Kirstie Alley Hands Donald Trump The Batshit Xenu Vote

“I’m retarded!”

In case “Racist. Really, really racist.” doesn’t paint a clear enough picture of Donald Trump supporters, he’s now being backed by a woman who thinks Tom Cruise can fly thanks to their magic space religion that believes in routinely locking her gender in the engine room of slave ships if they speak out of line. So, ladies, you can trust her!

This is the part where I was going to make a crack about the irony of Scientology preaching that Hitler was a Suppressive Person, yet Kirstie Alley’s endorsing his literal, modern-day equivalent because everyone knows Katie Holmes is the true Herr Fuhrer of our day. But then I saw this parody tweet, and all that shit sucks. This is where it’s at. This wins.

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