Kirstie Alley has no shame

November 7th, 2006 // 122 Comments

In case yesterday’s thumbnails weren’t good enough here’s video of Kirstie Alley’s bikini appearance on Oprah yesterday. From the ribcage up she actually looks pretty good. But then my eyes wander south and I get all confused because I thought this was supposed to be Kirstie Alley. On Oprah. How did I suddenly end up at the zoo?


  1. pixel killya

    If she looked good I’d be the first one to admit it because I had a bit of a crush on her when she was on Cheers.

    Unfortunately, that’s the fattest 145 I’ve seen. And those pics of her at 220 are burned into my memory, thus rendering her unlook-able at-able ever again.

  2. lastangelman

    25 more pounds and i’d bang that grandma

  3. Missallanpoe

    Why do you people keep testing our vomiting abilities? My throat can’t take anymore stomach acid.

  4. sexybitch

    Rough on the throat, but still cheaper than Jennie Craig.

  5. Missallanpoe

    #104, true.

  6. I guess everyone that posts on this site has to have the same negative opinion of celebrities, or else they get the shit reamed out of them. Shell0225, maybe when you post your differing opinion, it helps not to insult people. How do you know “most” of the people on this site posting are over 145 and look 10x worse than Kirstie? You don’t. So maybe that’s why you got the shit reamed out of you. If you’re gonna cast stones, and throw out the bait that you’re “proud to be a big girl”, expect the Fish to bite.

    That being said, I also think Kirstie looks great for her age. A hell of a lot better than she did a couple years ago, anyway. She looks healthier, and happier, and that is a good thing.

  7. Now that I’m reading my comment over,I guess I’d better explain that the first sentence was facetious.

  8. Cheyenne_1

    Hmmm I thought this forum was supposed to be about snappy commentary on the ridiculous lives of celebrities not an amateur remake of Lord of the Flies. Yet, repeatedly, this fucking place bogs down into bashing somebody who the *cough* “in crowd” has decided to depise — I think it was “danielle” a few posts back.

    Nice to know my junior highschool forced reading assignment is still relevant — Lord of the Flies LIVES!!!!

  9. KelKel

    I still say 145 my ass.But,I digress…If I were her,and (YES she looks a helluva lot better now,major props)I would get a butt load of lipo on the ass,hip and thigh area.She has the Pear-Shaped girl curse,poor soul,nothing Dr 90210 cant fix.

  10. KelKel

    Plus-Kristie,if youre gonna parade with a bikini or underwear it looked more like-LOSE THE SAUSAGE CASING!

  11. InsomniActress

    Whatever. Kirstie looks HOT. I’m happy for her.

  12. fankster

    I wasn’t going to post because I don’t really want to give this the time of day, but social conscience tells me I should.

    First of all, I think you should back off. I give Kirstie kudos for being 55 years old and losing 75 pounds. She did it and wanted other people to know that they can too.

    I think you sink to a pretty big low by making fun of her. I know the bitchy queen thing is really big in the States now but really, I would like to see any of you take off your clothes and strut in front of 30 million people.

    Why is it your job to make fun of people and their body shapes? Why give girls around the world complexes? Do you have any friends who look like her? Would you be so callous as to tell them that they belong in a zoo?

    Your site is called superficial and congratulations, you are just that. It’s sad really, because you’re no longer making fun of the ridiculousness of the culture, you become it. I wonder if that was your purpose from the beginning.

    You do nothing to propel the world forward. Your lack in progressiveness is a sad state of the world and soon, one day your little blog will be no longer. And your 15 minutes will be up.

    Be more responsible. You should never make fun of someone’s physical appearance, it’s pathetic. I want to see what you’ll look like at 55. Point the finger towards yourself.

    Sorry dude, but you’re a dud. And your stabs at Kirstie Alley only show how sad you really are.

  13. CarnieWilson

    I’m glad oprah doesn’t hunt wild game or this would have been it for kristie.

  14. frost

    it takes a lot of perseverance and willpower to lose 75lb. that should be praised, and not condemned. granted, she is no supermodel, but she is definitely more attractive and a LOT healthier than she was the last time. nearly half of all americans are obese. at least she’s done something to better herself.

  15. kiersten77

    Kristie is beautiful!!

    Why don’t you guys stop being so mean to her!!!..It’s just like if you were insulting the whole country…’remember the high % of FAT Asses in the United States????!!!!

    I know it’s not a place to be nice but you know at least…admit Kristie’s not ugly!!
    She has a few pounds to lose but she’s still beautiful!!

  16. bondi_cigar

    Like the song says, “She’s a brick shithouse”. Anyway, I’d like to know what kind of magic lenses are used on those cameras. Oprah looks hot! I’d hit it (if I had magic lens specs for protection).

  17. M@

    you know, I think she looks good for her age and always prevalent weight problem.

    I would.

  18. 3eedeegram

    Some of y’all out there commenting are just plain mean. I will agree on two observations,however…hooray for Kirstie for losing so much weight–she looks great! Butt, there’s no way she weighs 145 lbs. I am 5’2″ and weigh 148 and with her height she can’t weigh less than me. I would believe 154. Maybe she’s got her digits mixed up!

  19. 3eedeegram

    Oh yeah–will somebody tell me where I can buy a pair of the “stripper’s hose” Kirstie is wearing? I’ve never heard of them until today when reading the comments. I definitely could use some of those!!!

  20. I did not see the video, but i have seen recent photos of her. I think she is extremely beautiful for her age especially, and I love her voice. Yes her thighs are a bit big, but they are not flabby, and yes even attractive. I think their is more to beauty than weight alone. I have the opposite problem, I am a man who cannot gain weight to save my life and boy have I tried so as to please my wife.

  21. computeruser58

    Kirstie looks awesome in her sheer to breast pantyhose. She has the perfect figure now, not overly skinny but with that text book perfect hour glass figure.

  22. yeah, manatee all the way

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