Kirstie Alley has no shame

November 7th, 2006 // 122 Comments

In case yesterday’s thumbnails weren’t good enough here’s video of Kirstie Alley’s bikini appearance on Oprah yesterday. From the ribcage up she actually looks pretty good. But then my eyes wander south and I get all confused because I thought this was supposed to be Kirstie Alley. On Oprah. How did I suddenly end up at the zoo?


  1. gfunk


  2. RichPort

    Watching that just made me burn my copy of Moby Dick. It’s that bad.

  3. BeautifulNightmare

    Alright everyone, granted she is a big girl, you have to admit, she is still attractive, for a bigger girl.

  4. BarbadoSlim

    Like I’ve stated before, I’d plow this ’til the cows came home, then, I’d do the cows, aaaaaaaand the goats and then Oprah, for good measure.

  5. jrzmommy

    back to fat,,old, mirror-kissing cokeheads in bikinis. wow. how truly cutting edge. it was painful and boring the first time we read about it here, why would adding a video of it make it more exciting? there’s lots of other fun things happening to laugh about…like these pictures of drunk and filthy Matthew McConnahoweverthefuckyouspellit.

  6. i just barfed in my funderpants. oh wait, that as poo, eww!

  7. Italian Stallion

    Look’s like she had a WHALE of a good time………..

  8. drphil

    it’s always an ugly scene when girls feel good about their bodies

  9. Deecag

    Oprah looks so hungry.

  10. Tracie

    She certainly brings new meaning to the term “Thunder Thighs”. Maybe “Explosive Cannon Thighs”?

  11. NipsyHustle

    when did manatees start walking upright on heels?

  12. iburl

    WHOOF! And to think she was once a hot vulcan.

    If you read thru one of the links on the K-fed story below this one you can see a sample Kirsty meal: “Three eggs, three slices of bacon, toast. Six to 10 cups of pasta with butter. I could slather butter on it all day long. Bread, but instead of having just one piece, I

  13. calicojack

    good for her!

  14. 86

    Thank God you guys are here to say the things I cannot…because I love to make fun of people but I just can’t make fun of her. Even though it hurts my eyes a lil.

  15. H8TR

    Good for her?! Disgusting for us! I love how she holds on to that scarf for dear life to prevent the horror that would ensue had we actually caught a glimpse of that blimp-sized ass…

  16. RichPort

    I hear they can’t get a decent picture of her outside, especially in a slight breeze. All that extra skin flaps in the winds, always making her look blurry. True story.

  17. mgbrown66

    The real mystery here is why is a Hardy boy still baning that mamajamma?

  18. The SuperFish watches Oprah… Buwahahaha!!

  19. I especially liked her unflattering “stripper-hose”.

  20. TAKE IT OFF!


  21. BoognishRising

    The USCG reports that the recent seismic activity is due to a pair of elephant-like cankles walking into Oprah’s studio.

  22. Italian Stallion

    I heard there is a new Star Wars movie coming out introducing Jaba The Hut into mix and they asked Kirstie to play Jaba. Finally a role she would be perfect for…………

  23. GypsyBliss

    I always thought she was pretty and for being plus size she looks really good! I’d rather look at plus size woman like Kirstie then deathly thin woman like Nicole Richie.

  24. BigJim

    Got milk?

  25. jrzmommy

    17-where have you been? she and parker stevenson have been divorced for a while now.

  26. poor kirstie, she’s a good sport, but i’ll watch midget pr0n before i watch her strut around in a bikini.

  27. shell0225

    I love this site for its witty commentary on the lives of celebrities, but you people suck. Most of you posting on here weigh a lot more than the 145 pounds she weighs and you look ten times worse. She only looks fat because the rest of the skinny bitches on this site are wearing a size 0 and not a 12. I’m proud to be a “big” girl and I can only hope to look that amazing when I’m 55.

  28. PapaHotNuts

    I see fat people.

  29. #18–Good one, my friend!

    Oprah is the smug example of all that is evil in Holly-high on its horse-wood!

    If Oprah isn’t showing off all the people that love her, she’s baiting people that she doesn’t like to come on the show and judge them on her thone!

    The real test of a human being is if they lost EVERYTHING, what would they do??

    Oprah? I’m thinking Info-mercials or R-rated movies (I’m being nice)…

  30. purplepuppy

    She looks great! Ya, her thighs are big (which everyone keeps mentioning), but she’s tight, no flabby stuff or cellulite. You can tell she works out, and that’s attractive.

  31. allmen

    #28 i can only hope that i never get drunk enough to roll you in flour and look for the wet spot (no offense).

  32. jrzmommy

    31–if she’s not flabby then why did she wear stripper hose to keep it all in place?

  33. normella

    #28: My only gripe with her is that she’s totally lying about how much she weighs (and how much she weighed). As someone who actually weighs 145 (and looks 10 times thinner), I’m insulted that she would even say she weighs that little.

    And, about the comments about her figure, I think everyone else is just extremely bothered by her ginormous thighs. See, because excessive anything is never attractive (i.e. too skinny, too big). Ultimately, though, she looks happy and slimmer so good for her. I just hope someone hacks into her medical records because my guess is she weighs about 175-190.

    Shoot me for this long comment.

  34. mulva

    kirstie’s an actress with (very) limited talent, and to do any work in her chosen profession she can’t be a fattie. she doesn’t look “great” at this size for an actress. if she decides to go to work for the post office, we shouldn’t make fun of her. until then, put some fuckin clothes on when you appear before the cameras on national tv. those thighs could feed an entire african village for a year, according to sally strothers.

  35. D'oh Eyes

    If you’re fine with being a “big” girl, then good for you. But don’t get all pissy and accuse all of us of being “big” too to make yourself feel better. If you’re really fine with how you look, then it shouldn’t bother you.

  36. no one you know

    This was on Oprah? Jesus Christ, I thought I had been watching Animal Planet.

  37. i literally just puked on my keyboard

  38. bigponie

    Wow, her and Shrek would make a good looking couple.

  39. HollyJ

    I’m with 34.

    There’s a greater chance of Kirstie growing a scrote on her chin than her weighing 145# in that video.

    She’s 5’7. I’m 5’9 and 135#, and there’s no damn way she’s only 10# more than I am, even taking into account the extra 2″ of height.

    I think she looks pretty good, actually. I just hate that she lies about the numbers. Pathetic.

    Anyway, she should be careful of the Oprah Curse. As soon as people show off their big weight loss on Oprah, they immediately blimp back up to more than their original weight. Always happens.

  40. PapaHotNuts

    @28- Why are you proud to be fat? Fat people have a disease called obesity. It’s fairly easy to control, just stop eating so much you fat slob. That’s as smart as saying “I’m proud to be a heroin addict”, or “I’m proud to molest children”. By saying you’re proud to be fat, you are saying that you are lazy, with no desire to improve your health because it takes work and dedication. You fat monkey, you should stop pretending you are proud to be a huge fat-body, and admit that you are lazy and worthless. You make me sick and I hope you choke on a Cracker Jack.

  41. no one you know

    @28…This isn’t the place to be sympathetic. Please try Overeaters Anonymous.

  42. normella

    I’m sorry, but #41 and #42′s comments nearly had milk squirting outta my nose…and I’m not even drinking milk.

  43. RichPort

    Overheard backstage:

    “yes that’s right, 145lbs! No really… wait, oh you mean in total… HAHAHAHAHA… oh God no, I’m much fucking fatter than that… I thought you were just talking about my dimply ass… do you have a cigarette..?”

  44. bigponie

    well at least she’s not wearing a dildo in her ass.

  45. biatcho

    #28, you’re clearly bothered by your pigotry or you wouldn’t be so whiny. Now fetch & go make nice somewhere else… *throws a raw steak*

  46. RichPort

    Biatcho – #28 will only eat that steak if you covered it in corn syrup, a half pound of butter, and sprinkles. Oh, and cotton candy. Fat fucks love cotton candy…

  47. biatcho

    rich, perhaps I can also drip it in baconfat, wrap it in a pizza & fry it?

  48. Nice. You people make me sick. Have fun sitting at your computers looking at porn and chatting on Star Wars websites in your mom’s basement because you can’t find a woman to love you in spite of being bald, beer bellied and unemployed.

  49. PaisleyMoon

    #49, holler upstairs and ask your mom to make us some cookies, loser.

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