Ritchie, Mary-Kate Monkey, or Kate Bosworth (sarcasm)… she did loose a lot and she has gained a few back. Whatever!

  47. fritobandito

    Yeah, shes 145. In her left thigh. Tell me Parker Stevenson doesn’t go to bed every night thanking God that she divorced his ass!

  48. omelette ze roar

    She’s still in the process of losing weight.
    Compare her to how she used to look.
    In that case, she looks fine, and it’s not like she doesn’t work to lose more weight.

    Give her more time.

  49. wedgeone

    #45 – I was just about to post the same thing. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have given a rat’s ass about Lt. Savvik. She’s got enough ass going on without my help.

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